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My reflection paper


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My reflection paper

  1. 1. Jeremiah L. Mitchell LTMS 695 Learning Technologies Internship Reflection Paper For my internship I had the pleasure of working at Pennsylvania American Water a water utility resource company that regulates consumption and distribution of water for the state and municipalities in which it operates. During my internship I addressed four competences that wore a combination of skills, knowledge and traits that enable me to carry out internship at Pennsylvania America Water (PAW). As an intern I have diligently addressed such competences as critical thinking, communication, teamwork and collaboration, andinformation literacy. Hence, each competence’s attribute truly models what Harrisburg University (HU) stands for and spells out in their guidelines. I feel that my education that I received from HU reflected the work I performed day in and day out here a PAW. One of the competencies that I can reflect on is being able to use critical thinking skills to solve problems, recognizing and differentiating facts, and the ability to revise information. For instance, there was a project in which I was assigned to find pictures of American Water Official Executives and the Board of Directors for a brochure I was to design. I carefully listened to my supervisor’s needs and drew on conclusion on how to find the information that was needed and apply it to the brochure that I was assigned. In other projects I had to differentiate what was the end goal of what my team was trying to achieve when developing training, planning events, or setting up training facility. I realize that a lot of project management goes on behind the scene when managing staff, preparing for an event or training. When applying the competency of critical thinking you also have to be able to communicate effectively with others. The second type of competency that I learned to apply is to be able to communicate in a professional manner. To be able to communicate effectively is valuable when you are trying to pull information from other resources, so that you can carry out what you are supposed to do for your job. I found myself sitting in scheduled phone meetings and office conferences with other content experts on developing training for the deployment of the Table Top program. However, there were times when expectations were not clearly stated. For instance, Joan my supervisor did not state her expectation when I did my first draft of the executive officer brochure. After, she had a chance to review my work she clearly communicated her expectations and introduce me to
  2. 2. Joi, a communication specialist. After having a conversation with Joan, I was able to listen to her expectation and meet with Joi about applying branding to the brochures I designed. Therefore, through communicating with others I learned the value of collaborating and working as a team to achieve an overall goal when completing projects. The third competency concept I got to apply was being able to collaborate and work as a team with others. Throughout my internship I got together with a group of staff to meet about the gift that should go in the gift bag for the Executive Officers and Board Members reception. When collaborating with others I had the chance to hear others ideas on what would make a great gift and how we were going to present the gifts to the Executive Officers and Board members. Afterward, each team member was giving a certain gift to research and present in a fallow up meeting. I also teamed up with my supervisor on developing an e learning module by utilizing the content she has given me. Through collaboration she has provided positive feedback and criticism on what needs to be added or taken out. As a team we was able to finalize the gifts that would be put in the basket. The final competency of information literacy allowed me to be knowledgeable and familiar with information my co-workers shared with me. In addition, I was able to evaluate the source of content and information and use it to my advantage in performing my job in developing e learning content, developing training, the brochure and gift write ups. The content of the information that the supervisor and staff shared with me was very valuable to me because it allowed me to do my job more successfully. In my conclusion it was a combination of each competence that allowed me to excuting my job at PAW. The competency of being a critical thinker allowed me to calculate and incorporate multiple sources of information through familiarity, reasoning and training and development. The competence of communication gave me the ability to communicate clearly and concise on expectation when completing a task. The competency of being able to collaborate and with others gave me the ability to work effectively in a team concerted effort toward a mutual goal. Then the information literacy competency allowed me to be knowledgeable and familiar with different media types and be able to retrieve information from other outside resources.