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Input & output

  1. 1. Input & Output devices
  2. 2. What is input device?Input devices are things we use to putinformation INTO a computer.There are two different types of input devicesAutomatic & manual input devices
  3. 3. Automatic input devices ?A type of control device that is set toautomatically control each step in process.M.I.R.C, O.M.R, O.C.R and Barcode reader…etc are the examples of automatic input devices
  4. 4. M.I.R.CMagnetic Ink Character Recognition is an automaticcheques readerThis device is usually used for businesses such asbank, shop, market... etcIt read 300 cheques per minute with 100 % accuracyAt the bottom of cheques there are chequenumber, bank or building society sort code andcustomer’s code account number
  5. 5. O.M.ROptical Mark Reader, a devices use for checkingmultiple chose testThey detect of pencil mark by reflecting light intoit1000 forms can be read in an hours, depend onthe quality of the device
  6. 6. Manual input devices ?Type of control device that requires an individualto manually press a button or turn a switch.Pushbuttons and selector switches are types ofmanual inputsKeyboard, mouse, joystick and scanner… etc arethe examples of manual input devices
  7. 7. Keyboard Keyboard is one of the most comment automatic input devices It’s made up of buttons called keys and there are about 48 keys on the keyboard also they are arranged into sections which are : Alphabet keys Function or F keys (F1, F2, F3) Numeric keys (one set above the alphabet keys and a numeric keypad on the right) Arrow keys Command keys (insert, delete, home, end, page up/down)
  8. 8. MouseMouse is the most common input devices youcan seeThis devices control all over your monitor, it hastwo or three buttons and a cable which connectto the computerIt’s quite easy to operate a mouse, the usersimply just move along with the devices, oncethe mouse is on the location, the user can giveinstructions by clicking right or left buttons
  9. 9. What is output device ?An output device is any hardware used tocommunicate the result of data processingcarried out by the user or CPUMonitors, printers, laser printers and ink-jetprinters… etc are the examples of output devices
  10. 10. MonitorThe monitor is one of the most important outputdevicesIts used to display text and pictureThe picture on a monitor is made up of thousandof tiny colored dots called pixels, the quality ofpixels its depends on the number of pixels thatthe monitor can display.
  11. 11. Monitor- two types of MonitorThere are two types of monitor, which areCathode Ray Tube & Thin Film TransistorCathode Ray Tube also known as CRT, theyproduce a lot of heat it could get very warm withlots of CRT in the office. They are also very noisycompared to TFTThin Film Transistor also known as TFT, TFTmonitor used to be very expensive but notanymore, they’re slowly to replace the old CRT,it’s quicker and create less heat