Coronation Street Appeal


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Coronation Street Appeal

  1. 1. 1CTM Sponsorship ResearchJanuary 2013By Jessica Ezeogu
  2. 2. Coronation Street’s Appeal
  3. 3. Contents PageCoronation Street’s Appeal4 - Coronation Street’s Challenges6 - How ITV plans to sustain its relevancy8 - The Soap17 -The role of Coronation Street24 - Coronation Street archetypes28 - Coronation Street’s off-line /digital presence
  4. 4. Coronation Street’s challengesCorrie is the most powerful brand owned by ITV Studios, with international sales to 40 countriesand merchandising and sponsorship opportunities that deliver revenues direct to thebroadcasterHow Corrie maintains relevant• Corrie prides itself on the importance of character over plot, . The most important character in Corrie is the ‘The Street’, and then individual characters.• When Corrie needs to innovate or freshen up the soap. It introduces new individual characters, to help the soap reflect changes in society, for example, gay couples, transsexual civil partnerships or ethnic familiesCoronation experienced a decline in viewers compared to Eastenders• In the 1990s, critics accused the soap of being complacent, bland and out of touch with contemporary Britain• In 2000 Coronation Street was revamped to include stronger characters, brilliant comic set pieces and better writing• Today, Eastenders continues to receive criticism for its negative and far fetched storylines , Corrie remains no.1Terrestrial television viewer figures will never be the same•In 2011 ‘Coronation Street’s live’ show garnered 14m viewers in comparison to ‘Hilda Ogdens farewellto the Street ’ which draw 27m viewers in 1987.•Time-shifted viewing, digital competition and the reluctance of younger viewers to follow a lineartelevision schedule are challenges to Corrie, which demands regular attention with up to five episodes aweek
  5. 5. 5Coronation Street’s challenges… Continued.Watching Corrie on catch-up will NOT be enough to secure another 50 years of dominance•Web viewing has helped Corrie retain soap-viewing loyalty with the soap getting 1.6m catch upviews a week on the ITV website•ITV needs to understand the importance of recommendations and sharing through FB and Twitter•They should look to providing people with different types of content e.g. in short form for theiriPhoneTo attract younger, digital audiences, Corrie should watch younger rivals such as teen soap Hollyoaks•The Hollyoaks audience understands how different platforms complement each other, e.g. they mayuse the 4OD to watch episodes again or visit the website for spoilers or music playlists featured inthe show•Hollyoaks partnered with Matalan to create a new-multi platform ‘Hollyoaks Music Show’ on E4,which helped drive viewers back to the show
  6. 6. How ITV plans to sustain its relevancy ITV are the most powerful single advertising medium in the UK. Its competitive advantage lies in its ability to deliver linear, free to air programming, and monetizing that contentMaintain dominance in the soap opera sector•ITV’s soaps continue to dominate the genre with Coronation Street, consistently the most popularprogramme on UK television, attracting an average audience of 12m viewers and a 50.9% share andEmmerdale with an audience of 9.5m viewers, regularly beating Eastenders’s 6m viewers.Leveraging existing programming•ITV is no longer content to simply sell advertising spots but aims to create value for advertisers throughthe ‘Total Value Creation initiative’, which will maximise commercial value from ITV programmes, such asCoronation Street and Dancing on IceFuture Proof it business•ITV’s ‘Total Value Creation’ initiative aims to focus more closely on customers, advertisers andconsumers in a bid to ensure ITV evolves as a ‘global multi-platform company and continues to grow itsTV sales business by building a two-way relationship with viewers onlineReinventing itself for changing audience•Traditionally, in the early years of Corrie it was firmly targeted towards Stay-at-home moms, but withmore women joining the workforce, their appeal has waned. Many women still at home are tuning intocable programs, which aren’t limited by the same time restrictions
  7. 7. "... tell the truth and show society as itreally is..." Phil Redmond, producer of Brookside & Hollyoaks (1990) [On what he believes soap opera means]
  8. 8. The Soap
  9. 9. Coronation Street’s appealCoronation Street features a strong sense of community, a strong emphasis on humour, andslow-developing storylines, as opposed to the rapid turnover of characters, and rapid speed ofstorylines, in EastEnders. In the beginning Now Focus was on a small, close-knit working Focus is ‘social realism’ characters reflect class community where everyone knew society as it is today, not all the neighbours everybodys business and people were know each other well. As, family and always there to help in times of crisis personal relationships are much more fragmented
  10. 10. Coronation Street portrays ‘social realism’Corrie’s viewers admit to gain pleasure from social realism, as storylines are reflectiveof real-life that holds few certainties for anyoneCorrie, maintains a mundane portrayal of the lifestyles of characters on screen to evoke a sense, that their lifes are not so vastly different from our own. Corrie producersclaim the soap is ultimately designed to represent the realities of working class life andconfront social problemsDefinition: Social realism is… “The realistic depiction in art of contemporary life, as ameans of social or political comment” Oxford Dictionary (2013)
  11. 11. Coronation Street is known for its mixture of drama and comedy, usuallyshying away from the sensationalist and far-fetched plots like Eastenders Dramatic storylines provide suspense and cliff-hangersComedic characters bring humor, entertainment and lightness to dramatic plot lines
  12. 12. Why Coronation Street is so popular…• Its‘realist aesthetic’ appeals to the masses. It allows viewers to escape into a fantasy world, one easy for viewers to relate to. Because it’s very British and (down-to-earth)• Various themes and issues are dealt with in Corrie, including: social class and mobility; gender relationships; desire and wrongdoing (what youd like to do, what you try to get away with, and what you get punished for)• Emphasis is placed upon the family, public situations and more often than not the community. This gives viewers a sense of belonging and provides a substitute family and social life for the lonely• Coronation street is undemanding by nature, emphasis on domesticity, family- life and gossip
  13. 13. The Platt Family Tree : Inter-relationships of charactersCorrie storylines are based largely on the problems encountered within personalrelationships and family life Originally Soaps would introduce independent characters but found it difficult to (a) get viewers to emotionally connect with them and (b) integrate characters into the soaps general structure Now Soaps tend to ensure that characters are in some way linked to other families/characters. Independent characters, entering the soap , for example (Lloyd Maloney, best friends with Steve McDonald), will eventually be joined by their family, marry or be connected through parent-hood
  14. 14. Coronation Street fan profiles The pleasure of seeing a ‘realistic’portrayal of working-class life in Britain Thirst for Corrie Knowledge Elizabeth, lives in Canada originally from Manchester Hannah 15 from Dorset •Has been watching Corrie since the first episode •Began watching the Corrie with Mum and Dad •Watches Corries online ‘It’s a great thrill to hear local •Has been a fan for 5yrs, not missing an episode •Loves reading on/off-line and watching spoilers towns, stores, football teams etc. mentioned’ •Favourite characters in the beginning were Annie, Elsie •Favourite characters are Carla Conner and Peter and Dennis which drew her to the street, today it is Barlow •Favourite storyline is Blanche and the AA meeting Hayley and Roy Cropper •Favourite storyline “loved the Vera and Jack plot lines •Visits the Manchester set to autograph hunt over the years and in particular how their passing was handled”
  15. 15. How women engage with Coronation Street1. Pick favorite characters and take pleasure in knowing as much as possible about each character2. Gain a reactive pleasure in seeing other women express their feelings and are free to gossip about the characters because they know there is no harm in doing so3. Formal conventions of life can be viewed from a safe distance4. They enjoy the element of suspense in Coronation Street and gain great pleasure in successfully predicting plot developments5. They enjoy viewing the soap in an intense manner without interruption
  16. 16. A source of female strengthMen play sensitive roles in soaps and this provides comfort to women whose real-world rolesare often publicly silenced. The pleasure for women viewers, is the ability to escape into afantasy world where they can watch men suffer and their authority undermined MANS WORLD SOAP LANDCorrie value womens lives and by including paternity plots, give female characters the powerto keep the name of the father of their child secret if they wish to do so. Women gainreactive pleasure from the soap opera by recognising their oppression and reacting to it
  17. 17. The role of Coronation Street
  18. 18. Belonging vs. AlienationFans of Corrie become united in the spirit of common interest/ non- Corrie fans canfind watching it an extremely alienating experienceViewers enjoy sharing the soap secrets that only few like-minded people have accessto, and being in a position to pass moral judgement on the behaviour they witness
  19. 19. Reflects social trends and shapes cultureIn todays society gossiping is regarded as active participation in the meaning-makingthat constitutes our very culture…
  20. 20. Coronation Street stars participating in popular culture
  21. 21. Coronation Street draws viewers into its culture –Online spin-off showTo coincide with the departure of childhood soap star Rose Webster, Corrie launched an internet special,which followed Rosie as she attempted to make it in the modelling world. The show achieved 1.6m pageviews and 203,351 people watched the special online episodes Lorraine Loose Women "We know that Corrie fans enjoy playful digital experiences around the characters they know and love, and this adventure with Rosie Webster is a great example of innovative cross platform commissioning at ITV." Ben Freeman, ITVs head of soap and drama (2011)
  22. 22. Generating ‘Watercooler’ momentsThere is a correlation between viewing soaps and gossiping. Females actively participatein soaps by talking about what they watched the previous eveningFemale viewers claim talking about Corrie is as pleasurable as actually watching it,debates include:- - Future anticipation - The significance of certain events - Analysis of character behaviour and motives - Relation of the fictional Corrie world to real-life
  23. 23. Viewing Corronation Street has social rewardsViewing Corrie becomes increasingly more meaningful, with pleasure being derivedfrom a certain degree of mastery/ expertise in the subjectViewers feel positively empowered when pitted against someone less knowledgeablethan themselves
  24. 24. Coronation Street archetypes
  25. 25. Grandmother (female archetype 1)A wise old person, usually female. This character helps others with their problems with adviceand support. He/she has lots of contact with many of the other characters. Sometimes thecharacter will not be related to any others, but will still serve this function The Mother The Spinster The Battle-axeGail McIntyre is represented as Blanche Hunt is represented as a the all powerful; the family Emily Bishop is represented as battle-axe, regularly tormenting her source of strength. She a highly moral woman son in law (Ken Barlow). Outspoken provides the emotional and (saintly), whose a good - often delivering brutally honest financial support needed to neighbor, regularly taking in a put-downs, with great comic timing keep her family afloat’ number of lodgers at will . Main hobby - attending the court hearings and funerals of strangers
  26. 26. The Married Women (female archetype 2) An independent, powerful, aggressive woman. She can usually be found at the center of conflicts. Often, this hard, aggressive woman will be revealed to have a soft side that she keeps hidden Mature/Sexy Villain Bitch, with a heart Stella Price is referred to as Kirsty Soames is referred to as Kylie Platt is referred to as a being a mature and sexy being manipulative and feisty young female, who loves marriageable woman, who is controlling her family. Being devious issharp and cynical but romantic her full time job at heart
  27. 27. The Single Women (female archetype 3) Spinsterly Mother PrincessMary Taylor is represented as Fiz Brown, is represented as being a Eva Price is represented as a an eccentric spinster and good hearted young woman who has feisty princess. Shes been competition addict made many puzzling decisions and is spoiled rotten, so shes high often unlucky in love maintenance and a bit of a drama queen
  28. 28. Coronation Street’s off-line /digitalpresence
  29. 29. Coronation Street’s off-line demographic profileDemographics Reg Coronation St CTM users (who buy Reg Coronation St Reg Coronation Street viewers a product) viewers who reg. viewers who buy use comparison prods from CTM websitesSex Women 136/70% Slight skew to men Women 129/66% Women 122/63% 108/53%Age groups 45+ but with a skew 25-44 age group which 45-64 age group Mix of ages a third are to 65+ 121/25% is just over half of CTM which is 42% of this between 25-34 customers group 189/31% and 45-54 23.6%/140Marital status Separated/divorced/ 124/75%are married or 114/69% are 130/79% are married or widowed living as married married or living as living as married marriedSocial grade C2DE 123/57% ABC1 116/61% Equal mix of ABC1 Equal mix of ABC1 and and C2DE C2DEWorking Retired 122/30% but Mostly full-time Mostly full-time Half work full-timestatus many are also 152/56% but also 16% 108/40% but also 139/51% or part-time working part-time are working part-time 17% are working 166/22% part-timeFamily salary Low family income up Healthy family income Healthy family Mix of family incomes to £17k from £23k+, index income from £23k - most fall into £23k-£30K highly in the £40k an £50K and £50k+ bracket £50k+ bracketsIncome mgmt 22% are finding it 22% are finding it 24% are finding it A third are finding it difficult on present difficult on present difficult on present difficult on present income income income incomeHome 134/20% rent from 152/51% buying their 130/43% buying 146/49% buying theirownership the Council and a home their home home third own their house outright
  30. 30. Demographics Reg Coronation St CTM users (who buy Reg Coronation St Reg Coronation viewers a product) viewers who reg. Street viewers who use comparison buy prods from CTM websitesChildren in 70% have no children 124/36% have children 117/35% have 137/40% haveH/H in the H/H in the H/H children in the H/H children in the H/HBARB region Border, North East A mix of regions A mix of coverage North East, North North West and but North East and West, Yorkshire and Wales Wales do index Wales higherLifestage Senior Sole Decision Nest Builders, Unconstrained Nest Builders, Makers and Hotel Unconstrained Couples, Couples, Primary Playschool Parents, Parents Playschool Parents and School Parents, Secondary School Secondary School Secondary School Parents and Hotel Parents Parents and Hotel Parents Parents
  31. 31. Coronation Street’s online demographic profileSentiment GenderTop Countries
  32. 32. Coronation Street’s digital hub - A ‘Content Honeytrap’ Digital HubImmediacy and updates Forum stimulating gossip
  33. 33. Twitter – Immediacy and updates Followers: 201,742 Twitter content •Spoilers – Exclusive video previews, picture galleries and interviews with characters •Storyline updates •Tweets directly from cast •Retweets from Corrie fans All links lead to the Weatherfield Gazette (
  34. 34. Facebook – Forum stimulating gossip Likes: 1.7m Facebook content •Photos and videos •Events – announcements/reminders, i.e. new programme times, character weddings and special episodes •Spoilers – exclusive video previews, picture galleries and interviews with characters •Storyline updates •Behind the scenes look at filming of dramatic scenes etc. •Promotion of television awards i.e. voting, nominations and wins •Introduction of new characters and nostalgic look backs at old characters •Much discussion by fans is centred around plot line predictions and expressing opinions on characters All links lead to the Weatherfield Gazette (
  35. 35. Facebook Game – Corrie NationAllows players to build their own Weatherfield, using real currency to buy "virtual products".However, it has been taken offline for further technical work amid grumbling from earlyadopters. ITV claims its in beta-testing phase.
  36. 36. Coronations Street main communication hub content •Spoilers - watch previews of upcoming episodes •Backstage – go behind the scenes of the latest stories •Picture Previews of episodes •News – read/subscribe to ‘The Weatherfield Gazette’ online •View characters •View and stay up-to-date with current storylines •Corrie Bingo •ITV Player
  37. 37. ITV Player is Corries most popular mobile appITV Player is an online video on demand service Viewers can watch Corrie on either the ITV website or via range of platforms such smartphones and games consoles Corrie is not syndicated to other content providers such as YouTube. Making ITV Player the only place to catch up on missed episodes
  38. 38. iOS/Android App Coronation Street - Mystery of the Missing Hotpot This is described as an entertaining hidden-object game! Users a challenged to help Betty locate all the pieces of her famous hotpot recipe, before they fall into the wrong hands.Game Price : £1.99Game Content•24 Corrie themed hidden-object levels•8 varied mini-game puzzles and challenges•Fun and light-hearted storyline•Features all the well-known characters from the TV show•Visit iconic Coronation Street locations including The•Rover’s Return, The Kabin, Roys Rolls and the Garage…
  39. 39. Get more from AdvertisementsUncover exclusive content with ITV and Shazam TV and Shazam have teamed up to bring viewer an exciting new type of interactive advert. Now, when the Shazam prompt appears on adverts, viewers can use the Shazam App to tag the ad and get additional info, plus music downloads, enter competitions and other cool content – straight to their smartphone Brands currently involved include Pepsi Max, Microsoft, Barcalycard and Cadbury