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JJ Cover letter


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JJ Cover letter

  1. 1. If you are looking for a professional who can adapt to any situation or environment, who does more than asked, I am the one for the job. In every field I’ve ever worked I always go above and beyond that which is expected of me, doing more than required, always moving up to management, as seen per my resume, and even some not listed due to being part time, or temporary jobs. Whether it has been the Marine Corp, food service industry, financial industry, security and protection, working as a temp or a temporary job, sales in phone services, home safety equipment, or first responder products as a salesman and trainer, I’ve risen to management. I’ve done this through the guiding principles of integrity, customer service, hard work and looking for instead of waiting to be told for ways to improve the company, employees and myself. Or put as I did to my teams: It only takes 3 things to be great, Heart, Hustle & Teamwork! My opening statement is neither bragging nor boastful, it’s a fact. I have thrived professionally in every situation and environment, not only succeeding at the goals given but at others I have searched out and found on my own for the benefit of the team. If dedication, professionalism, and a competitive nature, while working as a team is not what you are looking for, then I am not the one for the position.