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Jerald D. Gapasin PE-EE


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Jerald D. Gapasin PE-EE

  1. 1. #30 Bawanta Bauang La Union, Philippines 2501 E-mail: Mobile Number: +639288466600 TIN No.: 299-313-072 Professional Driver’s License: A04-03-001614 CAREER OBJECTIVE: To acquire a job that would enable me to incorporate my skills and technical-know-how into actual works. To acquire a challenging position that values integrity, commitment and hard works and to obtain a responsible position that would boost my morale and would fully develop my skills for a better competency in the field of Engineering and Technology and will thus impart in the success of a leading-edge and dynamic company and organization where I will be held thereto. PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Birthday: July 26, 1985 Age: 30 years old Sex: Male Citizenship: Filipino Civil Status: Married Permanent Address: #30 Bawanta Bauang La Union Philippines 2501 Religion: Roman Catholic Spouse’s Name: Marie Joy G. Gapasin Father: Ismael H. Gapasin Mother: Myrla D. Gapasin SKILLS and QUALIFICATIONS: ● In-depth understanding of my earned course and field of specialization. ● Active and good performances on trainings attended and work experiences. ● Able to create sound decision, a role model and a team player. ● Hardworking, disciplined, dynamic, determined, competitive and dedicated. ● Industrious and possesses a high potential to make things happen. ● Strong oral and written communication skills – English and Filipino. ● Have knowledge on Computer Operations, Applications and Navigations. ● Have knowledge on the operation and process flow of production. ● Have knowledge and ability to create and read or interpret specifications, schematics and drawings. ● Have the ability to follow standard safety rules regarding electric, electronic, and mechanical equipments. ● Have knowledge in design and troubleshoot electrical controls and circuits and consumer electronic equipment. ● Familiar with engineering methodologies, problem solving tools, and statistical analysis. Jerald D. Gapasin
  2. 2. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Saint Louis University – Baguio City, Benguet Mt. Province, Philippines 2600 (April 2009) Bachelor in Electronics and Communication Engineering ● Member of Institute of Electronics Engineer of the Phil’s. (IECEP) Christ the King College – San Fernando Cilty, La Union (April 2002) ● Member High school dance group Christ the King College – San Fernando City, La Union (March 1998) SEMINARS/TRAININGS ATTENDED: ASM Idealmold Operations Training Level 1-3 Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City 2600 January 17, 18 & 26, 2012 ASM Idealmold Basic Operation and Advance Maintenance Training Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City 2600 February 18, 2011 Protec Advance Training Course (Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Operation Skill Up) Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City 2600 December 6-10, 2010 FICO AMS (Automatic Molding System) - W training on Intermediate Level Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City 2600 March 5-8, 2010 ASAHI Cosmo BGA Operations and Maintenance Training Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City 2600 August 5-6, 2010 PLASMA AP-1000 Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc., Baguio City July 31, 2010 ***NOTE: Other Trainings & Courses to follow upon request. WORK EXPERIENCES: Apprentice- Equipment Engineer BGA Encapsulation, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 June 21, 2010-Oct 20, 2010 Pyhtos (Subcon)- Equipment Engineer BGA Encapsulation, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Oct 20, 2010-Jan 23, 2011 Equipment Engineer (Shift Leader and Facilitator) BGA Finish Encapsulation, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 January 24, 2011-Dec 31, 2016 Process Engineer QFP Mold, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 January 01, 2016- PRESENT
  3. 3. Primary Function: ● Responsible for evaluating, selecting and ordering equipment that is appropriate and cost effective for the manufacture of company product. Major Duties and Responsibilities: ● Dismantles, adjusts, repairs, and assembles equipment according to layout plans, blueprints, schematics, operating or repair manuals, rough sketches or drawings. ● Uses test and diagnostic tools or equipment to perform troubleshooting and checkouts. ● Rebuilds manufacturing equipment as required. ● May perform equipment modifications as directed by manufacturing engineers. ● Oversees the installation, modification, upgrade and maintenance of manufacturing equipment. ● Keeps current notices on equipment manufacturers’ technical, upgrades and safety issues. ● Establishes programs and solutions for increasing uptime and for equipment problems that affect the manufacturing process. ● Studies equipment performance and reliability, does the qualification and buyoff of new equipment as well as the in-house equipment qualifications. ● Provides technical support to the manufacturing equipment repair and process engineering organizations. ● Follows standard practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained. ● Evaluates and resolves process related problems to reduce scrap, improve quality and productivity and reduce cycle time. ● Studies/qualifies new procedures, materials, processes, methods, control techniques and process equipment’s / tools and make recommendations for quality, productivity, cost reduction and yield improvements. ● Performs the analysis of abnormal condition of equipment and its process and select and implement the correct restoration method. ● Enhances the reliability, extends the life and suppress failure of parts and equipment. ● Provides technical judgment on equipments and process operating status. EQUIPMENTS HANDLED and OPERATED AUTOMATIC ELECTRO-MECHANICAL EQUIPMENTS: ● Towa Y-Series Auto Molding Equipment Fico AMS-36-M2 Auto Molding Equipment ● Fico AMS-I Auto Molding Equipment ● Yamada MU-343 Auto Molding Equipment ● Fico AMS-W Auto Molding Equipment ● Yamada MU-626 Auto Molding Equipment ● Asahi Cosmo BGA/QFP-8 Auto Molding Equipment ● Yamada MU-629 Auto Molding Equipment ● Rabaek Protec1010 Heatslug AttachEquipment ● Sumitomo F1 Auto Molding Equipment ● Protec PRO-400NS Heatslug Attach Equipment ● Synex F1 Auto Molding Equipment ● ASM Idealmold Auto Molding Equipment ● Cam/Alot Liquid Dispensing Machine ● Blue-M & HANSEO Oven ● Towa Y1R/Y1A (QFP Mold) ● Dual Elf/ Single Elf (QFP Mold) OTHERS: ● March AP-1000 Plasma Machine ● Dage XD7500 X-ray Machine ● Smartscope ZIP E250 Optical Gauging Equipment ● Panasonic PSX303 & PSX307 Plasma Machine
  4. 4. CHARACTER REFERENCES: JUSTO CAMACHO Equipment Engineering Section Head, BGA Encapsulation, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Mobile #: +639178744079 BONG M. DELA CRUZ Equipment Engineering Area Facilitator, QFP Finish Mold, Texas Instruments (Phils.) Inc. PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Mobile #: +639208067256 SIGNEY FERDIE Process Engineer, QFP Finish Trim and Form, Texas Instrument (Phils.) Inc PEZA Baguio, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600 Mobile #: +639175239291