Creating Value Instead of Deliverables


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A cautionary tale describing how even the most structured and methodological UX process can fail if the process ends with a deliverable. It advocates for a process where big innovative projects are split up into smaller projects and brought to marked much faster.

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Creating Value Instead of Deliverables

  1. 1. Creating value instead of deliverables
  2. 2. The great UX process ! - A cautionary tale
  3. 3. The story of how a UX’er went to LA
  4. 4. It stared out as a true fairy tale
  5. 5. How I felt
  6. 6. My back yard
  7. 7. My office
  8. 8. My car
  9. 9. The full UX process Competitor analysis Heuristic analysis SEO strategy Observations Stakeholder interviews Ideation workshops User interviews Contextual inquiry Personas User Journeys Concept models Surveys Prototyping Think aloud tests
  10. 10. How I felt
  11. 11. Informed ideation
  12. 12. The process 5 weeks of ethnography and research
  13. 13. The process 3 weeks of ideation
  14. 14. The process 5 weeks of production
  15. 15. The process 2 weeks of user testing
  16. 16. The process 1 week of documentation
  17. 17. How I felt
  18. 18. A product that blasted them into the future
  19. 19. How I feel now
  20. 20. The product that never was
  21. 21. So what happened
  22. 22. The UX process Listen Ideate Build Measure Implement The UX process
  23. 23. Reasons things went sour A very visionary CEO The tech team and the organisation could not support the envisioned concept Too huge a leap for the customers A great roadmap - but not a realistic one
  24. 24. How we could have realised the vision Earlier tests of hypothesis Continuous QA and sparring instead of handing over deliverables Phasing new elements. Evolution instead of revolution Included change management in the process
  25. 25. From UX process to product process
  26. 26. The process
  27. 27. The good, the bad and the non-existing Not working Working Didn’t get built
  28. 28. What NOT to do? Create extensive 1-1 prototypes Over document Create everything at once Expect to be right Trust your research as truths Work in a UX process