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9 elements

  1. 1. Digital CitizenshipBy Jeordia Smith
  2. 2. Digital AccessElectronic involvement in society
  3. 3. For Example:Everyone should have access to the internet and should be aware of and support electronic access.
  4. 4. Digital CommunicationExchange Information
  5. 5. For example:• Email• Twitter• Facebook• Cell phones• Instant Messaging etc.• The opportunity to communicate and collaborate with anyone from anywhere and anytime
  6. 6. Digital CommerceBuying/ Selling of goods
  7. 7. For Example:• Sellers change the market economy• Buyers and seller need to be aware of the issues associated with technology.• Users need to learn about how to be effective consumers in a new digital economy.
  8. 8. Digital Literacy Teaching and learning about technologyand the use of technology
  9. 9. For example:• Focus on what technologies should be taught as well as how it should be used• Learners must be taught to learn anything, anytime, anywhere.• As new technology emerge people have to learn quickly and appropriately
  10. 10. Digital SecurityProtecting Ourselves
  11. 11. For example:• Take precautions to guarantee safety• There are individuals in society who steal and disrupt other people.• Have virus protection, backups of data, and surge control of our equipment• Protect information from outside forces that might cause disruption or harm.
  12. 12. Digital Law Electronic responsibility foractions and deeds
  13. 13. For example:• Abide by the laws of technology & society• Users need to understand that stealing or causing damage to other people’s work, identity, or property online is a crime.• Laws apply to anyone who works or play online• Hacking into others information, downloading illegal music, plagiarizing, creating destructive worms, viruses or creating Trojan Horses, sending spam
  14. 14. Digital Right/ResponsibilityFreedom for anyone in the digital world
  15. 15. For example:• Digital citizens have the right to privacy• Basic digital rights must be addressed, discussed, and understood in the digital world, with these rights comes responsibility.
  16. 16. Digital Health/WellnessErgonomics, physical wellness/ mental
  17. 17. For example:• Eye safety, repetitive stress, and sound ergonomic practices are issues that need to be addressed in a new technological world• Internet addiction is becoming more relevant
  18. 18. Digital Etiquette Be polite and respectful in the digitalworld
  19. 19. For Example:• Be responsible digital citizens in this new society.• Dont take part in cyberbulling o bullying online (email, facebook, even Youtube) o through cellphone use!