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Jens_CV_and_Reference_Letter_June 2016


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Jens_CV_and_Reference_Letter_June 2016

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Capt. JENS RUNE BRANDAL Nationality Norwegian Address Kvennavegen 14, Hareid 6060, Norway Address 2 Thai Norway Resort, 44/47 Soi Fam Joroke, Nong Prue Banglamung, Chomburi 20150 Thailand. Telephone +47 951 22045 / +66 946 588496 E mail DOB 14.07.1961 Civil Status Married, Wife, Andrea Brandal, British, Languages Englishfluent Norwegian Native Swedish Fluent Danish Fluent Objectives. To find a challenging position in the Oil and Gas Industry (Onshore/Offshore) that meetsmy competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience. To acheive Company goals for mutual benefit. PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL PROFILE. + Twenty years senior positions within Marine management. + Competence on ultra-deep semi sub drilling in Canada and Mexico, semi sub PDQ floater producing oil and gas transporting oil by 45km pipeline to Norway and gas through the Stratpipe system to Scotland, Commissioning jack-up rig in Holland ready for relocation in the field. + Good experience in FPSO Conversion integration and Production on full DP as Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) 15 years, Master Mariner 1st Class unlimited on various ships and tugs Worldwide 20 years + Responsible and adaptable, with good leadership qualities, able to communicate with and report to all levels within Organizations, Teams or Clients. + Strong organismal, personal and interpersonal skills. + Sustained exposure to multicultural environment. + Committed team member, proactive team builder. + Genuinely committed to ensuring a safe efficient and healthy working environment at all levels and in all aspects. + Dependable, reliable and honest. EDUCATION 1991-92 Navigation Class Master Mariner 1st Degree University of Alesund 1984-85 Navigation Class 4 Mate Diploma 1st Degree University of Tonsberg 1981-83 Air Force Academy Officer Training School Air Force Academy Stavern 1979-81 Highereducation College Diploma College Tingvoll COURSES & LICENSES 2015 Renewal of Master MarinerCertificate D1 NMD 2015 Renewal of Tanker Man Certificate highest grade NMD 2015 Life Boat Commander NMD 2015 Well Control IWCF Level 4 Subsea & Surface IWCF 2015 Renewal of Offshore Medical Approved doctor 2015 Renewal of Seafarers Medical Approved doctor 2014 Renewal of GMDSS/GOC Certificate NMD 2014 Stability andBallasting Control III Transport of Canada 2014 STCW-Ship Security Officer Cert. Transport of Canada
  2. 2. 2013 OIM Controlling Person in Charge Halifax MD 2013 Stability and Ballasting Control II Transport of Canada 2013 Well Control Supervisor Well Cap 2013 Fast Rescue Craft Certificate NMD 2012 OIM Legislation UK waters Aberdeen 2005 Chinese offshore legislation Certificate COOOSO 1998 Offshore Installation ManagerCertificate NMD 1996 DP operator Certificate unlimited NMD 2015 K-POS Aberdeen 2015 STCW 2010 Tonsberg 2015 Medical Care Tonsberg 2015 BRM Tonsberg 2015 LBL HIPAP operation Horten 2015 K-Chief operation familiarization Singapore 2014 Kelvin Top Set Investigation Aberdeen 2014 Drilling Practices LafayetteLA 2014 Pemex PTW Cd. Carmen 2013 Confined Space Rescue Halifax 2013 Advanced Rigging and Slinging St.John’s 2013 DP POSMOOR Kongsberg 2013 Advanced First aid Haugesund 2013 Fast Rescue Craft Haugesund 2013 Fall Protection Halifax 2013 BST Canada Halifax 2013 H2s Alive Halifax 2013 HLO Bergen 2013 TECDIS Familiarization Course Alesund 2013 ECDIS Incl. AIS Alesund 2013 STCW-95 IMO 80 Refresh Alesund 2012 Major Emergency Management training Hull 2012 COSHH Hull 2012 LOLER-PUWER Hull 2012 MIST – Minimum Installation Safety Training Hull 2012 OLF Refresh Training Course Bergen 2011 Intro Business Process Oriented mgmt. SNORRE B 2011 Practical use of Statoil’s document APOS SNORRE B 2011 Work Permit and risk assessment SNORRE B 2011 Voc Abatement Gas UK 2009 SMS Buoy Loading Phase 3 Tr.heim 2008 OLF Refresh Training Course Oslo 2006 STCW ISPS Code – CSO/SSO Gol 2006 STCW 95 Training and Assessment Gol 2006 HUET Oslo 2006 OIM Legislation UK waters Aberdeen 2006 Incident Investigation Aberdeen 2006 Major Emergency Management Course Montrose 2005 SMS Buoy Loading Phase 3 Tr.heim 2005 OLF and STCW Refresh Training Course Tr.heim 2005 Statoil Safe Behavior Training Stavanger 2004 DP training for Xijiang field Holland 2003 SMS buoy loading Phase 3 Tr.heim 2000 Repetition of safety course Phase I & III Horten 2000 Repetition of offshore safety course, OLF Bergen 1999 Health, Safety and Environment course Bergen 1999 Emergency preparedness course Bergen 1999 SMS buoy loading Phase 5 Tr.heim 1997 Perfection Course in Cargo Handling -Oil Tank Horten 1996 Advanced operator course ADP 702 Kongsberg 1996 Bridge resource Management course BRM Tr.heim 1996 Advanced First aid for seafarers Grimstad 1996 Ballast and cargo pump Kværner Lier 1996 Repetition of Safety Course Phase I & III Horten 1995 DARPS operator course Kongsberg 1996 Offshore safety course, OLF Horten 1994 SMS - SPM/OLS, Phase 4 Tr.heim 1994 SMS - SPM 2 Tr.heim 1993 SMS Special training Draugen Tr.heim
  3. 3. 1993 Helicopter Escape course, Aberdeen 1993 Artemis MK IV Kongsberg 1993 SMS - SPM - 1 Tr.heim 1993 DP Operators course on ADP 702/HPR410 Kongsberg 1992 SMS - VLCC/LPG Tr.heim 1992 Micro - fix course Sandnes EMPLOYMENT EXPERIENCE 2013 June - 2016 January Marine Section Leader Between 2013 and 2016 I worked for Seadrill International as a Marine Section Leader on Ultra deep water Drilling Rig West Aquarius in Newfoundland Canada moving to Ultra deep water drilling rig West Pegasus operating in Gulf of Mexico. Responsible for the safe running of the marine department and its personnel. Ensuring that all assets of the marine department are functional and ready for immediate use. Assuming the duties of the OIM when necessaryand assist the OIM in the day to day routine running of the unit. Completing all required education and courses to transfer to OIM including IWCF Well Control Level 4 Subsea and surface with above 92% opening the wayto become permanent OIM in a drilling environment as well as FPSO producing, unfortunately this happened at the same time as the extreme economic downturn in our industry. West Pegasus is in contract with PEMEX. Since Seadrill Mexico commenced with their Nationalizing program in October 2015, Ihave been station in their working Pool on standby. 2013 March – June VolstadShipping Chiefofficer/Captain OnboardIRM Vs. “VolstadSurveyor” whichincontract with Statoil operating inthe North Sea. 2012 December-March2013 ENI. MAROFF Marine rep/coordinator Consultant Moving drilling rig“Scarabeo8” to newlocationat Goliat oilfield in northern part of the North Sea. Consulting with Statoil and other clients regarding Marine Projects inEurope. 2012 June-December NSDG (North SeaDrillingGroup). StabilitySectionLeader The StabilitySectionLeader is the deputyOIM andis the head of the marine department, responsible to ensure that activities within the area of responsibilityare carriedout in accordance withapplicable rules and regulations, terms of contract, FOS operatingprocedures andgood industrypractice. LiftingOperations FocalPoint (LOFP)and is responsible to oversee the practical application ofthe procedures for planning of lifts andthe safe use, handling, storage, inspection, certification , erection and certificationof scaffolding. the focal point for activitiesrelatedto planning andperformance of maintenance, responsible for the safetyof personnel working under his management. Permit to work all aspects of safetyon the yard. Troll Solutionwas at KeppelVerolme ship yard Rotterdam. Due to circumstances beyondour control NSDG wastaken out of commission. 2012 May ChiefOfficeronboard KV Njord(NorwegianCoastguard) 2012 Jan-Feb ChiefOfficeron MPSVTroms Artemis 2011 July-Jan2012 Statoil’s platform SNORRE B Maritime Supervisor. SNORRE B is a semi sub PDQ platformlocatedinthe NorthSea. Drilling operation, producingoil andexporting by45km pipeline to Norway. Part of the gasis injected back to the reservoir, while the rest is transportedbypipeline via Snorre A using the Statpipe System. Also equippedwithwater injection. Supervising the maintenance and operationon the rig, inspectingmaintenance andrepair workto insure procedures and materialscomplywith specifications. Recommends modifications andchanges. Maintaining preventive maintenance programs for marine equipment. Consultingwith research personnel inthe designof marine equipment. Requisitions supplies andmaterials for maintenance and repair work. Maintains appropriate records andprepares various operating reports. Closelymonitoring andissuing the Permit to work orders. This wasa short term contract. . 2011 Mar-July Mowinckel Shuttle Tanker MT Grena MASTER operatinginthe NorthSea. 5-monthcontract. In charge of safe operation of Shuttle tanker. Performed weeklyoffloading operations to various Oil Fields. Discharged at ports in Northern Europe. Liaison between charter department, platforms and Oil Receivers, In Charge of all ship certificate, vetting and port state inspections 2010 Oct - March 2011 Saipem/ENI Offshore InstallationManager. OIMonboardFPSO” Mystras”. “Mystras” is ownedbyNPDC(Nigerian Petroleum Develop Company) andoperatedby Saipem, which is a part of ENI. FPSO” Mystras” is locatedoff the coast of Nigeria, producingabout 55.000 Bbl./ dayand
  4. 4. flaring 58MCubfeet. Offloading every12 days. I’m incharge for dailyoperationandsafety. Liaisonbetweenclients from NPDC/ AGIPand Saipem/ENI, following Saipem/ENI CMS. 1997 Jan - May 2010 Bluewater/Statoil Master/ Offshore InstallationManager Production/Lightering operation at Lufeng 22-1 Oil fieldin SouthChina Sea. ConvertingFPSO Muninfor oilproductionat Xijiang inSingapore 2004.Production/lightering operationat Xijiang onfullDP. 2005 Back at Lufeng 22-1 for production/lighteringoperation Present oil production onfull DPat Hui ZhouOil Field inSouth China Sea. Hui ZhouOil Filed is operating byCACT(CNOOC) and ChevronOil Company. When we commence oil productionat Lufeng 22-1 Oil field in1997, I worked bothoffshore andonshore. Onshore incharge of recruiting Chinese crew and officers, arrange workingschedule andtraining. Overlookedspares and store to FPSO Munin. I have done severaladditional operations for Bluewater. WhenFPSO Hawæne Brim locatedat Price oil fieldin the NorthSea should gooff stationfor Maintenance, I was in charge of disconnectingher from the STPbuoyand sailedher into Newcastle UK. Same whenHB should sail back to the oil fieldandconnect up. FPSOHawæne Brimis the sister FPSO to Munin. In2006 I disconnectedsame and sailed her in to Stavanger Norwayfor installing water injection. For this operationI travel to Norwayandliaisonwith the harbour Master, yard representative andpilot in charge before I disconnect andsail her to Stavanger. June 2009, Bluewater schedule initial connectionof their new FPSO Aoka Mizu inthe North Sea, I was incharge connecting her to the turret. Since 2002 when Bluewater acquired FPSO Munin, I have beenBluewater’s representative inChina. Workingoffshore as an OIMand Captain, andact as a Manager for Bluewater dealing withthe dayto dayoperation inthe contract withStatoil (Orient)Inc. New buildingof MST” Navion Munin” in Korea. Converting of MST” Navion Munin” to FPSO in Singapore 1997. 1996 - 1997 Bergesen Master Shuttle tanker New buildingof MST” Berge Hugin” in Korea. Berge Hugin is the sister ship to Munin. “Berge Hugin” is now “Hawæne Brim” and operating as an FPSOinthe North Sea. During yard period I was incharge of following upallshipCertificates anddailycontact with DNV. Organized all inspections carriedout bythe shipstaff, also liaison withinspections carriedout byproject teamandyard. In Charge of commissionof all marine systems. After completionat Samsung ship yardsailedMST Berge Hugin to Norway. Performed offloading at various Oil Filed locations for Statoil e.g. SPMandOLS at Gullfax Oil field andSTL at HeidrunOil Field. Evaluated future Captain’s at same Oil Fields. 1994-96 Mowinckel Master Shuttle tanker Offshore Lightering/SPM Operation in North Sea. In charge of safe operation of Shuttle tanker MT “Borga” Performed weekly offloading operations to various Oil Fields for Statoil and Shell. Discharged at ports in Northern Europe. Liaison between Statoil charter department, platforms and Oil Receivers, In Charge of all ship certificate, vetting and port state inspections. 1992-94 Knutsen O.A.S. Ch. off. Shuttle tanker Offshore Lightering/SPMOperationin North Sea. In Charge of all cargo operation, maintenance of all marine system andlife-savingequipment. Alsopart of safe navigationof MT “Tove Knutsen”. PerformedDPwatchwhenoffloading at SPM, OLS and STL locations inthe North Sea. 1990-92 Bergesen D. Y Ch. off Crude oil World Wide trade, andlighteringoperationin US Gulf. InCharge of all cargo operation, maintenance of all marine system andlife-savingequipment. Alsopart of safe navigationof various VLCC in charge ofplanningof crude oil storage before loadinganddischarging. In charge of all inspection carriedout byUS Coast Guardin US Gulf. 1988-89 Kloster Cruise 1st off. Followedupcompletionof MV “Sea Ward” at ship yard in TurkuFinland. Part of safe navigationof MV “Sea Ward”. Incharge offire andlifeboat drill and training of crew. Performedalso as safetyOfficer andincharge ofinspection carriedout byDNV regards to SOLAS. Incharge of passengers’ pre-departure safetydrill. 1986-87 A. Wilhelmsen, 1st off. Crude oil Part of safe navigation and loading/discharging. Kept all life-saving and fire equipment up to date 1985-86 Wil.Wilhelmsen, 2nd off. Bulk carrier Part of safe navigation and loading/discharging. Kept all life-saving and fire equipment up to date
  5. 5. For references Jørgen Schaffer Director of Operation Seadrill Seadrill Africa South Cell +44 1224 372204 Cell +244 924 065580 Stig Larsen ManningDirector MAROFF AS Mobile: (+47) 95407469 Per Jonny Tysseland OIM Rowans DrillingCompany Mobile: (+47) 41528686 Damir Sofo Manager Statoil INT Mobile: (+47) 91364810 Work: (+971) 48864595 E-mail: Jess Milter PlatformManager Statoil Mobile: (+47) 48258324 Work: (+47) 51573600 E-mail: Thor Johan Haave PlatformManager Statoil Mobile: (+47) 41680121 Work: (+47) 51573600 E-mail: Reference letter for Jens Rune Brandal 10th July 2009 To whom it may concern The Lufeng 22-1 license in the South China Sea is a Joint Operation between Statoil Hydro (75%) and China National Offshore Oil Cooperation, (CNOOC) (25%). The field was discovered in 1986 and came on stream late 1997, and has been operating since with excellent production and HSE results. Lufeng 22-1 was developed with five production wells with long horizontal sections between 470 to 2060 meters in 1997. In 2004 three wells were sidetracked from original 9-5/8” casing according to plan. These wells were named 22-1-5A (two branches), 22-1-7A and 22-1-9A. The field comprises a subsea structure with control facilities, pumps and five production wells. The subsea facilities are connected to the Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vesselthrough the dis - connectable Submerged Turret Production (STP) System. Produced water quality has been kept below 18 ppm for several years with water cut around 95%. Lufeng 22-1 has achieved excellent safety record with only one minor medical treatment case in last eight (8) years. Lufeng 22-1 has been awarded the highest prize in HSE by Statoil Hydro’s CEO in 2005. received at CCLS’s annual meeting three CEO’s prize awards: prize for innovative technical achievements related to subsea leakage repair, cost savings prize for subsea leakage repairs and Gold idea prize for energy saving and emission reduction. Mr. Jens Rune Brandal born 14th July 1961 has been working as an Offshore Installation Manager and Captain on FPSO Munin since she arrives Lufeng oil filed China in 1997. In 1997/1998 Mr. Brandal worked both onshore and offshore. South China Sea has high Typhoon activities FPSO Munin had to disconnect and sail
  6. 6. away to safe water several times annually. In this respect Mr. Brandal act as a Captain, and during oil production as an OIM. Onshore he was in charge recruiting Chinese crew and officers, training program and schedules.He was a Liaison between SOI and Bergesen. When Bluewater Energy Services acquired FPSO Munin in 2002, Mr. Brandal has been acting as a Bluewater’s representative and Manager in the contract with Statoil (Orient) Inc. Mr. Brandal is hard working, focused and dedicated leader with full understanding ofbusiness needs.He is easy adoptable to work in multicultural environment and gives a great contribution to the good working environment. Mr. Brandal was hand-overin applying Statoil’s values with respect to people, working environment, safety, environment and ethical issues. Hereby I strongly recommend Mr. Brandal as person and leader. Damir Sofo Managing Director Statoil Orient Inc. CNOOC/Statoil Hydro JOG Mob. (+47) 91364810 E-mail: