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Introduction to Testa Center


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Background, purpose, offering and customer references. Presented at "Mini-Symposium: Biologics – Bridging the gap"

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Introduction to Testa Center

  1. 1. Testa Center A test bed for biology and technology for production of biological products Verify innovation | Accelerate industrialization | Secure excellence
  2. 2. • Swedish Government initiative together with GE to support growth of life science industry • Testa Center, a non-profit separate legal entity • International and national test bed accessible for academia, bioprocess industry and start-ups with technology and biology innovation • Industrial infrastructure lab with pilot-scale biomanufacturing platform (non-GMP) based on single- use technologies and access to bioprocess expertise • Facility for advanced education in production of biopharmaceuticals Latest Technology meets Expertise and Innovation 2019-05-21Testa Center
  3. 3. •Verify your innovation in a bioprocess setting •Flexible/Modular setup adaptable for a variety of processes •Stepping stone to industrialization - access to innovation support •Results and IP ownership is retained •Grow your network – cross discipline collaborations and business opportunities Why Testa Center?
  4. 4. Testa Center offering 5/21/2019 Testa Center Access bioprocess lab incl equipment Technical support General lab eq – Office space – Meeting rooms – WiFi – Printer – Storage Security – Facility service - Waste management
  5. 5. Industrialize your project –Scalability –Manufacturability –Robustness –Grow your team Project value increase –Build know-how –Fail early and adjust Access to an unique equipment park –Flexibility with equipment –Generate data from production equipment Some Feedback – A Helping Hand to De-risk and Grow
  6. 6. 2019-05-21 7
  7. 7. “With the increasing demand of our high-quality laminins within the cell therapy industry, we need to scale-up our production capacity. Testa Center gives us a unique possibility to do this internally, by securing company assets and know-how, and thereby minimizing business risks”. Kristian Tryggvason, CEO BioLamina BioLamina @TestaCenter
  8. 8. Biovica @Testa Center “This project enables us to reduce the risks and reduce the time to market introduction. A stable manufacturing process is fundamental for delivering high quality products” Adam Germunder, Operations Director at Biovica International AB
  9. 9. 2019-05-21Testa Center “We are very impressed. The facility is great, both that it is a cooperation between the industry, the science and the Government and the idea that the Testa Center should be open for innovation” Joel Noutere, CEO and co-founder of Sciar Streamlining laboratory workflows with Augmented and Virtual Reality Sciar @Testa Center
  10. 10. 5/21/2019 Testa Center Uppsala University commitment - long term engagement in Testa Center - 5 year agreement to enable research and education in bioprocessing - 25 weeks per year in one bioprocessing lab - Dedicated project leaders and coordinators: Stellan Sandler, Peter Lindblad, Göran Alderborn, Margareta Krabbe & Erik Jacobsson
  11. 11. 2019-05-21Testa Center Why is GE doing this? - Innovation is the foundation for our business - Deeper customer understanding - Potential to interact with excellence in a dynamic setting - Utilized also by GE - demos, training, R&D work - Build bioprocess recruitment base
  12. 12. • Collaboration with SciLifeLab DDD around access to stable cell lines • Further refine modular support program – Planning of large scale experiments – Consumables definition for individual projects – Scale up support • Increased digital project flow through • Increased cooperation with other clusters/capabilities, e.g., SciLifeLab, RISE, Veccura…. Ongoing Activities
  13. 13. 2019-05-21 Testa Center
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