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DomDisc and the Domino data api


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DomDisc and the Domino data api

  1. 1. DomDiscAn Open Source Android app thatreplicateswith Domino discussion databases(Primarily) a presentation on theDomino DataService APIBy Jens Bruntt – jbr@convergens.dkhttp://www.convergens.dkOrhttp://www.jens.bruntt.dk16/5-2013
  2. 2. Purpose of the DomDisc App● Mobility by– Accessing one or multiple standard Notesdiscussion databases on a Smartphone (or tablet)– Having offline capability– Having Create option– Synchronizing in the background
  3. 3. Screen dumps from app
  4. 4. Installation of the DomDisc app scan this:
  5. 5. Working with the Domino DataService API
  6. 6. Domino Data Service API● What is it?● A REST-api for IBM Domino– PUT, POST, DEL– JSON in and out from the service● Lets you access and work with Notes(Documents) in NSFs hosted on Domino
  7. 7. Reading documents1/3the full list of notes in the dbSample url small entries – not full notes
  8. 8. Reading documents 2/3● We now have a complete list of document-references. With minimal data:– Modified date/time– Unid– href● If we need the full note we can visit the href
  9. 9. Reading documents 3/3The full note
  10. 10. Next time we need to replicatebasic workflow - server-to-app● Read the same start-URL (all notes in smallformat) for an updated list● Pseudo code for each UNID in the list● Have we saved this UNID before?– Yes: Check if @modified local<> server value● Yes: get the update note and update local storage● No: ignore– No: Get the note and save in local storage
  11. 11. Authentication with Domino
  12. 12. Getting an authentication token fromDomino with SSO configuration● POST a form that has the samecontent as the one seen here ->● Response from server:– Set-Cookie: DominoAuthSessID=xyzor– Set-Cookie: LtpaToken=abc● Copy this value. Insert it in the HTTPheader for all your GETs, POSTs● Bob is your uncle. Domino acceptsyour requests - you are logged in
  13. 13. What happens when you click Log in
  14. 14. Code walkthru
  15. 15. More information
  16. 16. Test the app with openntf.orgParameters to put in the app● Host name:● Path to database:/demos/domdiscdemo.nsf● Username for login: name● Password: your openntf.orgpassword● Use SSL: no● Http Port: 80Check in browser● ->
  17. 17. Getting the app code● Code is available from––● Apache License 2.0 which means:– You can copy and use the code● Must link to the source of the code● Can create closed-source code from the source
  18. 18. Working with the Domino DataService API and other technologiesused in the app● There are pointers - links in the app developer.txt on these subjects– Accessing Domino Data Service– Using SPRING Rest template– Using ActionBar Sherlock - lets you have theaction bar design pattern on older Android devices– Including libraries in Android