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Online Reputation Management


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Online reputation management, advanced social media session presented at Digital Summit 2013. Geared to marketers to move beyond the basics of social, digital monitoring and elevate the ability to build and enhance an online reputation - and understand how social snafus can happen to us all.

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Online Reputation Management

  1. @cloudspark#dsum13
  2. In our quest to stand out, becreative, gain attention andbe responsive – well, dumbthings happen.
  3. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT A – THE BAD IDEA
  4. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT B – THE BAD RESPONSE
  5. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT C – THE HACKED ACCOUNT
  6. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT D – THE WRONG ACCOUNT
  7. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT E – THE NON-RESPONSE
  8. @cloudspark #dsum13EXHIBIT F – THE ‘INNOCENT’ MISTAKE
  9. For every chance there is toengage with the public, there isan equal chance for itto go wrong… really wrong.
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  12. @cloudspark #dsum13
  13. @cloudspark #dsum133 KEY QUESTIONS1. What if our products/services spark too much criticism?2. What if our employees are not social media savvy?3. What if our competitors take advantage of this?
  14. @cloudspark #dsum132 KINDS OF NEGATIVITY1. Comments or content on social networks- Easily addressed, no long-term impact- If not addressed, can scale to an ‘issue’2. Online reputation ‘bombs’- Affects reputation and sales long term- Can severely damage a business and scales quickly
  15. @cloudspark #dsum131 SCALE OF HOW BAD IS IT?Negative reviews, commentsNegative visual contentNegative media coverageFake accountsNewsjackingHate sites
  16. @cloudspark #dsum131 BE WELL-RESPECTED
  17. @cloudspark #dsum132 BE RADICALLY TRANSPARENTAllow all employees to talk about products/services publicly*Establish 1:1 communication channelsAsk for feedbackDon’t hide from criticism, address it publicly*unless you trade under SEC regulations
  18. @cloudspark #dsum133 MONITOR WHAT THEY’RE SAYING AND SHARING
  19. @cloudspark #dsum134 REACT QUICKLY AND POLITELY
  21. @cloudspark #dsum136 OWN YOUR GOOGLE/BING/SEARCH PAGE 1
  22. @cloudspark #dsum137 ATTACK ILLEGITIMATE ATTACKERS
  23. @cloudspark #dsum138 LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES
  24. @cloudspark #dsum139 MAKE MONITORING MATTERGo beyond the 101 of monitoring – don’t just put it on autopilotAssure you’re monitoring visual/audible as well as textIncorporate monitoring reports into marketing conversations,decisions on a regular basis
  25. @cloudspark #dsum1310 ASK FOR HELP
  26. @cloudspark #dsum13thank you.
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