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Jenny McCallum Graphic Design Portfolio & CV

  2. 2. FREELANCE: Matrix Dental LaboratoryTITLE: Presentation Lab PackAUDIENCE: Dental technicians across the UKand europe.BRIEF: To develop a striking, proffessional presentationfolder for a multi-million pound dental laboratory to sendto exclusive clients. The image of ‘perfection’ is vital tothe success of the laboratory. To avoid conflicts on whatis classed as ‘dental perfection’, it was decided to not usemodels who were showing their teeth.PRODUCTION: Liaised with printers to set brief; createdcutting guides for folder from scratch. Proofs wererequired to check cutting layout, with guides beingadjusted to fit perfectly.
  3. 3. FREELANCE: Matrix Dental LaboratoryTITLE: Roller BannersAUDIENCE: Dental technicians across the UKand europe.BRIEF: To produce a set of roller banners to accompanythe presentation folders to use at dental events.
  4. 4. FREELANCE: Beauty WorksAUDIENCE: Clients to beauty salon, mainlywomenBRIEF: To design a new corprate identity for beauty salon‘beautyworks’. They required a range consisting of a pricelist, appointment cards and gift vouchers.PRODUCTION: Appointment cards, treatment listsandand gift vouchers were printed on matt stock andspot‑varnished for a high-end feel.POST-PROJECT: Identity was carried through to theexternal facia and internal detailing for a new salon(below). A website was produced and social media utilisedto attract new clients and inform existing clients.
  5. 5. SKILLS FOR HEALTHTITLE: Train the Trainer Resource PackAUDIENCE: National, healthcare workforceBRIEF: To present a toolkit of information to attendees of acourse to take-away and use for their development. Packneeded to be updated on regular intervals. Pack to containlaminated handouts, loose sheets, publications, cd-roms,powerpoint presentations.PRODUCTION: Liaised with printers to set brief; work to abudget and create final product in its entirety.
  6. 6. SKILLS FOR HEALTHTITLE: Products and Services CatalogueAUDIENCE: National, healthcare workforceBRIEF: To present a complete catalogue of products andservices offered by skills for health. Involved splitting theproducts into sections, and supplying a series of individualleaflets to be stored in the back of the catalogue.PRODUCTION: Liaised with printers to set brief; work to abudget and create final product in its entirety. Constructionwas complex due to the tabs and additional die-cut pocketto the rear of the catalogue.
  7. 7. NHS NATIONAL WORKFORCE PROJECTS /SKILLS FOR HEALTHTITLE: Exhibition Display GraphicsAUDIENCE: National, healthcare workforceBRIEF: To create a space-saving stand that incorporateda plasma screen to demonstrate new e-learningprogrammes at major nhs exhibitions.PRODUCTION: Liaised with printers to set brief; work to abudget and create final product in its entirety.(Below: built stand without screen installed)
  8. 8. NHS NATIONAL WORKFORCE PROJECTSTITLE: CD-ROM PackagingBRIEF: Design packaging for a range of cd‑roms for useat events, workshops and for distribution across the ukhealth sector. The examples shown opposite span fromsimple sleeves to more complex 4pp die cut cases, whichrequired strong attention to detail to align the CD graphicsto the sitting position within the case. This allowed the CDarea to be used for information and diagrams as space waslimited, such as the far-left example.PRODUCTION: Liaised with printers to set brief; work to abudget and create final product in its entirety.
  9. 9. WEBSITE DESIGN 2. NHS NATIONAL 3. FREELANCE - 2006 WORKFORCE PROJECTS TITLE: retail TITLE: Healthcare workforce website portal SOFTWARE USED: Adobe AUDIENCE: National, Photoshop & Dreamweaver healthcare workforce SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop - integrated with CMS system (Joomla!) 1. IUVO DESIGN - 2011 TITLE: website SOFTWARE USED: Adobe Muse
  10. 10. JENNY MCCALLUM: Driven, creative and enthusiastic with a strong background in design and project CAREER HISTORY management for the public healthcare and private sectors. Benefits from knowing all sides of the creative process from concept to production. Enthusiastic about new technology and keen to be involved in the Project Manager (Royal Bank of Scotland account) Jan 2012-Present ever-changing industry. Possesses excellent communication skills with the ability to develop and maintain Momentum Instore strong internal and external relationships. Greatly values being part of a successful and productive team Graphic Designer / Owner 2011-Present whilst thriving in challenging working environments. iuvo designOverview of responsibilities Graphic Designer 2007-2011 Skills For Health (formerly NHS National Workforce Projects)Project Manager (Royal Bank of Scotland) - Momentum Instore [Marketing Agency]I am responsible for coordinating the campaigns from one of the agency’s largest and longest-standing clients - the RBS Group. I deal with Communications Support 2006-2007the client’s marketing campaign team on a regular basis and have built up a trusting relationship with them. I have planned and managed NHS National Workforce Projectsthe installations of various marketing campaigns into over 600 RBS branches across the UK. QUALIFICATIONSyy Managing client expectations and project timelines accordingly yy Writing clear and descriptive briefs for installation teams toyy Establishing and monitoring project budgets on a daily basis, ensure that the requirements from the client are met BA (Hons) Visual Communications & Marketing (2.1) 2002-2005 along with raising and submitting invoices to a strict schedule yy Dealing with last minute brief changes University of Leedsyy Working with other client teams to ensure that conflicts are yy Providing daily reports to the client and a more in-depth report at Prince2 Practitioner (Project Management) 2011 avoided the end of projects A-Levels: Media Studies (B); English Language (B); IT (C) 2000-2002yy Receiving and interpreting client requirements yy Delegating work to project assistants. Ridge Danyers Sixth Form College, MarpleGraphic Designer - Skills for Health AS-Level: Business Studies (B) 2000-2001yy In-house graphic designer for healthcare organisation in the yy Most successful graphic design project: The Train the GCSEs: 10 From A*-C (A’s in Maths, Sciences, English, Graphic Products) 1995-2000 public sector for over four years Trainer resource pack. Raised the organisation income fromyy Delivered high quality concepts and final products to be circulated commissioned workshops utilising the pack, over that of the SKILLS across the national healthcare workforce Department of Health contract. The success of this project led to the organisation being commissioned to re-design for use across Adobe InDesign CS2-5 nnnnnyy Delivered products including: Brochures, magazines, booklets, NHSScotland, along with a range of other resources. Adobe Illustrator CS2-5 nnnnn magazine advertisements (Health Service Journal [HSJ], British Medical Journal [BMJ]), CDs, training packs, promotional items, yy Worked closely with internal web teams to offer a design Adobe Photoshop CS2-5 nnnnn exhibition graphics. perspective to technical developments on CMS websites. Adobe Dreamweaver CS2-3 nnnnn yy Self managed workload, working directly with clients. Adobe Muse nnnnnGraphic Designer / Owner - iuvo design Microsoft Office Suite nnnnnI am a freelance designer in my spare time, providing design services to the public and private sectors. Private sector projects have includedestablishing corporate identities for new retail businesses, website design (including e-commerce) and social media marketing. Public Problem Solving / Project Management / Verbal Presentation / Teaching / Mentoring /sector projects have included reports and posters to be circulated across the country. Team Working / Delegationyy Meeting with clients to establish requirements and discuss yy Proof reading and content-writing possibilities yy Creating quality products that communicate messages effectively. CONTACT: 07739965340yy Working within pre-established brand identities Apartment 34 The Nile, 26 City Road East, Manchester M15 4TB