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  1. 1. Capstone Project Cover Sheet Capstone Project Title: Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Student Name: Jenny Marchman Degree Program: Bachelor of Science, IT - Security Emphasis Mentor Name: Brian Burlock Course Code: CPW4____________________________________________________________ Signature Block Student’s Signature Jenny Marchman Student ID# 000172978 Mentor’s Signature
  2. 2. Table of Contents Capstone Report Summary (Introduction)...................................................................................... 3 Goals and Objectives .................................................................................................................... 12 Project Timeline............................................................................................................................ 17 Project Development..................................................................................................................... 18 References..................................................................................................................................... 27 Appendix 1: Competency Matrix.................................................................................................. 29
  3. 3. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 3 Capstone Report Summary (Introduction) In the current day and age, creating an online identity has become a vital component in business success. Despite the functionality and numerous benefits possible through proper web development, organizations still exist with little or no web involvement at all. The World Wide Web offers an indispensable platform for promotion and growth. This project provides an outline of the steps necessary to advance business operations onto the web, in addition to a site prototype that demonstrates design possibilities. Utilizing technology to streamline business function allows organizations to accomplish much more with less effort; furthermore, increasing company exposure helps further the majority of business objectives. While it is important to get a website up and running, a properly designed site is essential to success. This project’s purpose was to design a website focused on the feel and functionality provided for end-users, as they are the target audience. The goal was to connect with visitors long enough to convey the site’s purpose in addition to providing users with robust and effective functionality. B. Brief Summary Purrfect Companions is a fictional non-profit organization that provides rescue and adoption services for felines. The organization is not bricks and mortar, the founder manages business operations while coordinating with a network of foster care volunteers. Although fictitious Purrfect Companions represents many others with comparable structure; operations currently include ten foster homes, approximately twenty-five volunteers, thirty ++ orphaned pets and weekly adoptions held at local area businesses. The organization covers the cost of veterinary services for all animals in foster care, such as vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc. The founder of Purrfect Companions needed a plan of action to begin building the organization’s reputation on the web, with a website being the primary focus.
  4. 4. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 4 The website required the following elements:  Photo collection of current pet availability  Company information – calendar, contact info, news  Integrated social network resources and content – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+  Secure donation acceptance  Future enhancement and add-on capability  Clear and useful information for end-users  Design with visual appeal and effective functionality The scope of this project included researching solution possibilities and providing recommendations for site security, hosting, domain name usage, social networking, and advanced operations management. In order for the website to go live online, certain aspects require outside vendor involvement; the final report lists provider recommendations. B1. Description The following outlines each phase of the project and the steps taken to achieve completion. 1. Initial Research and Discovery Phase:  Collected project specifications and developed primary goals  Conducted in-depth research of the field, solution possibilities, and target audience  Established a plan to meet project goals within time and budget constraints  Performed in depth analysis of website management solutions, security, and available features  Tested and compared several design programs, coding languages, and creative tools
  5. 5. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 5  Determined ideal solutions for site hosting, site security, and data management  Outlined the full scope of the intended project 2. Tactical Design:  Conducted a needs/wants analysis defining business goals and identifying vital project elements  Brainstormed the desired flow for the website  Created flow charts that mapped out the site hierarchy, individual pages and planned technology use  Developed the site color palette and theme concepts  Designed effective, straightforward navigational elements  Created personalized application and volunteer forms for the website that coincided with the theme choice, in a separate form creator  Searched for and located free source images to use on the mock up site 3. Website Build:  Designed the site using proposed color scheme, layout and navigation elements  Built the website based on developed structure and hierarchy  Arranged graphic elements and photos  Added site features to complete project goals such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, and PayPal donation links  Developed the gallery for adoptable felines - includes a photo and pet specific details  Added social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Pinterest - linked them all to my personal accounts in order to demonstrate functionality  Added the Facebook “Like” button
  6. 6. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 6  Added a constant Twitter feed to the “Home” page - linked to my personal account for demonstration purposes 4. Data Management:  Integrated the web forms and database management used to store completed forms  Implemented a password protected “Webmaster Login” for site management and updates  Linked Google accounts with calendar, drive, and G+  Integrated site features such as PayPal, Contact Us 5. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing:  Applied SEO techniques throughout the Website - assigned a site title, meta-tags, keywords, and descriptions  Kept text quantity in the desired range - 125-word minimum per page, with descriptions containing 50 - 250 characters total  Inserted “alt” text for all indexed images on the site  Kept the search phrase density within the desired range of 3-5%  Submitted the website to Google for search indexing at:  Provided Google with an XML Sitemap to jump start indexing  Registered the site with the free online directory  Setup system monitoring to track website traffic and generate statistical reports Additional SEO and marketing strategies beyond the scope of this project are available upon a legitimate site launch.
  7. 7. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 7 6. Deployment:  Conducted testing to ensure the site is bug free  Fine-tuned final details of the website design and features  Published to the web  Tested form function and data transfer success for site documents  Tested site rendering on a laptop PC - on four different browser platforms - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari  Tested Google search results, meta-tag information, and site security certificates  Tested site rendering on mobile devices - including Apple iOS, Android smartphone, and Galaxy Android tablet B2. Review of other work Both in preparation and throughout the course of this project, I reviewed and compared several aspects of web design. In my current employment, I am responsible for evaluating many qualities of web design and function. Webpage quality, search query relevance, coding, and site security are some of the primary areas evaluated. Websites that properly follow quality guidelines consistently receive higher scores upon review; this provides site validation and allows for better rankings within search results. Although it remains necessary to submit your website to search engines in order to be included in query results, higher quality content allows for better site ranking. If a site is of poor quality, out dated, or irrelevant to the subject matter, its reputation, and ratings on the web are at risk. An excerpt from Google Webmaster Guidelines: Following these guidelines will help Google find, index, and rank your site. Even if you choose not to implement any of these suggestions, we strongly encourage you to pay very
  8. 8. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 8 close attention to the "Quality Guidelines," which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise impacted by an algorithmic or manual spam action. If a site has been affected by a spam action, it may no longer show up in results on or on any of Google's partner sites. (Google, 2012,”Guidelines,” para. 1) Google provides resources to aid in site development such as Google Help, Webmaster Tools, and the Web Developer Toolkit; I utilized these tools throughout the course of this project. In addition, I reviewed several websites, animal rescues along with others, to gain a better understanding of end-user experience and overall function. Problems seen repeatedly were outdated information, little to no functionality, and tacky design. While not every website requires the dynamic attributes of ESPN or Amazon, the overall design should reflect a positive, professional image of the organization. Regardless of the message or cause, people tend to leave poorly themed sites with nothing for them to do. I discovered the following website during testing of the project site; they too are called Purrfect Companions and are a real organization in New York: ("Purrfect Companions”, 2013, web) Not to take away from their rescue efforts, but this site is a perfect example of many rescue groups out there and precisely the design and structure I tried to avoid. In order to captivate and keep end-users attention, a site requires easy navigation, user interaction, and visually appealing presentation. Speckyboy Design Magazine featured a blog collection of well-designed website examples used by non-profit and charity organizations that provided useful inspiration. Blogger Jameel Khan expressed how important visual appeal and usability are to site design: A charity or cause may not need the sleek sales pages of a business on the web, but a poorly designed one could still mean the difference between helping people or failing to
  9. 9. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 9 do so. Therefore, a nonprofit website design should be appealing enough to invite the organization’s targeted donors and volunteers. The basics of web design are enough to make a difference – An easy to navigate and user-friendly website with careful use of fonts, colors and other graphical elements make finding and navigating these websites easy for their users to understand and learn about their cause. (Kahn, 2012, “40 Effective,” para. 1) A website is a visual extension of the organization, poor quality, and design can negatively influence first impressions of site visitors. Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter were included in the design plan of this project; therefore, it was important to take note of the formats and integration used by others. Social media is such a valuable resource, particularly for small organizations looking to gain a foothold on the web. In reviewing examples of other work, incorporating social media became a high priority for this project. One objective of this project was to provide recommendations for website hosting; therefore, it was necessary to review several vendors and their included features. The volume of providers available made this task challenging, the following resources helped the process: Web Hosting Top 10 List Web Hosting Reviews 2013 Every provider of the following best web hosts in top 10 list offers:  PHP/MySQL support, offering PHP 5 and MySQL 5 database  Microsoft FrontPage extensions support  multiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts with web-mail support  multiple subdomains and parked/add-on domains  web site building tools with free web page templates  unrestricted FTP access with multiple FTP accounts  web site stats, virus & spam protection, CGI, Perl, SSL support  at least 30 days money back guarantee  professional 24x7 technical support via email and/or by phone  and at least 99.9% network uptime guarantee
  10. 10. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 10 HostGator • JustHost • iPage • HostMonster • BlueHost • Hub • FatCow • WebhostingPad • ixWebhosting • Hosting (Page Ranker, 2013 web) WordPress Web Hosting There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, the vast majority of which meet the WordPress minimum requirements, and choosing one from the crowd can be a chore. We have dealt with more hosts than you can imagine; in our opinion, the hosts below represent some of the best and brightest of the hosting world. (Word Press, 2013, web) Blue Host • Dream Host • Laughing Squid My iPage Review Do you REALLY believe the hype all these iPage review sites are pushing? You know… they all say it’s 5/5 stars, has been in business since 1998 etc. WHO cares about that? I’m a customer, and I know first-hand how this company works… (Kim, 2013, web) B3. Rationale and Systems Analysis Rationale The primary purpose of this project is to advance a business into operation onto the World Wide Web. In order for Purrfect Companions to progress, they had to begin using technology. The internet is a plethora of opportunity; websites in combination with social media allow for exposure never before possible through word of mouth. Purrfect Companions desperately needed to upgrade from their dated mode of operation. Procedures previously consisted of the founder coordinating new arrival placement with available space, scheduling weekly adoptions, and managing financial transactions. Volunteers called in on Thursday or Friday to learn of any staffing needs for weekend adoption booths. All schedule changes, updates, events, etc. required a round robin of phone calls and/or emails to all applicable parties;
  11. 11. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 11 a process that had become increasingly counterproductive. The website needed to provide tools organizing the following:  Events  Scheduling  Pets  People  Social Networking  Donations Purrfect Companions wanted to reach a larger audience, increase donations, and expand rescue efforts; to accomplish this they needed to boost exposure and venture function online. The organization had four primary concerns to keep at the forefront of project development:  Budget – The budget was small and income sources very limited.  System Structure – The website needed to enhance the functionality of business operations moreover, provide a simpler, efficient approach for work efforts.  Security – The site required secure methods of information and donation acceptance.  Business Image and Reputation – The organization aimed to start building a presence on the web. The website needed to strengthen and enrich the corporate image Systems Analysis Purrfect Companions previously conducted all business affairs offline, before transitioning online, certain resources are required. This project includes research and a recommendation analysis for the following:  Web Site Hosting  Website Security Options  Website Financial Transaction Handlings
  12. 12. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 12 Solutions were evaluated on the following features: Cost, Data and Information Storage, Reputation, Expansion, Ease of Use, Reliability, Security The following deliverables were theoretical in nature:  Domain Name Registration  Configuration and setup of the server that will host the website  Migration of the site to a live server and launch  Usernames, passwords, and instructions for maintenance purposes  Social media account creation  Company specific documents  Company specific security policies C. Goals and Objectives The intent of this project was to create a web strategy and site prototype that would advance business function onto the web. The beginning stages of project development identified several goals and applicable objectives key to project success; they are as follows. Goal One: Modernize the organization with advancement onto the web For the purposes of this project, this goal was completed. I looked at many non-profit, pet rescues and small business websites evaluating both positive and negative attributes for site design; design blogs and articles related to the subject matter were viewed for creative ideas as well. I conducted extensive research on site-hosting providers and their included security functions, available add-on features, current pricing, and database management solutions
  13. 13. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 13 Proposed Objectives  Conduct in-depth research of the field, solution options, and target audience  Determine ideal solutions for site hosting, site security, and data management  Domain Name Registration - a top-level domain name such as the non-profit id "" or the widely known ".com” are recommended. Goal Two: Provide a secure environment for information and financial transaction handling For the purposes of this project, this goal was accomplished All recommended hosts include Secure Shell (SSH) Access 128 bit shared. For donations and document transfer, this in addition to other security features will be adequate. If financial transactions were to increase, the SSH certificate can be upgraded. Details and pricing are included in the final recommendations. Proposed Objective  Research SSL security certificate options and provide a cost feature comparison with recommended solution choices. Goal Three: Increase efficiency and organize work efforts This goal was completed successfully A functioning corporate calendar, contact information, email address, and twitter feed are all included on the prototype site. The prototype also includes web forms with the ability to accept and process the following; web contact-form, adoption application, foster application, volunteer sign-up. A working password protected “Webmaster” login was included on the mock up site to demonstrate login capability for site updates and maintenance. All relevant social media links
  14. 14. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 14 are on the prototype site, with integrated function demonstrated by connecting my personal accounts. Proposed Objectives  Incorporate a company calendar function – manage adoption events, company activities, volunteer opportunities, etc. from a centralized location.  Consolidate information in a format easily maintained, accessed, and kept current.  Provide authorized users/employees with update capability and proper usage instructions  Establish effective means of communication - contact info/links, email, social media, site announcements, etc.  Provide for the use of administration paperwork/forms online Goal Four: Increase exposure For the purposes of this project, this goal was completed successfully A dynamic Twitter feed, along with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+ integrated account icons were placed on the mock-up website. The icons are fully functioning and direct to my personal accounts as to accurately demonstrate usability. SEO techniques were utilized throughout the Website code, with text and character limits diligently followed. I completed appropriate site submissions for site indexing and added “alt” text for indexed images. Proposed Objectives  Create social networking accounts/pages – effectively implement social media throughout the website  Integrate social media links and information into the website function  Optimize site search rankings and query match potential with search engines
  15. 15. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 15 Goal Five: Boost growth For the purposes of this project, this goal was completed. If the budget allows for dual domain registration and desired extensions are available, reservation is highly recommended for both .org and .com domains. Top-level domain mail addressing strengthens the organization’s professional look. A top-level domain allows the company to use their actual name for email accounts, such as or PayPal donation and social links were coded to all pages of the site and the Facebook “Like” button was added to the home page for increased business promotion. Proposed Objectives  Strengthen the organization’s reputation and presence on the web  Maximize donation opportunities  Capitalize on the much larger audience – promote efforts effectively Goal Six: Increase rescue efforts This goal was completed successfully A full size prototype website was constructed that offers complete function, includes all navigational elements, full site structure, sample image layout, and the proposed design/palette. A photo gallery of available pets and their primary information, along with a password protected “Webmaster” login is included on the mock up site to demonstrate login capability for site updates and maintenance. A functioning corporate calendar, contact information, email address, and twitter feed are all included on the prototype site. The prototype also includes web forms with the ability to accept and process the following; web contact-form, adoption application, foster application, volunteer sign-up.
  16. 16. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 16 Proposed Objectives  Showcase adoptable pets in a cohesive, modern format  Provide end-users with the ability to interact with the site  Consistently maintain current, updated pet information Goal Seven: Identify solutions that will work within a very small budget This goal was completed successfully A needs/wants analysis was completed and the information was used throughout the development process. In-depth research was done to determine solution recommendations, with price/value being pivotal factors in the final decision process Proposed Objectives  Conduct a needs/wants analysis and comparison  Determine cost-effective options and best overall value for solution possibilities Goal Eight: Prepare a proposed site design layout This goal was completed successfully A full size prototype website was constructed that offers complete function, includes all navigational elements, full site structure, sample image layout, photo gallery and the proposed design/palette. I performed site testing on multiple mobile devices, a laptop pc, several browser platforms, and Facebook. Proposed Objectives  Demonstrate visual appeal and design potential  Show advised site navigation, structure, and hierarchy  Preview for the overall feel of the website - sample images, color and design palette
  17. 17. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 17 D. Project Timeline Initiation Phase  Identify project format and topic  Compose project idea paper Projected Duration: 21days Actual Duration: 32 days Reasons for variance: The initial decision of the project topic proved a bit difficult. I currently do not have a job with project opportunities that I could utilize for my capstone, so the topic had to be theoretical in nature; deciding how and what to do stretched past the initial timeline. Planning Phase  Review other work and examples  Develop rationale and systems analysis  Identify and document project goals  Document project objectives  Identify and document deliverables  Construct plan and timelines  Develop competency matrix  Compile and submit project proposal Projected Duration: 54 days Actual Duration: 68 days Reasons for variance: There was a significant amount of information to go through, quite a bit more than originally expected. Since the project was highly dependent on quality research and analysis of both web design and functions, this process consumed a vast majority of time and went on past the expected timeframe.
  18. 18. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 18 Execution and Control Phase  Build sample website  Test sample website  Compose capstone project paper Projected Duration: 33 days Actual Duration: 35 days Reasons for variance: This phase went smooth, running over by just 2 days due to a design hiccup that I could not get quite to my liking. I determined a work-around and proceeded forward. Closure Phase  Review overall project execution  Document project successes/failures  Submit capstone project Projected Duration: 5 days Actual Duration: 5 days Reasons for variance: This phase went according to schedule E. Project Development Before the start of this project, Purrfect Companions operated in the Stone Age; they needed a plan of action to begin building the organization’s reputation on the web. My project focused on creating web presence and increasing business potential by bringing the organization onto the internet. The project concentrated on building a website with social media connections to increase exposure and functionality to boost productivity. Though the project is based on a fictitious company, the business model is characteristic of the industry
  19. 19. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 19 E1. Problems Encountered As with most ventures in life, minor issues did surface, the following are the problems I encountered throughout the project life cycle:  Large amounts of information and subject matter that required review - it was imperative to gather enough information in order to make credible decisions  Vast number of available options for the necessary services - all required comparison and review  Difficulty demonstrating design concepts and website function without having legitimate information to work with - creating a website in theory was hard  Difficulty finding quality tools that fit into the budget requirements - there are many available options and several can be quite pricey.  Prototype site did not render properly on mobile devices - the layout and page orientation is not compatible with mobile browsers. The site loads, but it cuts off the entire left side.  Could not edit two of the design aspects to my satisfaction - I was unable to edit the hyperlink color for the interactive web forms; it continued to revert to the standard blue. I was also unable to work in the Instagram photo feed - it did not flow in the site design and looked out of place. E2. Reasons for Changes At first, this project was slated to provide a website more in theory, showing physical layout and palette examples for the proposed design, with written recommendations and theoretic concepts. During project execution, I found I really wanted to create a prototype design that truly demonstrated the available potential of a website. I realized that a design on paper would
  20. 20. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 20 not accomplish this, but a tangible design would require genuine data; therefore, I utilized some of my personal information for demonstration purposes. E3. Unanticipated Requirements I really did not encounter many unanticipated requirements - the two I did experience follow below:  Time - there were large amounts of information to review and compare, this exceeded the original time allotted for these related tasks  Genuine Information - to properly show the functions of the website I needed to use authentic information, this was accomplished by using my personal social accounts, email, and data E4. Actual and Potential Effects Since this project was developed largely in theory, the potential effects outweigh the actual. One actual effect observed when testing the prototype site, was the use of the Facebook “Like” button. I placed the button on the website and later tested the functionality, since the page is technically live it posted on my Facebook news feed. My boyfriend saw the post on his news feed, “liked” it and then went on the actual site to look around. By the time, I realized what he had done; two more people had viewed and “liked” the page. Although that was just a tiny flurry of activity, it demonstrates the power of social media and the benefits available by properly utilizing those resources. The potential effects of this project are abundant. The website allows for increased exposure, organized business function, greater donation potential, increased adoptions, additional volunteers, etc. The project has the potential to help the organization grow
  21. 21. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 21 and thrive. The mock-up design demonstrates several features of the website and provides a functional and accurate representation of the potential. E5. Conclusions Overall, I feel my capstone accomplished the intended purpose. Many aspects of the development proved challenging, but I also learned a lot. Executing the plan completed all of the goals and objectives, therefore securing project success. The research and planning done in the beginning phases of project development were vital. The project plan provided a guide to success that kept me focused on the task. For me taking on this challenge was trying at times, but a very valuable experience. In part, I became more adaptive in my ability to handle challenging situations and still accomplish what I set out to do. Almost everything in life has at least some level of difficulty, projects will have snags, but persevering through until the end is a highly rewarding experience. Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed the design and programming, the process has inspired me to start doing more.
  22. 22. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 22 F. Deliverables Prototype Website: The link above will take you to a live website that offers a visual and functional display of the design concepts. The links for Facebook, G+, Pinterest, and Twitter link to my personal accounts and are functional for demonstration purposes. All forms and buttons on the site are working, with the only exception being the PayPal link. Following are the recommended functions and project specifics: Domain Name Information:  Determine top-level name availability  Reserve both .com and .org if available  Utilize the domain name to strengthen the organization’s brand Examples: or Web Host Providers:  Bluehost: $3.95 monthly with free domain name registration 10+ years in business with average rating of 4.5 stars Recommended by WordPress  DreamHost: $3.95 monthly with free domain name registration 10+ years in business with average rating of four stars Recommended by WordPress  iPage: $2.95 monthly with free domain name registration 10+ years in business with average rating of five stars Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% Website Security:  Bluehost Secure Shell (SSH) Access 128 bit shared Hotlink Protection Secure email access and function Customizable error and warning alerts SSL secure server
  23. 23. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 23  DreamHost Secure email access and function Customizable error and warning alerts SSL secure server Secure Shell (SSH) Access 128 bit shared  iPage Enhanced Security Suite Two Datacenter Locations Secure email access and function Customizable error and warning alerts SSL secure server Secure Shell (SSH) Access 128 bit shared Secure Sockets Layer Certificates: QuickSSL Premium $79 - $149 annually and True BusinessID with EV $159 - $299 annually  Both are backed by GeoTrust, a trusted name in cyber security  Both include Dynamic Site Seal  Both include GeoTrust protection plan, up to $100,000 and $150,000 respectively  Both include coverage for loss of use, theft, and/or corruption True BusinessID with EV includes a “Green Address Bar” and a non-shared SSL certificate The green bar communicates that your site is authenticated, trustworthy, and safe and of utmost importance, the customers' information is secure. This visual alert provides site visitors with instant knowledge of enhanced security. Although the green bar is not necessary to provide a secure environment, it does provide users with instant confirmation of security status. Email Features:  Bluehost Email Addresses at Your Domain ( IMAP / POP / SMTP Access Web-Based Email Access Mail Filtering Spam Filtering – SpamAssassin Email Addresses (Aliases) Out of Office Auto-Responders  DreamHost Email Addresses at Your Domain ( IMAP / POP / SMTP Access
  24. 24. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 24 Web-Based Email Access Mail Filtering Spam Filtering – SpamAssassin Email Addresses (Aliases) Out of Office Auto-Responders  iPage Email Addresses at Your Domain ( IMAP / POP / SMTP Access Web-Based Email Access Mail Filtering Spam Filtering Email Addresses (Aliases) Out of Office Auto-Responders Backup and Recovery:  Bluehost Provides full site automatic backup, cloud storage and 24/7 customer support  DreamHost Provides full site automatic backup, cloud storage and 24/7 customer support  iPage Provides full site automatic backup, cloud storage and 24/7 customer support Website Functionality and Database Management:  Bluehost: Unlimited MySQL database access and usage, also includes support for PostgreSQL Databases, Perl5, PHP5, Python, and Ruby/Ruby on Rails Several gallery and photo collection options - Gallery2, Coppermine and more CMS support - Drupal, Tikiwiki, Moodle, and Joomla! Blog Support - WordPress, b2evolution  DreamHost: Unlimited MySQL database access and usage, also includes support for PERL, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP5 Photo Gallery2 available CMS support - Moodle and Joomla! Blog Support - WordPress
  25. 25. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 25  iPage: Unlimited MySQL database access and usage, also includes support for PERL Several gallery and photo collection options - Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto CMS support - Drupal, Mambo, and Joomla! Blog Support - WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution Website Financial Transactions:  Bluehost: PayPal Ecommerce - free shopping cart/storefronts provided with individual transaction fees - AgoraCart, osCommerce, Cube, and Zen Security - free shared SSL  DreamHost: PayPal Ecommerce - offers a $30.00 monthly flat rate for a shopping cart/storefront through Café Commerce - no individual transaction fees. Also provides the transaction fee based Zen shopping cart. Security - free shared SSL  iPage: PayPal Ecommerce - free shopping cart/storefronts provided with individual fees charged per transaction - AgoraCart, osCommerce, and ShopSite Security - free shared SSL Social Media and Networking: Create new accounts for the following and integrate personalized function onto the website - all of the recommended web hosts provide feature rich possibilities.  Facebook  Twitter  G+  Pinterest  Instagram
  26. 26. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 26 Website Search Engine Optimization and Marketing  Bluehost: Site Search Engine submission $100 Google AdWords credit included  DreamHost $100 Google AdWords credit included  iPage $100 Google AdWords credit included $25 Credit for Yahoo!/Bing Sponsored Search $50 Credit for Facebook Advertising Free Listing Free Toll-Free Phone Number Website Color Palette:
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  29. 29. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 29 Appendix 1: Competency Matrix Domain/Subdomain Competency Explanation Language and Communication Competency 105. 2. 2: Evaluating Information: The graduate accurately evaluates the validity, reliability, and significance of information in a given context. Construct a written report that accurately addresses project objectives, using information gathered from various resources and experiences. Language and Communication Competency 105. 3. 2: Writing as a Process: The graduate applies a process approach to creating effective writings for different audiences and purpose. Utilize several writing concepts throughout the website in order to communicate effectively with site visitors. Produce a written report that clearly explains project rationale and technical aspects. Language and Communication Competency 105. 3. 3: Mechanics of Writing: The graduate correctly applies rules of grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Construct a written proposal using proper syntax and grammar rules. Language and Communication Competency 105. 3. 1: Adaptation: The graduate adapts a particular writing to meet the needs of a specific audience, purpose, and situation. Compose a technical proposal using relevant writing style and concepts, then adapt to the user- friendly creative design approach of the website. Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving Competency 106. 1. 1: Problem Identification and Clarification: The graduate analyzes open- ended problems by learning about the problem and evaluating the accuracy and relevance of different perspectives on the problem. Analyze the organization and all components involved in the project for problems and flaws – establish what solutions would work for the current issues at hand. Determine needs and the required plan of action necessary for accomplishment.
  30. 30. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 30 Domain/Subdomain Competency Explanation Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving Competency 106. 1. 2: Planning and Information Gathering: The graduate evaluates different sources representing a range of perspectives on a problem in order to weigh the implications and consequences of different solutions to the problem. Research the work of others along with using personal job experience in order to identify options available for the current project and the best solutions. Collegiate Level Reasoning and Problem Solving Competency 106. 1. 5: Reaching Well-Founded Conclusions: The graduate logically brings together information to arrive at a viable solution, then clearly and accurately communicates the results. Organize and process the information gathered during research, determining required steps for the desired result. Communicate the results in a clear, concise manner through a written report. Leadership and Professionalism Competency 317. 1. 4: Organizational Culture: The graduate analyzes the culture within an organization to determine how to work effectively within that organization. Evaluate the Organization’s goals, efforts, and overall composition - encompassing throughout the website design. Strive to relay a true sense of the organization. Leadership and Professionalism Competency 317. 1. 5: Leadership: The graduate can analyze leadership theories, methods, and tools in given situations and select the appropriate behavior of the leader. Work to create a positive, productive environment when interacting with the project team and contributors. Conduct team interactions with professionalism and respect.
  31. 31. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 31 Domain/Subdomain Competency Explanation Quantitative Literacy Competency 212. 1. 1: Applying Basic Numeracy and Calculation Skills: The graduate applies basic numeracy and calculation skills and algorithms in arithmetic and basic algebra. Determine size, proportions, financial calculations and speed functions for web hosting options, website features, time management, and billing. Quantitative Literacy Competency 212. 2. 4: Applying Technology to Quantitative Problems: The graduate uses appropriate technology tools, including regular and graphing calculators, databases, and/or statistical analysis programs, to solve problems involving computation, graphical information, and informational technology in a wide range of areas. Use quantitative literacy to aid in the development of a system that offers calculating and reporting capabilities. IT Security Competency 419. 2. 5: Security for Organizational Operations: The graduate explains and makes recommendations for appropriate security strategies and procedures for organizational operations. Use encryption for accepted information, SSL certificate - budget permitting. Evaluate security measures in place by prospective web hosting providers – determine the best value and protection for the organization. IT Security Competency 419. 2. 1: Basic Security Concepts: The graduate identifies and discusses basic concepts of security and security threats, and recommends security procedures. Ensure that proper security measures are in place and enforced throughout the website design and end-user experience. Ensure that company resources, such as email, offer protection.
  32. 32. Purrfect Companions Website Plan and Design Page 32 Domain/Subdomain Competency Explanation Web Programming Competency 418. 2. 1: Web Programming Languages: The graduate applies characteristics and features of Web programming languages. Utilize JavaScript, HTML, PHP and SQL for the website development. Project Management Competency 419. 1. 2: Project Planning: The graduate creates a project plan. Create a project plan that is clear, informative, and effective. Database Competency 431. 1. 5: Structured Query Language (SQL): The graduate describes appropriate Structured Query Language (SQL) concepts, and applies these concepts in given scenarios. Utilize MySQL and SQL for the website’s database solution. Web Technologies Competency 418. 1. 2: Web Page Creation and Programming Languages: The graduate creates web pages using specified markup and programming languages associated with client server systems. Create a website using web languages HTML, PHP, JavaScript, SQL – provide plan for optimizing search engine potential.


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