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DIY publicity: increasing your profile by leveraging the media


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Have you ever wondered how to become a person of influence? Getting your name into the media is a key way to build your profile. In this presso I take you through tips and tricks on how to do talk to journos, what is newsworthy and what others are doing to increase their profile.

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DIY publicity: increasing your profile by leveraging the media

  1. 1. DIY Publicity: Increasing your profile by leveraging the media Jenny Hassam Director
  2. 2. What is Public Relations? • Part of the marketing mix • Managing the spread of information between the organisation/individual and their publics • Publicity vs PR • Media – Traditional - TV, radio, print, online – Social • Editorial versus advertising
  3. 3. Why publicity? • • • • • • Target your ideal client Increase profile of your brand to new clients Cost effective Increases trust in your brand Increases SEO ranking Highly measurable
  4. 4. Can you do it yourself? • Do you have time to dedicate to it? • Do you know which media you would like to speak to? • Can you find their details? • Can you come up with ideas or stories around your brand or yourself? • Can you write a short one-pager/media release on your idea/news?
  5. 5. Media release • • • • • • • • Inverse pyramid What do you want to announce? Who do you want to communicate to? So what? Who are you? How? Where? When?
  6. 6. How to approach a journo - Do’s • • • • Tell them its an exclusive Call them Have a couple of angles Ask if they have anything their working on in the future you can comment on • Be ready to jump and to ask how high! • Remember – you’re doing them a favour!
  7. 7. How to approach a journo - Don’ts • • • • Being unprepared Contacting in the afternoon Forget to attach photos/video/audio Not proofreading your media release
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