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  2. • Hertfordshire • Charts magazine • Produced weekly hertscharts
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Editor's Notes

  1. I chose hertscharts as my title of the magazine because it represents the magazine being from Hertfordshire and also gives some information about what could be in the magazine.
  2. My magazine is a charts magazine for Hertfordshire. The magazine will feature the top charts in general in Hertfordshire, charts in Hertfordshire for each genre, including; pop, rock, rap, indie and country, the magazine will also include the UK charts for each week. The magazine will produced weekly every Monday which is the day after the charts are released online. The target audience for this magazine is ages 13-25 and for people who like keeping up to date with the music charts. The artist at the top of each chart for each week will leave an exclusive statement for their fans in the magazine along with their photograph which will hopefully appeal to a wide audience.
  3. The purpose of this magazine is to entertain, inform people and allow people to keep up to date on their local music charts, the official UK charts and the charts for each music genre. The magazine will also feature an exclusive statement from the artist at the top of the charts which is directed directly towards the fans, this will entertain the audience and hopefully gain more sales.  The usp for this magazine is that the artists at the top of each chart for each week will leave a message in the magazine which is dedicated for fans and this can only be found in the hertscharts magazine. This magazine is needed to update people on the top music for each week and hopefully introduce people to new music and new artists which will help out new artists into a successful career.
  4. Magazines like billboard, Music Week and Mojo. The billboard magazine is an American music and entertainment magazine published weekly. The magazine provides music charts, news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style related to the music industry which is similar to my magazine. My magazine will be slightly different to this since it will be a magazine for only people who live in Hertfordshire. Music Week delivers the latest industry news, hard-hitting opinion, plus in-depth features, profiles, and analysis.   This magazine is published monthly which is different to my magazine which is released weekly. Mojo is a popular music magazine published monthly in the United Kingdom.  Mojo magazine targets a mature audience of people aged 30 and above who listen to classic rock music which is different to my magazine which has a target audience between the ages of 13-25. Mojo is a magazine released monthly of world class journalism and iconic photography to an audience of extremely passionate music consumers. My magazine stands out to this since it is released weekly and presents music charts for each week on multiple different genres.