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Back to School Night 2016


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Back to School Night Presentation

Published in: Education
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Back to School Night 2016

  1. 1. Can you guess the 1st grader? Greer Hanlon
  2. 2. Can you guess the 1st grader? Vincent Pelino
  3. 3. Can you guess the 1st grader? Kelly Armstrong
  4. 4. Can you guess the 1st grader? Marcelle Danz
  5. 5. Can you guess the 1st grader? Elliott Girouard
  6. 6. Can you guess the 1st grader? Carley Burns
  7. 7. Can you guess the 1st grader? Taylor Williams
  8. 8. Can you guess the 1st grader? Jack Wade
  9. 9. Can you guess the 1st grader? Angelo Greco
  10. 10. Can you guess the 1st grader? Brecken Maras
  11. 11. Can you guess the 1st grader? Siena Prevost
  12. 12. Can you guess the 1st grader? Bennett Peterson
  13. 13. Can you guess the 1st grader? Harper Miller
  14. 14. Can you guess the 1st grader? Rana Sabri
  15. 15. Can you guess the 1st grader? Luke Moga
  16. 16. Can you guess the 1st grader? Ava Briese
  17. 17. A Day Year in the Life of a First Grader... Schedule Classroom Community Curriculum Supporting your 1st Grader (More Info in the folder)
  18. 18. Classroom Community • Morning Meeting and Afternoon Meeting • Positive learning community: Take risks, Mistakes are OK • Children are involved in setting expectations, self-monitoring behavior, and problem solving. • Everyone contributes and has responsibilities.
  19. 19. Mindfulness + Mindset
  20. 20. First step in learning. Play is still a BIG part of Grade 1. Collaborate Create/Innovat e Take Risks Problem Solve
  21. 21. • 3 teachers support literacy • Individualized and based on on-going assessments • Work on skills and strategies in isolation and within books.
  22. 22. Reading + Word Work Comprehension Fluency and Expression Whole Word Recognition Phonics Phonemic Awareness Comprehension Fluency and Expression Whole Word Phonics Phonemic Awareness
  23. 23. Reading... it’s more that just the words! • Schema/Background Knowledge • Questioning • Inferring • Visualizing • Vocabulary
  24. 24. What can you do to support Reading? • Take-Home Book Bags • Encourage reading strategies • Share your own “reading life” • Celebrate a variety of interests in reading • More info in section of packet.
  25. 25. Writer’s Workshop • Familiar Structure: -Mini-Lesson -Independent Writing -Conferring/Small Group -Share • Writing Partners
  26. 26. Units of Study Narrative • Small Moments • Realistic Fiction Opinion • Writing Reviews Informational Non-Fiction • How-To Books • All About Books Other • Songs from the Heart: Music and Poetry
  27. 27. Publishing and Celebrating • At the end of each unit • Preserves the child’s own writing • Celebrates our growth as writers
  28. 28. We work on other writing skills, too! • Handwriting • Spelling • Capitalization & Punctuation • Grammar (nouns, verbs...)
  29. 29. What Can You do to Support Writing? • Admire what your child brings home (Take interest in the CONTENT of their writing.) • Make your child feel like a famous author! • Acknowledge and encourage risk taking • Tell Stories • More info on writing on page.
  30. 30. Foundational Ideas of Singapore Mathematics:  Focuses on “thinking” vs. “merely doing.” Students learn to persevere in problem solving.  Encourages flexible thinking and perspective taking.  Learning progresses from:
  31. 31. First Grade Math Topics: Numbers and Operations (Addition and Subtraction to 100) Mental Math Strategies Money, Calendar, and Telling Time Geometry: 2-D and 3-D Shapes Picture Graphs and Bar Graphs Measurement: Length and Weight Getting Ready for Multiplication and Division
  32. 32. What Can You do to Support Math? • Help to instill positive attitudes about math! • Make math a part of your lives: play games, build, cook... • Students should be able to do homework INDEPENDENTLY. • Practice Math Facts (we’ll be providing more guidance on this). • Try Problem of the Week! • Attend Math Night on October 18th! • More details on the page in your packet.
  33. 33. 1st Grade Science is all about the Earth! • Practice being a scientist and following scientific process • Recording in a science journal • Most field trips support science Units of Study: Rocks Oceans and Islands Dinosaurs and Fossils
  34. 34. SOCIAL STUDIES • Community Building • Change Makers • Maps and Globes • C.A.R.E • Holiday and Birthday Traditions (pink paper)
  35. 35. Sneak Peek at Homework HOMEWORK • Start in Oct. • T/W/Th • Primarily Literacy and Math Book Bags+Logs • All days of week • Please initial each day • Feel free to write comments or notes. • Initial each day. • Look for teacher feedback here. • Main goal of homework: RESPONSIBILITY
  36. 36. Keep Connected to Room 26! @Breck1B
  37. 37. Any Questions?