The final countdown


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Team China Last reminders and instructions for families and students before leaving for the visit to China. The presentation shown on the second information night May 15th 2014.

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The final countdown

  1. 1. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Pre departure session #2 Thursday, May 15 Parents and Travellers!
  2. 2. 14 MORE SLEEPS!Departure time: 6.00am sharp! From QEO Families to arrive from 5.30am onwards for loading
  3. 3. CLOTHING LIST Pack light! Team China Uniform and school uniform they key! Please name these clearly! Case should have plenty of space remaining!
  4. 4. DOCUMENTATION & SPENDING MONEY Passports- by Monday, May 26 Spending Money- by Monday, May 26 Additional medical permissions Log of any medications Copy to parent on return
  5. 5. SPENDING MONEY STRATEGY Staff member to distribute Booklet to record amounts Student to sign for their spending money Money left over can be converted back into $ at the airport if you want this sorted quickly
  6. 6. AIRPORT REQUIREMENTS Plastic bag containing carry on liquids- no more than 100 ml Carry on bag- small/ medium back pack or similar which will be used everyday Comfortable to carry Questions for Erin?
  7. 7. FLIGHT DETAILS China Eastern Airlines MU738 Thursday May 29 Depart Melbourne at 11:00am arrive Shanghai at 7:20pm RETURN… Friday June 06 MU737 Depart Shanghai at 8:15pm arrive Melbourne at 9:00am the next day
  8. 8. TRACK OUR FLIGHT Two handy apps!
  9. 9. PLANE TRAVEL Snacks to eat Something to chew for landing in particular- ear popping difficulties Water/drinks for journey- will need to be purchased after being cleared through customs and immigration
  10. 10. GIFTS Small Aussie gifts for your students to give to Chinese buddies they already know and new buddies they will meet Suggest- in expensive items/ key rings/ pencils/ mini koalas/ minties/ snakes/ caramello koalas/ Furry Friend Choc blocks/ etc Say around 10- 15 small items each Each Primary School will have a presentation for their Sister School
  11. 11. COMMUNICATION  Key school contact for 24/7 access  BLOG  Email & Skype - set up addresses and skype account as appropriate  Be aware that communication with families may not be possible everyday  Communication sessions will be in the evening  Communication sessions will be supervised by staff  There is a 2 hour time difference- 9.00pm in China is 11 pm here!  There will be as a minimum one SMS provided to the school contact each day
  12. 12. BLOGGING UPDATES Each school will add to the BLOG The BLOG will record the experience Search facility to find student entries Information recorded will be used by students on their return Jenny Ashby from Epsom has developed our BLOG and led the staff training.
  13. 13. ICT DEVICES AND POWER SUPPLY Australian 3 pin plugs will work direct into Chinese power points Two pin plug devices/cords will not work unless they go into a power board first One small power board per “ room” Each school will take ONE power board as a back up.
  14. 14. FAMILY VISITS IN CHINA Additional permissions are required for any student involved in a home visit while in Suzhou.
  15. 15. EXPECTATIONS ON RETURN All students will be expected to contribute to a BLOG to enable them to produce a report about their experience and their learning Reports will be presented to  Each School Community  Each School Council  Each Organisation who provided sponsorship ( Rotary/ Eaglehawk Basketball Association)  Bendigo City Council  It is anticipated that each student will take a lead role in promoting Asian literacy and developing intercultural understandings in their school community and have a key role in supporting further programs
  16. 16. ARRIVAL INFORMATION  Parent pick up from the airport  Inside the terminal  Arrivals section  Parking at the airport is expensive- beware!  Flight arrival times will be clearly communicated to each school contact to ensure families have accurate information
  17. 17. PARENT CHECKLIST A key reference Remember chargers & power boards
  18. 18. STAFFING UPDATE  I will be departing for China on May 23 (one week prior to students)  I will meet the tour at the airport in Pudong when they land I will be making contact with the – Shanghai Medical Centre we will be using and the Hospital Consulate Also investigate a range of local meal options for lunches and dinners in Shanghai Purchase all the MET Travel Cards for students to use
  19. 19. TEAM CHINA SONG Our travellers will now present our Team Song !
  20. 20. MEET THE STAFF TEAMS… Meet the Staff Teams… Team Pearl - Heather, Eliza, Wendy , Alice and Chas School Groups- KFPS/SHPS/MPS Team Pudong - Andrew, Hayley, Diana, Celia and Juncai School Groups- QHPS,SGPS,WHPS
  21. 21. MEET THE STAFF TEAMS… Meet the Staff Teams… Team Puxi- Craig B, Erin, Brett, Adrian and Corey School Groups- CHPS, HPS,GSPS Team Bund- Craig A, Laurel, Kate, Kerry & Phillip School Groups- ENPS,EPS,MGPS
  22. 22. HAT COLLECTION Team Hats- collect from Leonie Roberts before you leave tonight- please be sure to name these clearly!
  23. 23. MEDIA COVERAGE There will be a full page story feature in the Bendigo Advertiser on Saturday, May 24! ABC Radio Interview with students and staff next week!
  24. 24. BON VOYAGE!