Free to Roam (the Infinite Canvas): Using Prezi in Library Instruction


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Poster presented at the 8th Annual Metrolina Information Literacy Conference at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC in June 2013

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Free to Roam (the Infinite Canvas): Using Prezi in Library Instruction

  1. 1. Prezi is an online, Flash based presentation tool that can be utilized in the classroom and online classroom environment. The addition of audio to a prezi makes it just as effective online as it is in the classroom. It is housed online so there is no software to download or compatibility issues to worry about. Presentations are created on an infinite canvas instead of restrictive slides. This creates a type of mind map that encourages users to connect concepts within the canvas. Prezi is a dynamic way to present that can be adapted for many different learning styles. The fact that it can use images, text, video and audio, and can be linear or non-linear, relates to many different learning styles. It engages students with its visual aspects (using its panning and zooming elements to convey its message), while allowing them to make connections between the ideas on the canvas. By using varying sizes and positions of images and text, the relationships between information can be visually illustrated, allowing students to look at the information presented in new ways. The literature shows that students retain more information and are more interested in presentations that are image rich. Jennifer Resor Whicker, Reference/Instruction Librarian, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA (540) 831-7652, What is Prezi? Contact Learning Styles (cc) Image by Lauren Pressley on Flickr Editing 3D Backgrounds! (cc) Image by US Embassy New Zealand on Flickr Prezi Meeting! Surveys conducted in five classes in which Prezi was used during the Spring 2012 semester reveal that teaching faculty, believe Prezi is an effective teaching medium and students pay more attention in library instruction classes that use Prezi than in those that do not. (cc) Image by dnlwelch on Flickr Collaboration ThingstoKnow Examples Learn from the masters! (cc) Image by Bob Therina on Flickr iPad!Images! Video! Audio! Assessment (cc) Image by TheBusyBrain on Flickr Templates! Social Media Free to Roam (the Infinite Canvas): Using Prezi in Library Instruction Jennifer Resor Whicker McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA