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Never Too Young


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Examples shared of ELEMENTARY teachers doing exceptional, creativity, collaboration in their classrooms.

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Never Too Young

  1. 1. Never Too Young To LearnJennifer WagnerTCEA
  2. 2. Resources• What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology-- Bernie Poole• Blogging, Its Elementary, My Dear Watson-- Lorrie Jackson• Tech-ing Wisely in the K-2 Classroom-- Tech Team Education World• Using Technology as a Learning Tool, Not Just the Cool New Thing– Ben McNeely• Math Instruction Can Be Enhanced by the Techie Teacher-- Marilyn Western• Literacy Technology in the Elementary Classroom-- Ira Socol• Podcasting in the Elementary Classroom-- Wes Fryer (From EdTechTalk "Its Elementary Webcast"• Using Technology to Enhance Literacy in Elementary School Children-- Dr. Alice Christie• Its Elementary!! Using Electronic Portfolios with Young Students -- Dr.J. Moritz & Dr. Alice Christie
  3. 3. Kathy CassidyKathy teaches a class of 6 year olds in Moose Jaw,Canada who are inviting the world into their classroomto help them learn. Kathy has also established blogging buddies, wherepre-teachers in college read & comment on herstudent’s blogs.  This enables the students toreceive feedback as well as help the soon-to-beteachers see ways of using blogging with theirclassrooms.
  4. 4. Student ThoughtsParent CommunicationGlobal Outreach
  5. 5. Brent ColeyEach day, a student in Brent’s classroom is assignedto be the Roving Reporter.  His or her job is to writeshort article about what took place in class thatday. ColeyCast is Room 34s very own podcast!Recorded by the students, eachbroadcast highlights some of the exciting things werelearning in our classroom. Mr. Coley has createdspecially designed PowerPoint presentations that canserve as color flash cards to help youreview some of the concepts studiedin class.
  6. 6. Review and Comprehension
  7. 7. Tomball ISDSkyping between two 2ndgrade classes once a week onFriday.They take turns sharing what they are learning in theirclasses each week.The teacher also directs the students in the other classwith following directions and answering questions.Another example is they shared weather posters(via the webcam) and then ask the other classquestions.They also are have teamed up the students to beonline/offline buddies.
  8. 8. Kolter Elementary, Houston ISDThe teachers have created wiki pages– for things such as reading logs,embedding forms for parent info(snack/volunteering), sharing linkswith students, classroomcommunication!!The students are filling out theirreading logs in several classes.This is the beginning of a new journeyon this campus.
  9. 9. CO - ConnectionsMrs. Cranford & Mrs.Odom work with combination of 3rd,4th, and 5th grade students. Their classroom integratestechnology in almost everything they do. Recognized as theWeb 2.0 pioneers on their intermediate campus, they arethe first classroom to create and participate in blogging,and it has been exciting for everyone. They hope to makefriends all over the world!
  10. 10. Work Vocabulary Communication
  11. 11. Mrs. WingoThe Students in Mrs. Wingo’s class are creating adaily journal of class happenings and upcomingevents.They use both a blog, and now also a webcam, tohelp them communicate with parents, family, and theworld.Do not confuse simplicity with quality.With a just a few words, daily or weekly,Mrs. Wingo has established an effectiveway for her Kindergarten students toshare their classroom with the world.
  12. 12. Conversations and Communication
  13. 13. Carol BroosThe fourth graders start on Sound Studio and thekeyboard to record their stories. Theycompose music and produce projects thatinvolve multi-media.Students comment oneach other’s compositions and share fileswithin the school. Sunset Ridge just started a district-wide podcast website www.pod29.comwhere students &teachers can post podcasts.
  14. 14. Editing Collaboration
  15. 15. Mrs. GamacheThe Students in Mrs. Gamache’s class create voicethreads.One voice thread was to extend “Mary Had A LittleLamb” with ideas of where the lamb might havegone besides “school”.Using a drawing program, thekeyboard, and microphones…..the students shared their individualstories and then invitedothers to comment.
  16. 16. Creativity Imagination Art
  17. 17. You???Please share the ways youare taking advantage of newopportunities within your classroom.Please don’t boast about the tool – boastabout the learning. Teacher Name, School, Grade
  18. 18. Never Too Young To LearnJennifer WagnerTCEA
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  20. 20. Shared Session Links••••••••
  21. 21. Big Thanks To Thistlegirl designs