ADHS Social Media, Arizona CIO Council 04-2011


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Presentation of Arizona Department of Health Services social media to the Arizona CIO Council 04-2011

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ADHS Social Media, Arizona CIO Council 04-2011

  2. 2. “Social media isn’t a fad, it’s afundamental shift in the way we communicate.”Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh), YouTube, May 5, 2010
  3. 3. | What the heck is it?Flickr by webtreats
  4. 4. | Ready, set...What ADHS is doing in social media... We didn’t build our social media presence overnight. A tool at a time as we had content to support. Lot’s of cheerleading, including 4 content. Support from Exec. Mgmt made a big difference. We continue to expand into areas where we feel we can reach our audience.
  5. 5. | What it’s about Not numbers, but interactions Listen Start a conversationFlickr by Ron aka “Blue” Aldaman
  6. 6. | Things that drive us Reach Consumer choiceFlickr by Joe Thorn
  7. 7. Experian Hitwise, December 29, 2010
  8. 8. | Things that guide usThe probability ofsomeone watchingyou is proportionalto the stupidity ofyour actions Don’t be stupid Or defensive Negative feedback is opportunity
  9. 9. | What we share Health information Tools & resources (not just ours!) Events, radio & TV Job opportunitiesFlickr by Andy McMillan
  10. 10. | Who are the players?Flickr by Dunechaser
  11. 11. | How we’re working
  12. 12. | How we’re watchingFlickr by pimpexposure
  13. 13. | How we’re listeningAlerts
  14. 14. Schedule, schedule, schedule
  15. 15. | How content is sharedFlickr by Ed Yourdon
  16. 16. | Some things we’ve learned Once you start, commit Moderate? Expect an increase in trafficFlickr by Robert S. Donovan
  17. 17. | How we’re storing things Media Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube comments HTML emailsFlickr by uckhet
  18. 18. | Where we’re headed Blog/RSS expansion More video more... Facebook ads Mobile/touch Improved SEOFlickr by drspam
  19. 19. http://azdhs.govjennifer.tweedy@azdhs.gov602.361.4174