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Curriculum	  Vitae	  Michael	  John	  Hoja	  BSc,	  ITIL	  and	  MBCS	  Telephone:	  +44.131.620.1066	   	   Mobile:	  +44...
2Head	  of	  IT	   	   	   	   Simpson	  &	  Marwick,	  Edinburgh	   	   	   Jan	  2011	  –	  Jan	  2012	  	  § Appointed...
3Main	  Projects	  Delivered	  § Financial	  Service	  Compensation	  Scheme	  –	  Single	  Customer	  View	  § Nectar	 ...
4§ Reported	   directly	   to	   the	   IT	   Manager	   for	   Europe	   within	   the	   worlds	   leading	   poultry	 ...
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Michael john-hoja-cv


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Michael john-hoja-cv

  1. 1. Curriculum  Vitae  Michael  John  Hoja  BSc,  ITIL  and  MBCS  Telephone:  +44.131.620.1066     Mobile:  +44.7989.608.206       Email:    Full  UK  driving  licence    OVERVIEW:    Operating  at  Senior  Management  level,  a  delivery  orientated  IT  Professional  of  proven  ability  and  a  track  record  of   achievement.     14   years   of   experience   within   the   IT   industry   particularly   within   the   financial,   legal,  manufacturing,  charity  sector  and  software  houses.    A  confident  communicator,  with  a  proactive  and  focused  approach.     Excellent   track   record   in   both   strategic   planning   and   implementing   solutions.     Exemplary   inter-­‐personal  and  strong  influencing  skills.    I  am  looking  for  a  dynamic,  forward  thinking  organisation  and  would  welcome  a  new  challenge.    EMPLOYMENT  HISTORY    Head  of  ICT       The  National  Trust  for  Scotland,  Edinburgh     May  2012  –  April  2013    § Acted   CIO   at   Scotland’s   leading   conservation   charity  to   provide   ICT   support   to   133   sites   located   nationally   and  internationally.    The  Trust  employs  500  staff,  800  seasonal  staff  and  3000  volunteers.  § Operating   at   Senior   Management   level,   reported   to   the   Finance   Director/   Chief   Executive   providing   strategic  direction  in  relation  to  ICT.  § Delivered  on-­‐going  development  of  the  ICT  Strategy  in  support  of  the  Trust’s  immediate  strategic  priorities  and  long  term  Corporate  Plan.  § Managed  a  multi-­‐functional  team,  supporting  50+  server  platforms  across  4  strategic  Data  Centres.  § Effective  leadership  and  management  of  staff,  ensuring  high  performance  and  enactment  of  the  Trust  values.  § Responsible  for  directing  and  overseeing  all  ICT  operations,  technology  resources,  service  delivery  and  support  for  all  internal  systems  as  well  as  multiple  external  staff  ICT  environments  for  both  national  and  international  sites.  § Restructured  the  ICT  department  to  improve  efficiency  focusing  on  cost  management/  service  improvements.  § Managed  all  ICT  procurement,  obtaining  best  value  in  terms  of  specification,  delivery  and  cost.  § Managed  the  implementation  of  ICT  systems  and  infrastructure,  supporting  the  new  ICT  systems  for  HR/  Payroll,  Finance,  Retail  (ePOS)  and  SharePoint  ensuring  systems  are  delivered  according  to  specification.  § Budget  responsibility  in  excess  of  £1m.  Reason  for  leaving:  Limited  funding  allocated  to  implement  ICT  Strategy/House  renovation  (2  month  project)    Main  Projects  Delivered  § MidlandHR  iTrent  Payroll  &  HR  Cloud-­‐based  SaaS  § SharePoint  2013  Intranet  and  Digital  Workplace  § SunSystems  ProActis  2012  Finance  System  Upgrade  § IRIS  CARE  CRM  Upgrade  § SUNGARD  Workplace  Recovery  (WPR)  test  for  Disaster  Recovery  § Full  ICT  infrastructure  replacements  at  multiple  sites  § Metacompliance  implementation  for  entire  organisation  § Footprints  Service  desk  implementation,  training  &  rollout  (in  progress)  § Webroot  to  SOPHOS  Email  &  Internet  Security  Migration  § KaSat-­‐1  (Eutelsat)  broadband  implementations  at  multiple  NTS  rural  sites  and  islands  § Ricoh  Managed  Print  Solution  (MPS)  with  Equitrac  § Signature  Projects  for  Estates  &  Country  Garden  Parks  § Video  Conferencing  &  TelePresence  for  10  sites  § Windows  7  Smartphone  Deployment  § Information  Security/Data  Protection  Governance  § Virtualisation,  Storage  &  DR  (in  progress)  § Avaya  IP  Office  500  Upgrades  at  multiple  sites    Key  Achievements  § Devised  ICT  Strategy  in  line  with  the  Corporate  Strategy  covering  the  next  3  years  § Programme  Management  of  large  portfolio  of  Projects  § Implemented  strategic  plan  to  re-­‐organise  the  ICT  Department  and  resolved  internal  staff  conflict  issues  § Developed  appropriate  solutions  for  large  scale  systems  development.  § Insourced  ICT  Support  to  improve  service  and  response  to  NTS  staff  § Considerable  cost  savings  
  2. 2. 2Head  of  IT         Simpson  &  Marwick,  Edinburgh       Jan  2011  –  Jan  2012    § Appointed  to  provide  executive  leadership  as  the  Head  of  ICT  nationwide  for  the  firm.    Responsible  for  all  aspects  of  ICT  management,  strategic  ICT  planning  and  new  information  systems  delivery.  § Project  Management  and  Contracts  Management  for  all  applications  and  infrastructure.  § Supported  integral  component  of  the  firm  plan  which  transformed  ICT  into  a  strategic  business  partner.  § Managed  and  delivered  multiple  medium  size  projects  on  time  and  within  budget.  § Responsible   for   arranging   and   managing   key   projects   in   such   areas   as   infrastructure   development   and  improvement,  budgeting,  contract  management/negotiation,  design  and  support  for  300  users  across  8  sites.  § Directed  all  ICT  operations,  providing  leadership,  management  and  motivation  to  a  multi-­‐functional  team  of  11  Development,  Infrastructure  and  Management  Information  (MI)  staff.  § Developed  the  ICT  3  year  Roadmap  focusing  on  driving  business  value  and  agility  through  adoption  of  enhanced  ICT  solutions  and  architecture.    Defined  and  executed  ICT  strategy  for  the  firm,  aligning  technology  with   long-­‐term  business  goals,  acted  as  a  senior  level  Advisor  to  the  firm  and  advised  on  legal  ICT  services  and  issues.  § P&L  accountability  for  the  ICT  &  Central  Services  functions,  managing  budgets  in  excess  of  £1m.  § Delivered  business-­‐critical  ICT  to  300  IT  users,  driving  efficiency  savings,  measuring  service  performance  and  KPI’s.  § Developed  several  business  cases  for  the  adoption  of  emerging  legal  requirements  in  terms  of  technology.  § Re-­‐organised  ICT  operations  to  improve  profitability.  Reason  for  leaving:  Redundancy    Main  Projects  Delivered  § ISO27001  Information  Security  Audit  |  Zurich/KPMG  § ICT  Security  Policies,  Best  Practices  &  compliance  § Continuous  replication  service  design  &  implementation  § Onyx  Workplace  Recovery  test  for  Disaster  Recovery  § ISA  2004  to  TMG  migration  § Track-­‐It  Service  desk  implementation,  training  &  rollout  § Quest  Email  Archive  Manager  to  Webroot  Migration  § Aviva  Insurance  Claim  Data  Feed  Automation  § Citrix  Farm  Migration  to  XenApp  6  for  7  UK  sites  § Canon  Managed  Print  Solution  with  uniFLOW  § Setup  of  new  branch  office  in  Newcastle  § Video  Conferencing  &  TelePresence  for  8  UK  sites  § BlackBerry  migration  &  Windows  Phone  Deployment  § Data  Storage,  CommVault  Backup  &  Data  Archiving    Key  Achievements  § Operated  large  portfolio  of  ICT  Projects  § Turned  around  disorganised  &  demoralised  department  § Introduced  PRINCE2  and  ITIL  v3  methodologies  to  improve  technical  performance  &  service  levels  § Implemented  strong  people  management  &  continuous  mentoring  of  the  Dev,  Infrastructure  &  MI  Managers  § Delivered  1st  DR  invocation  &  test  proving  strategy  § Identified  savings  of  £60K  p.a.  by  migrating  to  Canon  Managed  Print  Solution  with  uniFLOW  § Identified  savings  of  £35K  per  year  by  migrating  landline  &  mobile  telecoms  provider    IT  Manager         Sainsbury’s  Bank,  Edinburgh       Sep  2010  –  Jan  2011    § IT  Manager  specialising  in  the  management,  monitoring  &  control  of  Change  Projects  to  ensure  delivery  of  benefits  to  the  business.  § Reported  directly  to  the  Head  of  IT  managing  “hands-­‐on”  ICT  activities  including  ICT  operational  risk  management;  information/physical  security  education/policy  management,  management  of  ICT  service  &  change,  providing  out  of   hours   ICT   cover,   management   of   key   shareholder   relationships   with   Sainsburys   strategy   teams   and   Lloyds  Banking  Group  ICT/Project  teams.  § Operated  portfolio  of  ICT  projects  that  required  an  element  of  ICT  oversight  and  portfolio  governance.  § Delivered  projects  on  time  and  within  budget.  Reason  for  leaving:  Scope  of  role  quickly  changed.    Approached  to  move  into  preferred  suited  role  at  Simpson  &  Marwick.    
  3. 3. 3Main  Projects  Delivered  § Financial  Service  Compensation  Scheme  –  Single  Customer  View  § Nectar  Card/Double  Nectar  Points  –  Workflow  Process  § Restructure  of  Bank’s  SharePoint  Portal  § Facilities  Management  -­‐  Office  seating  &  space  capacity  planning    Key  Achievements  § Operated  portfolio  of  ICT  Projects  § Managed  Nectar  Card  loyalty  scheme  for  J  Sainsbury  Plc    § Project,  Stakeholder  &  Supplier  Management    IT  Manager         Morisons  LLP,  Edinburgh         Apr  2008  –  July  2010    § Delivered  high  profile  and  complex  projects  within  budget,  demonstrating  structure  and  discipline  with  regards  to  controlling  expenditure  and  meeting  deadlines.  § Reported   directly   to   the   Finance   Director   and   responsible   for   managing   teams   across   4   sites   in   Scotland.     Also  managed  all  internal  ICT  staff,  “Super  Users”  and  external  IT  consultants.  § Identified  and  developed  ICT  strategies  in  accordance  with  the  Firm’s  business  strategy.  § Responsible   for   driving   design   and   execution   of   the   Infrastructure   Roadmap,   ensuring   new   ICT   systems   were  sourced  &  implemented  in  order  to  meet  project  objectives.  Also  providing  comprehensive  ICT  support  in  respect  of  all  systems  used,  managing  equipment  replacement  programmes.    § Implemented  &  resourced  the  ICT  DR  plan  and  managed  all  ICT  policies  &  procedures.  § Managed  project  budgets,  financial  business  cases  and  project  expenditures  +£500k.  Reason  for  leaving:  Career  Progression    Key  Achievements  § Project,  Stakeholder  &  Supplier  Management  § Resilience/adaptability  &  building  up  a  strong  &  stable  network  § Considerable  energy  efficiency  &  cost  savings  § Data  Centre  planning,  conceptualisation  &  consulting  § Business  Continuity  Planning  (BCP)  § Implemented  DR  solution  for  both  branch  offices  § Revolutionised  derelict  ICT  Department  § Implemented  Track-­‐It,  ITIL  processes  &  SLA’s      IT  Manager         Bell  &  Scott  LLP,  Edinburgh         Sep  2004  –  Apr  2008    § A  position  with  a  strong  project  management  element,  also  encompassing  the  role  of  a  Business  Systems  Manager  responsible  for  a  team  of  staff  with  the  management  of  infrastructure,  people  and  budgets.  § Reported  directly  to  the  Practice  Director  &  Managing  Partner  of  the  Firm,  which  employs  80  staff  and  13  partners.  § Operated  in  a  consultancy  capacity  advising  the  Partners  on  all  aspects  of  IT  including;  managing  IT  Support  in  the  provision   of   support   services   ensuring   that   the   firm   uses   its   business   systems   to   enhance   the   profitability   and  efficiency  of  the  firm,  policy  &  procedures,  network  security  and  resourcing.  Managed  project  budgets  +£500k.  Reason  for  leaving:  Career  Progression    Key  Achievements  § Revolutionised  derelict  ICT  Department  § ITIL  processes  &  SLA’s  § Implemented  new  IT  systems  § Managed  ICT  budget  &  strategy  § Managed  relocation  § Sourced/recommended  appropriate  systems  &  strategies  § Developed  solutions  where  appropriate  using  relevant  technologies      Technical  Support  Manager     Aviagen  Limited,  Midlothian       Sep  2001  –  Sep  2004    § A  dynamic  role  for  the  Technical  Support  of  the  European  business  responsible  for  infrastructure  related  projects  for  the  ICT  Support  function,  working  closely  with  IT  Manager  for  Europe.  
  4. 4. 4§ Reported   directly   to   the   IT   Manager   for   Europe   within   the   worlds   leading   poultry   breeding   company,   which  employs  2,000  staff  with  a  distribution  network  serving  300  customers  in  120  countries.  § Man  management  responsibility  across  the  company  both  nationally  and  internationally.  § Managed  and  directed  European  Infrastructure  Support  Team  to  provide  ICT  support  services  to  over  500  Aviagen  users  in  the  UK  and  remote  users  spread  across  a  number  of  wholly-­‐owned  operations  globally.  Reason  for  leaving:  Career  Progression    Key  Achievements  § Managed  the  operations  &  admin  of  the  Support  desk  § Implemented   processes   &   procedures   to   provide   a  streamlined  support  department  § Managed  support  workload  to  ensure  effective  resource  utilisation  § Developed,   monitored   &   controlled   budgets,  forecasts,  targets,  strategy  &  processes  § Developed  change  control  man.  system  &  policies  § Allocated  all  infrastructure  projects    TECHNICAL  EXPERTISE  § Data  Storage:  SATA,  SAS,  SSD,  RAID,  SAN,  NAS,  NFS,  AFS,  Symantec  Netback-­‐up  § Databases:  Sybase,  Oracle,  IBM,  Informix,  Access,  Microsoft  SQL  Server  § Networks:  LAN,  WAN,  LWAN,  OSI,  Routers,  Switches,  Structured  Cabling,  Bluetooth,  Wireless,  Voice,  VoIP,  Mobile  § Other  Networks:  TCP/IP,  DNS,  DHCP,  Ethernet,  MegaStream,  IP-­‐VPN,  VPN,  Frame  Relay,  MPLS,  SDSL,  Broadband  § Security  &  Business  Continuity:  Active  Directory  Services  (ADS),  RSA  SecurID  Two-­‐Factor  Authentication,  Certificates  using  SSL,  Cisco  Systems  ASA,  Check  Point  Firewall,  Microsoft  TMG,  Policies,  Asset,  McAfee,  Microsoft  FEP,  Norton,  Sophos  EPSC,  Sophos  Email/Web  Appliance  § Operating  Systems:  Sun  Solaris,  AIX,  HP-­‐UX,  Knoppix,  Red  Hat  Linux,  SUSE  Linux,  VMware  ESX,  VMware  vSphere,  Citrix  XenApp,  Data  ONTAP,  Microsoft  Windows  Server/Hyper-­‐V/Desktop/Mobile    § Servers:  Microsoft  Exchange/Lync/SharePoint/SQL/Identity  Integration  § Applications:  Microsoft  Office  System/Project/Reporting  Services/Visio/Dynamics,  BigHand,  Thomson  Reuters  Elite/LawSoft,  LexisNexis  Visualfiles,  Sage  SalesLogix,  IRIS  CARE  CRM,  MetaCompliance,  Infor  SunSystems/ProActis,  MidlandHR  iTrent,  Symantec  Backup  Exec,  BMC  Remedy/Track-­‐It  ITSM,  assyst  ITSM  § Hardware  &  Peripherals:  Dell,  EMC,  HP,  IBM,  NetApp,  Sun,  Avaya,  Meridian  Nortel,  NETGEAR,  Cisco  Systems  § Other  Technologies:  Torex  RBS  Retail  (ePOS),  KaSat-­‐1  (Eutelsat)  Ka-­‐Band  SatBeam  MANAGEMENT  SKILLS    § ICT  Strategy,  Definition,  Implementation  &  Execution  § ICT  Departmental  Leadership  &  Management  § Service  Delivery  Management  § International  Operations  Management  § Business  Architecture,  Infrastructure  &  Apps  § People  Development  § Programme  &  Project  Management  § Performance  Management  § Resource  Management  § New  Technology  Evaluation,  Review  &  Selections  § Identifying  efficiencies,  economies  &  improvements  § International  Matrix  Management  § Change  Management  § Conflict  Management  § International  Customer  Care  § Business  Led  Change  § Contract  Management  § Deployments  &  Migrations  § Budgetary  Management  &  Control  (OPEX/CAPEX)  § ICT  Best  Practice  Methods,  Frameworks,  SLAs  &  KPIs  § 3rd  Parties,  Stakeholders,  Vendors  &  Suppliers    QUALIFICATIONS  &  PROFESSIONAL  TRAINING    § BSc  Information  Systems  (Sandwich)  and  HNC  Computing  at  Napier  University,  Edinburgh,  Sep  1994  –  Apr  1999  § ITIL  V3  Foundation  Certificate  in  IT  Service  Management  § Professional  Member  of  the  British  Computer  Society  (MBCS)  § CCNA:  Interconnecting  Cisco  Network  Devices  (ICND)  § MCSE:  Full  7  courseware  programs  completed  on  Windows  2000,  Exchange  2000  and  ISA  2000  Server    References  available  on  request.