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Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________                 Period: _____________                     WORD U...
Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________                   Period: _____________16. How many times can yo...
Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________                     Period: _____________                       ...
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Word unit exam scavenger hunt


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Word unit exam scavenger hunt

  1. 1. Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ Period: _____________ WORD UNIT EXAM SCAVENGER HUNT/STUDY GUIDEFind the Name, description, and hotkey combination for the following buttons: Button Name Hot Key Description1. How do you find out how to use a feature in Word if your teacher is not available? _________________6. What are the two ways you can format the orientation of a page? _______________________________ & _____________________________7. Give an example of a salutation: _______________________8. Give 3 examples of complementary closings: a. ______________________________________ b. ______________________________________ c. ______________________________________9. When do you have to set your tabs? ____________________________________________10. How do you delete tabs that you have set? a. ______________________________________ b. ______________________________________11. How do you set tabs in Word? a. ______________________________________ b. ______________________________________12. What is a DS? __________________________13. In memos and business letters, an attachment is: _____________________________________________14. In memos and business letters, an enclosure is: _______________________________________________15. When should attachment or enclosure appear on a memo or business letter? ______________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ Period: _____________16. How many times can you set a tab when you are in the tabs dialog box? ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________17. Why shouldn’t you use the same resume for all the jobs you are applying for? _______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________18. What personal information do you need for a resume? a. _____________________ b. _____________________ : ___________________________, _____________, __________, ______ c. _____________________ d. _____________________19. What do you need for job history on a resume? a. _____________________________________ b. _____________________________________ c. _____________________________________ d. _____________________________________ e. _____________________________________20. What do you need for education history on a resume? Do you list schools you did not graduate from? __ a. _____________________________________ b. _____________________________________ c. _____________________________________ d. _____________________________________21. What should not appear on your resume? a. _____________________________________ b. _____________________________________ c. _____________________________________22. What are the 4 tab stops we worked with in class and what do they do? Draw Tab Name Description a. b. c. d.23. What are the margins of a memo, report, and business letters?
  3. 3. Name: _____________________________ Date: _______________ Period: _____________ Business Report (all Memo Report (pg 1) Letters others) Top Sides Bottom24. What are the 4 parts of a heading in a memo and what goes there: a. _______________________: ___________________________________________________________ b. _______________________: ___________________________________________________________ c. _______________________: ___________________________________________________________ d. _______________________: ___________________________________________________________25. Who is the likely recipient of a memo? _____________________________________26. What is the best way to line up the heading of a memo? ________________________________________27. What is the spacing for the following parts of a business letter: a. From Date to Inside Address: _____________ b. From Inside Address to Salutation: _____________ c. From Salutation to Body: _____________ d. From Body to Complimentary Close: _____________ e. From Complimentary Close to Writer’s Typed Initials: _____________28. How many lines are come between the title and the body of a report (without a subtitle)? _______ or a ______29. In the body of a report, the indent should be a _____________ indent. In the body of a business letter, the indent should be a _______________ indent.30. What are the 3 titles that can be used for the reference section of a report? a. ___________________________________________________ b. ___________________________________________________ c. ___________________________________________________31. How should the sources of a report be organized? _________________________ If the source does not have a ____________________ then the should be organized by the _____________________.32. Why should you use Styles when formatting a report (or any other document)? _____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________33. Why would you want to modify a style in Word? ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________