Projet Newsletter N°5 The New Speach Of The Method


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RISTOMED : New E-service for a dietary approach to the elderly

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Projet Newsletter N°5 The New Speach Of The Method

  1. 1.   New e-Services for a Dietary Approach to the Elderly RISTOMED NEWSLETTER n°5 the new «speech of the method»SMEs and RTDs, beyond the differences, a reciprocal benefit for partners, a cultural revolution.  
  2. 2.  SMEs and RTDs, beyond the Partners of new kinddifferences, a reciprocal benefit for Such an association could sound as a gamblepartners, a cultural revolution regarding these obvious cultural and ge- nuine differences but, and it is the very point of this focus, it is on the contrary a remar- kable opportunity to enhance our perfor- mances and widen our views. SMEs are the most eloquent and vital form of our societies’ dynamism, close from the individuals and widely scattered in every branch of industries and corporations, the represent the main source of employment inWhat are at stake in the present researchProgram are not solely the nutrition issuesregarding the specific needs of elderlypeople nor the development of a e-service/platform designed to contribute efficientlyto a “successful ageing” through an adaptedmanagement. Of course they are central andstrategic as the keys elements of this pro-jects, but there is something else lying in thisambitious endeavour.What we do experiment here does not onlyconsist in theoretical datas and scientific spe-culations about what should, could, and dowork, but also marks the start of a new kind Europe and constitute the quickest and mostof collaboration involving very contrasted credible access to social promotion. Humanlyactors equally crucial : Small and medium en- sized, they are strongly connected to ourterprises on one side whose preoccupations daily issues, and for many experts representand priorities are revolving around daily need the future of our economies.for innovation and competitive vantage,RTDs on the other side, incarnating superior RTDs are guardians of an inestimable educa-and unbound knowledge only interested in tional and academic heritage, and expressesmaking science progress. what civilization is all about, excellence and  
  3. 3.  disinterestedness in a constant search for A moral and ethic answer to thetruth. This Legacy tracing back to Plato’s economic paradigmSchool is a vital part and ingredient of oursocieties, and RTDs as heirs, embody an We are looking here at a very modern hyperimpartial intellectual authority. integrated and mutual council of sages, which brings into two very different modelsComplementary or synergetic? a constructive critic of their mutual pattern.From then, it is both bold and logic to A revolutionary league?attempt a connexion between these majoractors. But their unquestionable legitimacy There is here a momentous step forwarddoes not change the fact that they are that we have not entirely measured yet.deeply different, not to say opposed, espe- Certainly the Ristomed Consortium brings acially regarding the hierarchy of their priori- bunch of bio-breakthroughs but it has to beties. recognized as part of a valuable mutation of exchanges between the Academic schemeBut as usual these differences can be turned and Economic Entities.into assets. What lies behind the questionsasked by SMEs about neutraceutical expec-ted improvements or beneficial effects onsubjects health, is the need for a market ad-vantage, where RTDs are looking for shapingthe righteous question or hypothesis whichwill bring the most significant answer.Challenging differences Contact details Coordinator:If one wanted to leave it at that, we would Fabio Buccolini R&D - RISTOMED Project Managerthen face an impassable difference, but Vox Net Società Cooperativadespite difficulties, the experience shows Via Paisiello,32 – 00198 ROMA ITALYthat scientific rigorousness imposing to www.voxnet.eufollow a strict way next to the SMEs need for email:fabio.buccolini@ristomed.euimmediate, tangible and exploitable results,induces a beneficial change in habits and DISCLAIMER: The sole responsibility for the contents of this newsletter lies with the authors. It does not represent the opinion of the European Commu-usual reflexes. nity. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.When the RTDs are subjected to questiontheir priorities and have to incorporateoutside requisites from SMEs, the latters arechallenged as regards to the results of thestudy and what it should target in order tomaximize a global knowledge benefit.