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Katima\'A - Share the Secret


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Katima\'A is the fulfillment of a dream, that of blending both nature and performance, along with our ethical and fair trade principles, plus of course our decades of cosmetic savoir-faire. We have created a very special skincare line in which high concentrations of natural active ingredients work in harmony to provide a radiant glowing complexion.
The Katima\'A revolutionary product range now combines the anti-ageing, moisturising properties of premium grade Virgin Argan oil with carefully selected active ingredients from all parts of the globe in order to care for every aspect of your skin.
We like to think of every product as a work of art and that our skincare line is the perfect expression of our philosophy, commitment, passion and expertise.

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Katima\'A - Share the Secret

  1. 1. ™Share the Secret
  2. 2. Share the Secret A s cosmetics creators, we have worked our hardest to design the most beautiful and effective skin- care possible, taking inspiration both from the wonders of nature and from the most sophisticated cosmetic discoveries in the world. However, with KatimaA, the results went way beyond our expectations. It was in the middle of the Sahara desert that Argan oil was first discovered and it inspired us on a journey of discovery on which it quickly became apparent that we had found not only one of experience with a cutting-edge, patented formulation pro- the world’s most precious active ingredients, but one cess to reinvent cosmetics that put back into your skin what that would revolutionize how we and everyone who tried it everyday living takes out. viewed cosmetics. Since that moment, we have continued KatimaA is therefore the fulfillment of a dream, that researching ways of not only enhancing the natural proper- of blending both nature and performance, along with our ties of this beauty gem, but of extending them even further. ethical and fair trade principles, plus of course our decades Our ambition was to create something new, a collection that of cosmetic savoir-faire. We have created a very special would meet the highest expectations of effectiveness, whilst skincare line in which high concentrations of natural active heightening the pleasure of those using it. KatimaA conti- ingredients work in harmony to provide a radiant glowing nues to work with some of the world’s most eminent scien- complexion. tific bodies (such as the European Research Programme, The KatimaA revolutionary product range now com- RISTOMED; leading universities across Europe and, above bines the anti-ageing, moisturising properties of premium all, the support and expertise of the world’s foremost Argan grade Virgin Argan oil with carefully selected active ingre- scientist, Professor Zoubida Charrouf of Rabat University). dients from all parts of the globe in order to care for every Katima’A was also one of the pioneers in aiding the preser- aspect of your skin. vation of the UNESCO biosphere and in creating fair trade We like to think of every product as a work of art and conditions for the that our skincare line is the perfect expression of our philo- women who work with this remarkable ingredient. In sophy, commitment, passion and expertise. addition, our laboratory in France combines decades of KatimaA has been our secret and now we share it with you. PI E R R E E M M A N U E L S AU B A D E, M A R K H O L D E N H I N D L EY, O L I V I A G U I B E, “KATIMAA HAS BEEN OUR & M I C H E L S AU B A D E ( F O N D AT E U R ) SECRET AND NOW WE SHARE IT WITH YOU” 3
  3. 3. once upon a timeOriginsAmongst all its natural treasures, Morocco possesses the secret of Berber women’s beauty. Because atthe heart of a unique forest, surviving a never-ending summer, is a tree that bears a fruit containing aprecious oil with outstanding beauty and health boosting properties: Argan oil.AN ANCIENT TREASUREStanding in the south-west of Morocco, where the climate is semi desert,the Argan tree is a phenomenon. In fact, the entire Argan forest, oncethreatened by extinction, has stood for millennia as the last rampartagainst the desert’s expansion, until it was classified as a world biospherebyUNESCO in 1999. In order to help preserve and protect this preciousinheritance, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN chose to highlight Argan oil by makingit the key active ingredient of the entire Katima’A skincare line.THE BEAUTY SECRETS OF ARGANTo help educate the local populations about the importance of theArgan forest, it was crucial to raise awareness on the benefits ofprotecting Argan trees and finding ways to make them key to theirprosperity. LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has been a long-term supporterof ethical fair trade by providing all the production tools and logisticalhelp necessary to the Ait Baha all-female cooperative. By makingthese women LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s exclusive Argan oil suppliers,it provides regular revenue for them; making them independent andconferring them with real social status for the very first time.From the commitment to preserve this fragile forest resource andensure that its fruits properly reward its historical guardians, we fair trade ethicshave worked hard to improve the quality of our oil, thus furtherstrengthening our point of difference. To help educate the local populations about the importance of the Argan forest, it was crucial toQUALITY COMMITMENT & ECO EFFICIENCY raise awareness on the benefits of protecting ArganFor our products to be of the highest possible quality, LA MAISON trees and finding ways to make them key to theirDE L’ARGAN has established rigorous quality controls at every stage prosperity. LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has been a long-of the production process. Ensuring the Argan nuts are collected term supporter of ethical fair trade by providing alland pressed at the cooperative guarantees maximum control of the production tools and logistical help necessary tothe process, so LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN introduced the concept of the Ait Baha all-female cooperative. By making these“Cru d’Argan” for a more Premium quality oil. women LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s exclusive Argan oilA blend of local traditions and the most high-tech cosmetics suppliers, it provides regular revenue for them; makingexpertise, which of course meets European standards, Katima’A them independent and conferring them with realskincare products are formulated in a French laboratory using aunique patented eco-friendly mixing technique. This technology, social status for the very first time.known as “ambient temperature From the commitment to preserve this fragile forest resource and ensure that its fruits properly reward itsmanufacturing”, enables us to preserve unusually high levels ofpotency (which are usually diminished by high temperatures) whilst historical guardians, we have worked hard to improvesignificantly reducing energy consumption and wastage. It in fact the quality of our oil, thus further strengthening ouruses one-fiftieth of the energy used in traditional ‘hot’ processes. point of difference. 4
  4. 4. heart & spiritCosmetic IntelligenceQuality and effectiveness have always been at the heart w h at w e u s eof the Katima’A philosophy. Pioneers in Argan protectionand research, and with a passionate commitment to → High concentrations (averaging 80%)environmental issues, Katima’A introduced “Cosmetic of active natural ingredients in everyIntelligence” by combining 100% pure Argan oil with the product across the rangemost up-to-date cosmetic discoveries and ingredients → Extra virgin Argan oil, extracted by thefrom around the world. Surrounding them in a bath all-female cooperative of Ait Bahaof delicate fragrances and textures ensures that everyproduct becomes a profoundly pampering experience. → A combination of high performance effectiveness and the pamper factor → Ingredients suitable for all skin types→ A WEALTH OF SELECTED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS THAT WORK → Formulations without parabens BEAUTIFULLY WITH OUR TOP QUALITY ARGAN OIL. Welcome to the World of Katima’A! KAOLIN A light, fine, absorbent clay from Asia, kaolin possesses an antiseptic action as well as the ability to boost cell regeneration. A botanical substance with anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing properties to help improve elasticity and suppleness. Rigorously selected and sourced from our partnership cooperative in Morocco, this precious oil forms the heart of MERISTEM OAK ROOT EXTRACT all Katima’A products, thanks to its extraordinary skin-caring benefits. These include nourishing, repairing, balancing, Also known as German chamomile, this is derived ARGAN restructuring, firming, renewing and anti-ageing actions. from a Brazilian shrub called Candeia and is renowned for its calming, softening properties. ALOE VERA The sap of the tropical aloe plant has been ALPHA BISABOLOL renowned for its healing, calming, softening and plumping effects since the days of the Ancient Egyptians. RED ALGAE GEL Originating in Hawaii, this Pacific seaweed contains special long chain sugars (or polysaccharides) that have intense hydrating, protective benefits. TAPIOCA A fine-textured lightweight SHEA BUTTER powder from the manioc root Harvested from the fruit of a tree in south-west Africa, Made from a brown algae found in the temperate that effectively refines pores and shea butter has exceptional moisturising, protective and waters of the Mediterranean, this humble seaweed softens skin. regenerative benefits. provides antioxidant, anti-ageing and lifting actions. PADINA 5
  5. 5. PURIFY, REGENERATE k at i m a’ a t i p s The secret to impeccably clean clear skin is just to take time massaging in your cleanser. When you don’t rush, skimp or rub too hard, it effectively melts off every particle of make-up and dirt, enabling your skin to absorb maximum benefits from your Day and Night Care creams. ™Soin Démaquillant Tonique «Eau de Ciel»Cleanser Care Toner Sky WaterA beautifully soft, light, gentle oil that brings immediate A light, refreshing rinse for renewed energy.comfort to the skin. With its delicious scent, Sky Toner instantly stimulates and refreshesThanks to its innovative calming formula, Cleanser Care gent- the skin whilst helping to regenerate and condition the hydro-lipidicly removes the even most stubborn make-up and impurities, layer. It is entirely alcohol-free and contains high concentrations ofwhilst simultaneously boosting oxygen in the cells and providing Argan oil and protective marine extracts in order to soften and soothea protective, moisturising shield. The complexion is left balanced your complexion.and smoothed, without blotchiness, irritation or oily residue. 200 ml - ref 1946150 ml - ref 3100 6
  6. 6. k at i m a’ a t i p s the perfect double act Particles of pollution, dust and make-up can block the pores, not only dulling the complexion but also disrupting perfect cell renewal. The result? Premature ageing. To help clear and refine the pores whilst also boosting micro-circulation and adding radiance to the complexion, apply our gentle exfoliating scrub followed our purifying Kaolin Face Mask. ™Gommage Visage Masque VisageFace Scrub Facial MaskThe exfoliating properties of Argan shells, the balancing A creamy, easy-to-apply mask that swiftly yields fresh,effects of Argan oil and healing, hydrating Aloe Vera help glowing, luminous skin.refine and reveal radiant skin. An outstanding balancing treatment that combines purifying kaolinBesides the restructuring properties of Argan oil and soothing aloe powder and nourishing Argan oil with hydrating red algae gel. Thisvera, our Face Scrub provides a gentle sloughing treatment that ins- dynamic combination works in minutes to leave the complexion imma-tantly leaves the complexion soft, fresh, dewy and luminous. The fine culately soft and radiantly clear.polishing Argan shell particles swiftly remove dry, dead, damaged cells 50ml - ref 4210to reveal the youthful radiance and freshness underneath.50ml - ref 7
  7. 7. Soin de JourDay CarePreparing your skin for a new day.Formulated to fight the damaging effects of the environment and UV-light, this delicate, protective cream softens the signs of visible ageing,provides perfect hydration and exceptional comfort, then leaves a matte,velvety finish.50 ml - ref 1100 Soin de Nuit Night Care A concentrated night treatment that a r g a n fo c u s : revitalizes your skin while you sleep. Argan oil possesses the Rich and penetrating, a nightly dose of this ability to adapt naturally high-content Argan oil cream, with all its to individual skin types, regenerative, revitalising, antioxidant and anti- ageing powers, leaves the complexion visibly providing maximum smoothed and rejuvenated by morning. nutrition and support to 50 ml - ref 1200 complexions that need them most, thereby bringing the skin back into perfect balance. ™ExquiseCrème ExquiseA transformation for dehydrated skin.Crème Exquise is our most intensive response to the needs of fragile,mature and dehydrated skin. With its rich, sensual texture, it supplies thesuper-hydrating, regenerating effects of high percentage Argan oil, plusmarine algae extracts to restore suppleness and youthful translucence.50 ml - ref 1964 8
  8. 8. ANCIENT ARGAN OIL AND 21ST-CENTURY TECHNOLOGY HELPING YOUR SKIN TO RESIST THE EFFECTS OF TIME close-up on serum perle d’argan At the heart of the Perle is the Argan powerhouse, rich in gamma tocopherols, unsaturated and essential fatty acids (especially linoleic acid), squalene (a precursor to the anti-ageing hormone, DHEA), and phytosterols (which act on age-related cell disorders). Besides Argan, a selection of other active ingredients work synergistically, boosted by a special algae called padina pavonica. This marine gem has powerful benefits to elasticity and firmness, helping skin to resist external attack. ™Perle dArgan Contour des Yeux & des lèvresArgan Serum Eye & Lip ContourA combination of exceptionally high levels of both Argan oil Our specialised dermo-relaxing wrinkle smoother for eyes and lips.and cosmetic expertise. Created specifically for the needs of the eyeContaining over 30% Argan oil, Perle d’Argan is our most intensive response contour area, this lightweight, delicate cream easesto the daily stresses that affect our skin, upsetting its equilibrium and expression lines and softens wrinkles. Thanks tomaking it vulnerable to the age-accelerating effects of daily environmental a relaxing, soothing effect, it also slows the daily ageing process and protects skin, whilst also liftingaggression. Fortunately, this serum helps restructure, nourish and repair and firming. It is, of course, also useful for fine lineseven the most fragile complexions. around the mouth… 15 ml - ref 333030 ml –ref 9
  9. 9. chapter one “Cœur d’Argan” Ritual Oil The ultimate oil to nourish, treat, soothe and seduce.Our most concentrated product yet, RitualOil is composed of 98.8% Argan oil. Soothing,restorative and highly sensual, it is alsosupremely anti-ageing and firming, and ideal for massage. 150 ml - ref 2300 ingredient focus The essence of Katima’A Body Care Products lies in the virtuous alliance of a Premium Argan oil and a selection of natural beauty secrets and rituals from across the world: Aloe Vera from South America, or Alpha-Bisabolol,- an oil fraction extracted from a small Brazilian bush called Candei… to nourish and soften the skin in an unprecedented way. ™Huile CorporelleSatin Body OilA rich and sensual finish to your body care routine.A gloriously smooth ‘dry’ oil that leaves the skin toned and firmed, richlynourished, radiant and velvet smooth after bathing or showering. For the best,most uplifting results, apply using upward massage strokes.150 ml - ref 2100 10
  10. 10. AMBRE DES NUITS D’OR BEAUTY AND NUTRITION IN ONE APPLICATIONSoin des MainsHand CareA beauty ritual for your hands.Not a mere moisturizer but an active cell-renewing, anti-ageing treatment that alsohelps fragile hands to resist age spots. Thislightweight, silky formula adds immediatesoftness and protection.75 ml - ref 4475 ™ lAmbre desLe Savon Huile Scintillante Soin Après-RasageArgan Soap Stardust Body Oil Nuits dOr AFTER-SHAVE BALM & ALL DAY CAREA foaming bar containing the rarest oil Seduction and beauty in a bottle. Adding vitality and comfort to malein the world. Perfect for revealing your inner glow, our skin.More than a soap, this formula is a true “foa- silky-textured ‘dry’ oil adds an elegant sun- Designed to add hydration, freshness and ba-ming cosmetic.” Gentle enough for small kissed shimmer to the skin of your body. The lance, whilst also calming irritation and razorchildren and adult faces, this caring cleansing combination of regenerating, nourishing Argan burn, this Argan-enriched fluid leaves men’sbar softens hard water, then protects and oil plus gold and copper flecks of mother-of- skin comfortable with a smooth matte finish.comforts dry skin, thanks to special water-at- pearl kisses the skin with subtle iridescence as 50 ml - ref 6100tracting molecules that bind to the skin sur- well as the seductive scent of monoï.face. Réf 2110 - 50ml100g - ref 11
  11. 11. WHERE TO FIND US ?La Maison de l’Argan - Katima’A103 Quai des Chartrons BP7033041 Bordeaux Cedex FRANCEcosmetiques@katimaa.comTel : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 43Fax: +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 40Open from monday to friday from 9am to twitter @katimaa la maison de largan, Katimaa France 102 AVENUE DES CHAMPS ELYSÉES 75008 PARIS, SIRET 449 456 508 00034, APE 4775Z, SAS AU CAPITAL DE 450 000€