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An outstanding an unique skincare line combining the wonders of Argan oil to precious active ingredients sourced throughout the world.
Katima\'A is our secret for you to share

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  1. 1. ™ Share the Secret
  2. 2. A s cosmetic creators, we have always strived to design the most beautiful and efficient skincare, taking our inspirations both from the wonders of nature and from some of the most sophisticated cos- metic discoveries worldwide. However, with Katima'A, the result went far beyond our expectations. It was in the middle of the Sahara desert that Argan oil was first unveiled to us and inspired us on a unique journey of discovery, where very quickly it became apparent that we had found not only the most precious active ingredient in the world but that it would revolu- tionize both our vision of cosmetics and the vision of all the people and professionals who tried it. Since this incredible revelation, we have kept on resear- ching ways that we can not only enhance the natural properties of this unique beauty treasure but also how Katima'A is the fulfillment of this dream, to blend to take them further. Our ambition is to bring some- nature and performance, ethical, fair trade concerns thing new, a line that meets the highest expectations and decades of cosmetic savoir-faire; unveiling a unique in terms of efficacy whilst taking the senses to new skincare line where high concentrations of natural active horizons. ingredients work in harmony to provide radiant results. Katima'A continues to work with some of the world’s With decades of expertise of our laboratory in France top scientific bodies (European Research Programme, and a cutting-edge, patented formulation process, we RISTOMED, leading Universities throughout Europe have reinvented cosmetics as they were known to free and above all the constant support and expertise of the your skin from the daily constraints of life. leading Argan scientist, Professor Zoubida Charrouf, Katima'A is a revolutionary product range combining from the University of Rabat), and was one of the the anti-ageing and moisturizing virtues of Premium pioneers in aiding the preservation of UNESCO's bios- Virgin Argan oil with selected rare and precious active phere in the region and creating fair trade conditions ingredients sourced throughout the world for each for the women who work with this precious fruit. individual need of your skin. We have designed every product as a unique work of art and have created a skincare line that is the embodiment of our spirit, philosophy and differences. Katima'A is our secret for you to share. Pierre Emmanuel Saubade, Olivia Guibe, Mark Holden Hindley & Michel Saubade (founder) 3
  3. 3. An ancient treasure Amongst all its natural treasures, Morocco shelters the essence of Berber women’s beauty. There, at the heart of a unique forest surviving the never ending summer, the fruits of the Argan tree have revealed a precious oil gifted with outstanding beauty and health promoting properties: Argan oil. Found in the South West of Morocco, where the climate is semi desert, the Argan tree is a unique phenomenon. The Argan forest, once threatened by extinction, has stood as the last rampart against the desert’s expansion for millenaries, until in 1999 it was classified as a world biosphere by UNESCO. Wanting to be part of preserving such a precious and natural inheritance, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN chose to put Argan oil at the forefront by making it the key active ingredient of its entire skincare line: Katima’A. The beauty secrets of Argan Argan oil, the rarest oil in the world stands as one of the most important cosmetic discoveries of the century. Its outstanding beauty promoting virtues anti-ageing, protective, hydrating, smoothing and regenerating make it a powerful all-round beauty enhancer. By acting on all the factors that cause skin ageing, Argan oil is an unavoidable ally to fight against the effects of time. Composed of a high concentrations of tocopherols (2.5 times more than in olive oil), Argan oil is abundant in antioxidants Fair trade ethics and anti free radical properties, which play a major part in wrinkle prevention. By stimulating cells’ communication and In order to educate the local populations on the Argan forest, restoring the hydro lipid layer, Argan oil ensures a global it was essential to raise their awareness on the benefits of regenerating action. protecting Argan trees and researching ways of making it a key to their development. LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has been the historical contributor of ethical fair trade by bringing the production tools and logistic supports, necessary to the creation of the Ait Baha cooperative. By giving to the latter the function of LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s unique Argan oil supplier, the process has enabled to ensure regular revenues to these women; for the first time in history they have become independent and have benefitted from a real social status. From this strong will to preserve a very fragile forest resource and make sure its fruits can reward their millenary guardians, we have worked hard to constantly improve the quality of our oil, thus strengthening our difference. 4
  4. 4. Quality Commitment & eco efficiency. To reach the highest quality, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has established rigorous quality controls at each stage of the production process. Ensuring the Argan nuts are collected Katima’A at the forefront and pressed at the cooperative and thus reaching complete of Argan scientific research mastery of every fabrication stage, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN From the very beginning, Katima’A has always worked to be introduces the notion of “Cru d’Argan”, enabling to obtain a aware and act on Argan properties’ enhancement and disco- Premium Argan oil quality. veries. Willing to be pro-active in Argan related research, LA A blend of both tradition and cosmetic expertise, in com- MAISON DE L’ARGAN has initiated, with the help of several pliance with the European cosmetic standards, Katima’A partners within Europe and leading Argan scientist Profes- skincare products are formulated in a French laboratory sor Zoubida CHARROUF, a large programme of research in through a unique and patented eco-friendly mixing techni- order to reveal and qualify the physiological benefits of its que. This technology, known under the name of “ambient- nutritional Argan oil, Native. Compared to other nutrients temperature manufacturing process”, enables to preserve all and combined with a healthy diet, this clinical study aims the actives principles of Argan oil whilst reducing the energy at showing the virtuous properties of Argan oil on several consumption significantly (50 times less than the traditional disorders caused by the ageing process on elderly people. formulation process). Central and decisive, this project to improve health and living conditions - done in cooperation with the European Union and part of the “SEVEN FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME” – confirms LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s goal to valorize Argan oil, not only by qualifying their oil but, above all asserting their commitment to ethical and qualitative concerns. Ambient temperature Process ©. Aucun déchet ou rejet. (polluant ou non). 50 fois moins d'énergie consommée lors la production. The cosmetic intelligence of an outstanding skincare line Quality and efficacy have always been the core values at the heart of Katima’A philosophy. Pioneers in the Argan protection and research; and with a real commitment to environmental concerns, Katima’A now unveils the concept Behind a name ... a story of “Cosmetic Intelligence” by combining Argan oil with the most recent cosmetic discoveries as well as precious active Katima'A literally means "the woman who carries a secret." ingredients sourced throughout the world (Padina Pavonica, Our choice to distribute our products through highly exclu- Aloe Vera, Chitosan Succinamide, Shea Butter…), in a bath of sive networks, enabling qualified and personal advice, has delicate fragrances and textures where every product comes no other reason than gathering those who want to discover to be a unique experience. and share Katima’A core values. More than a cosmetic line, Highly concentrated in active ingredients and formulated Katima’A is a company where sharing is a way of life. from a 100% pure Argan oil, the 19 references of the line are enriched with a natural preservation system and do not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens). Wil- ling to answer the most demanding of skin needs, Katima’A skincare products are suitable for every skin type. 5
  5. 5. PREPARE AND TREAT YOUR SKIN KATIMA’A TIPS DAILY Cleansing (makeup removal) Ritual The ideal way to proceed is to make this beauty ritual twice a day: Cleansing the face in the morning and at night is essential to prepare the skin to further beauty cares and remove all impurities. ™ Soin Démaquillant Tonique “Eau de Ciel” Cleanser Care Toner Sky Water The excellence of this gentle Nutri-Cleansing oil bringing A light and refreshing wave of energy immediate comfort to the skin. Sky Toner will immediately stimulate and refresh your skin whilst re- Thanks to its innovative formula, this Cleanser Care removes the most constructing and moisturizing the hydro lipid layer. Completely alco- resistant makeups and impurities from your skin, boosting cellular oxy- hol free and highly concentrated in Argan oil and Marine extracts, this genation and providing it with a protective and moisturizing layer. Your unique toner will soften and soothe your complexion throughout the skin recovers its natural balance and tone, without any oily sensation. day. 150 ml - ref 3100 200 ml - ref 1946 6
  6. 6. KATIMA’A TIPS The Secret Duet Tobacco, pollution, dust, makeup are factors that obstruct the pores, prevent cells’ renewal, leaving a dull complexion. The consequence? Premature Ageing! Exfoliation is a key step to maintain skin equilibrium, boost micro-circulation and is ideal before the application of your purifying Rhassoul mask. ™ Gommage Visage Masque Visage Face Scrub Face Mask The exfoliating virtues of Argan shells combined with An outstanding purifying treatment combining the finest balancing Argan oil and hydrating Aloe Vera in a bath of active Rhassoul clay powder with all the benefits of Argan oil ingredients. This highly natural combination leaves your skin perfectly soft and soo- Along with the restructuring properties of Argan oil and soothing Aloe thed. In order to retain all the virtues of Argan oil and Rhassoul, Kati- Vera, Face Scrub provides your skin with a gentle exfoliating care that ma’A packages their Face Mask in convenient single dose sachets. will leave you with a soft, fresh and radiant complexion. The fine po- 10 masques - ref 4200 lishing Argan shells will gently remove dry, old, damaged skin to reveal a new youthfulness. 50ml - ref 4300 7
  7. 7. Soin de Jour Day Care Prepare your skin to a new dawn. Day Care visibly softens the signs of ageing by fi- ghting against external aggressions and protecting the skin from sun rays. This delicate cream provides the skin with an unprecedented comfort and hydra- tion whilst leaving a velvety sensation. 50 ml - ref 1100 ARGAN FOCUS: Intelligent Active Ingredient Argan oil has the unique particularity to adapt naturally to every skin type. It provides the necessary nutrients in function of the specific skin needs and contributes to restoring its equilibrium. ™ Soin de Nuit Exquise Night Care Crème Exquise A high technology concentrate with a A revelation for dehydrated skin wealth of natural active ingredients will make the night your beauty ally. Crème Exquise is the ultimate response to the needs of fragile, mature Highly regenerating, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant and dehydrated skin. Based on deeply hydrating and regenerating Argan thanks to its high content of Argan oil, Night Care oil and marine extracts, this rich, sensual cream restores suppleness and gently boost skin’s revitalization and moisture. Night youth to the skin.. 50 ml - ref 1964 after night, your skin is visibly smoothed and rejuve- nated.. 50 ml - ref 1200 8
  8. 8. MILLENARY ARGAN & AVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, FREE YOUR SKIN FROM THE CONSTRAINTS OF LIFE CLOSE-UP. Serum Perle d’Argan. At the heart of Perle, we find an Argan profusion, rich in gamma tocopherols, essential & unsaturated fatty acids but also Squalene, unknown precursor of DHEA (the anti-ageing hormone), as well as regular phytosterols : the delta 7 sterols, capable of acting on cellular disorders (provoked by ageing). On top of Argan, a selection of active ingredients, acting in synergy and enhanced by a precious algae extract, Padina Pavonica. Highly powerful, the latter preserves skin’s elasticity and firmness, enabling to reduce the impact of daily aggressions. ™ Perle d’Argan Contour des Yeux et des Lèvres Argan Serum Eye Contour The wonders of nature, the cosmetic expertise and our A wrinkle smoother and anti-stress/dermo- relaxing cream. passion in a beauty filter. Made to meet the specific needs of the Eye Contour Formulated to concentrate the active principles of Argan oil, Perle zone, this light and delicate cream reduces the d’Argan is the ultimate response to daily aggressions that weaken skin and wrinkles and lines. Enriched with a lifting and re- challenge its equilibrium. This intensive care restructures, nourishes and laxing effect, this serum protects and slows the ageing process down whilst making you feel and repairs the most fragile areas, ensuring fast revitalization of the skin. look visibly younger. 30 ml –ref 4100 15 ml - ref 3330 9
  9. 9. INGREDIENT FOCUS: The essence of Katima’A Body Care Products lies in the virtuous alliance of a Premium Argan oil and a selection of natural beauty secrets and rituals from the world: Aloe Vera from South America, Shea Butter from the plains of Africa or Alpha-Bisabolol, an oil fraction extracted a small Brazilian bush called Candei…to nourish and soften the skin in an unprecedented way. ™ Huile Corporelle Gommage Corporel Lait Corporel Satin Body oil Body Scrub Body Milk A rich and sensual touch to your beau- A Nourishing and exfoliating body The divine caress of nature’s most ty routine. cream to open the senses. nourishing factors. Applied with upward massages after a shower This precious fluid, formulated with a uni- Enriched in Argan oil, soothing Aloe Vera and or a bath, this subtle “dry” oil will bring ra- que duet of exfoliating Argan shells and a rich Shea Butter, Body Milk brings softness and diance to your skin, leaving it positively nou- bath of Argan oil, will give a boost to your skin comfort back to dry skin and leaves it sensual- rished and velvety as you take to the day. whilst preserving the hydro-lipid layer; the ly velvety and nourished. 150 ml - ref 2100 body is refined and softened. 200 ml - ref 2500 200ml- ref 2200 10
  10. 10. Soin de Mains Hand Care A beauty treatment for your hands This anti-ageing cream activates the cells’ re- newal and help prevent ageing stains to ap- pear. Its light and precious formula offers daily softness and protection to your hands. 50 ml - ref 4400 Soin Cheveux Hair Care Ritual Treat your hair to a beauty bath. Give your hair the treatment it deserves thanks to this rich Argan based Hair Care that EXPLORE EVERY FACET OF YOUR BEAUTY nourishes every hair type without making it greasy. This anti-ageing formula nurtures your FOCUS: Hair Care Ritual hair, making it suppler and with a most radiant Berber Ritual from Morocco: Apply Hair Care and leave it between 10 and 20 minutes shine. depending on your hair type, preferably under a hot towel; the hair scales will open 150 ml - ref 5100 thanks to the heat and will enable Hair Care to penetrate deeply and nourish the hair with its outstanding anti-ageing properties. ™ Soin des Pieds Foot Care Beautiful from head to toe with this repairing foot cream Formulated to meet the needs of sensitive, dry and tired feet, this treatment repairs, hy- drates, relaxes and refreshes thanks to the al- liance of natural peppermint and Argan oil. 50 ml - ref 4500 11
  11. 11. ™ Huile Rituelle Le Savon Soin Pour Homme Après-rasage Ritual Oil Argan Soap AFTER-SHAVE BALM & ALL DAY CARE The ultimate massage oil to nourish A precious soap made with the rarest A pure wave of vitality and moisture and take the senses to new horizons. oil in the world. for the male epidermis. Formulated from 98.5% of Argan oil, Ritual More than a soap, this formula is a true “foa- Thanks to its outstanding proportion of Argan oil celebrates beauty through the art of mas- ming cosmetic” formulated for the pleasure oil, After-Shave Balm fluid and fresh formula sage. From the best Argan almonds, extracted of all the family. revitalizes and tones men’s skin day after day. with the cosmetic expertise of Katima’A, this 100g - ref 3200 50 ml - ref 6100 outstanding oil is combined to a selection of equilibrating and soothing ingredients for an ultimate sensorial journey.. 150 ml - ref 2300 12
  12. 12. MINI SECRETS FOR A BEAUTY ESCAPE! Travel Kit K i t V o ya g e ™ Kit Voyage Katima’A Travel Kit A selection of precious rituals to stand by your side. Practical and modern, Katima’A Travel Kit meets the airport requirements. Composed of our Sky Toner, Cleanser Care, Day and Night Care Duet and the new Body Milk, this outstanding beauty treatment will soon become an unavoidable ally to your escapes and travels… (Bag Containing 100ml of skincare products spread the following way: 1x30ml, 2x25ml, 2x10ml )- ref 8409. 13
  13. 13. Huile d’Argan Gastronomique Native Native Argan oil Native Beauty From The Inside Out Born for the pleasure of Gourmets. In a land of eternal sunshine where the rarest oil in the world is born, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN selects only the best fruits and almonds to produce this unparalleled “Cru d’Argan”, Native. Bottled in Morocco, Native has been elaborated to meet the highest quality requirements. Its amazing flavor, prized by some of the most renowned Chefs in the world, will open new dimensions to your cookery “savoir-faire”. Native will give an exquisite perfume and taste to your preparations and is perfect to dress : -Cold dishes such as salads and vegetables -Hot dishes such as fishes, white meats, tajines, pastas… -Desserts Preserve the virtues of this Great Argan Vintage. We advise not to cook Native, unless at low temperature (e.g. bain- marie…). Store away from direct light. 250 ml – ref 9100 Native, a unique nutritional oil Selected for its outstanding quality and production process, Native Argan oil is currently part of a vast European Research Programme, RISTOMED. In partnership with leading research centers in Europe, this clinical study aims at proving and enhancing the benefits of a dietary approach enriched with Native to fight against physiological ageing mecha- nisms. 14
  14. 14. contact Jennifer Piquet. Export Manager 98 Quai des Chartrons-BP70 33041 Bordeaux Cedex FRANCE Tel : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 43 Cel: +33 (0) 6 70 75 79 98 1 0 2 av e N u e d e s c h a m p s e l y s é e s 7 5 0 0 8 pa r i s siret 449 456 508 00034 ape 4775z sas