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Pres4 blogger

  2. 2. A LEARNING THEORY is an attempt to describehow people and animals learn, thereby helping usunderstand the inherently complex process oflearning.
  3. 3. INSTRUCTION is an external agency thatguides the learner toward a goal by means ofsome specified procedures
  4. 4. Learning and Instruction Theories 1. Behaviorism 2. Cognition 3. Development 4. Biology 5. Motivation 6. Instruction 7. Constructivism 8. Connectivism
  5. 5. BEHAVIORISMBehaviorism is a learning theory that is focused upon the concept of “stimulus/response”
  6. 6. COGNITIONCognition is the process that the brain recalls and connects related old memories, knowledge with new or current information to make a decision or solve a problem
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENTCognitive development is a field of study in neuroscience andpsychology focusing on a childs development in terms of informationprocessing, conceptual resources, perceptual skill, languagelearning, and other aspects of brain development and cognitivepsychology
  8. 8. BIOLOGY Repetition is the first law of learningThere is a cellular, a nucleic response, to all learning events
  9. 9. MOTIVATIONMOTIVATION is either an external (extrinsic) or internal(intrinsic) influence that increases the enthusiasm ormaintains the persistence in order to reach a certaingoal.
  10. 10. INSTRUCTIONINSTRUCTION is a methodology that willenhance learning on the part of the learner,primarily focused upon meeting learning goalsand learning objectives
  11. 11. CONSTRUCTIVISMConstructivism is a learning theory based onthe belief that learners can generate newknowledge based on previous knowledgeand/or experience
  12. 12. CONNECTIVISMCONNECTIVISM is a learning theory for the Digital Age