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Tiffany & Co. Marketing Campaign


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Tiffany & Co. Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Anthonia Adeyemi-Akande Kyra Liddell Jennifer Murdix Wesley Olivo Dice Reyes Katie Sexton Donsia Wilburn
  2. 2. Introduction  Founded 1837 A jeweler and specialty retailer: -Jewelry -Timepieces -Sterling silverware -China crystal -Stationery -Fragrances -Accessories Headquartered in New York City, New York
  3. 3. Environmental Scan  Economic Impact- Competition-
  4. 4. Environmental Scan Continued  Technology Trends- Political Contributions-
  5. 5. Environmental Scan Continued  Social Culture Trends-
  6. 6. SWOT Analysis  Strengths- • • Founded in 1837, well known Ethical and professional Weaknesses- • Too focused on expanding rather than on the competition with current products • Well-developed website • Exclusive locations: can work for • Technologically up-to-date, apps and against the company for the iPhone • High pricesOpportunities- • Sales and new promotions • Rather than expanding locations • New lines for men expand in length, width, and depth• Men‟s growing interest in fashion • New lines for special occasions: through product lines• Expansion of other product lines Religious celebrations, birthdays, • Have sales on product lines while• Advances in technology newborns introducing new ones • Expand into different markets that appeal to more peopleThreats- • Increase their outreach to customers • Create a customization link on the • Create more convenient locations website to base an order off of a specific• Strong rivalry in the market: Zale‟s, Blue • Highlight that their company is eco- jewelry line and then customize detailsNile, Signet friendly and ethical in magazine ads, to it• Product substitution new trend of green living• High-end equals a high price• Consumer spending declining due to therecession• Other competitors allow for customization
  7. 7. Mission Statement  Tiffany & Co. Foundation‟s Mission- To protect the beauty of nature and the creativity of human nature. Tiffany & Co. „s Mission- Seeks to enrich the lives of customers by creating enduring objects of extraordinary beauty that will be cherished for generations.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Direct Competition 
  10. 10. Substitutions  Zales:  More than 1,870 stores  Offers the lowest price possible  Elastic customers Blue Nile: An online retailer Ease of contemporary technology Signet Jewelers: Owners of Kay and Jared Located in or near shopping malls for convenience
  11. 11. Indirect Competition  Customers find high quality products under one roof Due to economic health consumers are more likely to want to spend less money
  12. 12. Target Market  Segmented by Income
  13. 13. Product & Positioning  Sold world wide Company is in the maturity stage of the product lifecycle  Well established  Has been around since 1837
  14. 14. Price  Jewelry price ranges from $125 - <$20,000 Firm believer in maintaining their luxury prices Offers no discounts Provides free shipping with any online purchase Pricing strategy aids Tiffany‟s in upholding a competitive value in the high-end jewelry market
  15. 15. Distribution  World wide Direct distribution channels Engaged in product design, manufacturing, and retailing activities Distributes in physical stores, from business-to-business, as well as online Direct Marketing- U.S. internet, direct mail, and catalog
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Distribution Continued  Exclusive Distribution- A situation in which only certain dealers are authorized to sell a specific product within a particular territory. The reason why they are an exclusive distribution is because you cannot get Tiffany‟s and Co.‟s jewelry at any jewelry store or retail store.
  18. 18. Promotion  Magazine Ads  Seventeen  Glamour  Self Product Placement in Movies Word of Mouth
  19. 19. Promotion  Overall Message:
  20. 20. Recommendations  Product:  Customization-  Other jewelers such as Jarod offer customization  Benefits the customer and the company  Expansion-  Men‟s accessories  Infant memorabilia and accessories
  21. 21. Recommendations Continued  Price:  Rewards Program  20 points per $50 of merchandise purchased  Once customer reaches a minimum of 100 points customer could receive $20 in Tiffany bucks to go towards their next purchase with the company
  22. 22. Recommendations Continued  Place:  Online-  All of Tiffany‟s products are not displayed online therefore making it harder on consumers
  23. 23. Recommendations Continued  Promotion:  Sponsor Miss U.S.A. pageants  Crowns and jewelry could be made from Tiffany‟s diamonds Sponsor Miss Universe pageants
  24. 24. Recommendations for Promotion Continued  Guerilla Marketing-  Tie bows around major cities  Create a press release stating “What‟s Tiffany‟s without the blue box?”
  25. 25. Works Cited 