The malverde decision


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The malverde decision

  1. 1. Jennifer Medina Anahi Vargas Luis AstorgaDaniela CamposCecilia Victoria Reptar’s
  2. 2.  Beer Brewery Guadalajara, Jalisco Jesús Briselo and Alejandro Orozco Target Market: Youth middle to upper class who were “curious, alternative and people who made jokes about societal institutions”
  3. 3.  Colonial  Stout Imperial Vienna  Malverde Pale Ale
  4. 4.  2008 Group of students In Favor Against Represented Represented the rebellion, solidarity connection with the and an icon igure in narcotic culture the culture of North. Western Mexico
  5. 5.  Jesús admitted the decision to use that name would be risky but also a great opportunity for the company to expand into national and international markets The primary concern of the owners was the perception of the drug traffickers toward their product La Minerva was a small company and giving a new product a high profile name provided publicity without paying for advertisements
  6. 6.  Although they had negatives comments on the media, Malverde was a great success It was launched first in Sinaloa, however, the beer sold more in Guadalajara and Mexico City After 6 moths, U.S. companies start showing interest in importing Malverde
  7. 7.  Does he ever existed? Construction worker or railway worker Shot and killed after a friend betrayed him for a reward or hung from a tree Robin Hood  Stole from rich give to poor
  8. 8.  CULIACAN Sinaloa is the drug lord of Mexico and the cradle of the biggest trafficker Mexico has ever known Sinaloa’s first narcotic crop was opium. Large scale production start until the 1940’s when the opium supply for its soldiers in the US military was disrupted by war. Edward Heath, former Country Attaché for the Drug Enforcement Agency in Mexico said. “we were concerned that our supply of opium or morphine would be cut off because the world war. So we needed a supply close by, but, that was one of those black box things. Who knows when it happenes, who did it, and why”. With the defeat of japan, the need for opium was no longer there, however, a thriving industry was created. 1980’s Sinaloa tuned from marijuana and heroin to cocaine. Colombia’s drug traffickers were having problems smuggling their cocaine directly to the U.S. and began looking for alternatives. 2008 the safety and security worsened due to the division within the Sinaloa ederation wich encompasses the dru cartels of “El chapo” Guzman and the Beltral Leyva brothers
  9. 9.  Do you think naming the beer Malverde was an unethical decision? Why? Do you think this decision had an impact on society? What would you have done if you were in Jesus position, change the name of the beer after getting some bad opinions, or keep the name? Why?
  10. 10. Thank you