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Katima'A Presentation 2009


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Katima'A Presentation 2009

  1. 1. ™ international review S h a r e t h e S ec r e t A unique Argan based skincare line, utterly inventive, ambitious and outstanding
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Symbol of Commitment Passion and Sharing Katima’A has strived to design the most beautiful and efficient skincare so that people worldwide can benefit from this rare beauty treasure. Argan, the rarest oil in the world Amongst all its natural treasures, Morocco shelters the essence of Berber women’s beauty. There, at the heart of a unique forest surviving the never ending summer, the fruits of the Argan tree have revealed a precious oil gifted with outstanding beauty promoting proper- ties: Argan oil. Coming from the South West of Morocco, where the climate is particular, the Argan tree is a unique phenomenon, having never produced fruits anywhere else in the world other than in its native region. The Argan forest, once threatened by extinction, has stood as the last rampart against the desert’s expansion for millenaries, until in 1999 it was classified as a world biosphere by UNESCO. Wanting to be part of preserving such a precious and natural inheritance, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN chose to put Argan oil at the forefront by making it the key active ingredient of its entire skincare line: Katima’A. La Maison de l’Argan complete mastery From the beginning, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has committed itself to the Argan cause by creating and supporting feminine cooperatives in Morocco, thus, protecting a 800 000 ha Argan tree forest. Truly respectful of the millenary and traditional production “savoir-faire”, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has developed unique patented extraction processes in order to increase the oil quality whilst contributing to the timelessness of a nature miracle. To achieve the best Argan oil quality, LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN has set rigorous quality controls at every fabrication step, from the selection of Argan Nuts from the tree, to the oil extraction. Rigorously selected, the fruits of Argan undergo specific laboratory manufacturing processes to reach an incomparable quality whilst preserving its cosmetic virtues. Katima’A formulas are designed in their own laboratory in France using a unique procedure that preserves all the qualities of the ingredients involved. This patented process has been created and perfected by their pharmacists. The fabrication method uses limited energy, water consumption as well as limited production waste. In this way it consumes 50 times less energy than the normal hot temperature manufacturing process commonly used by other companies.
  4. 4. Argan the millenary Beauty Elixir This natural golden fluid, Argan oil, stands as one of the best cosmetic dis- coveries of the century. An active ingredient, that has long been the se- cret guardian of Berber women’s beauty, is now unveiling its secrets to the world. Extremely rich in unsaturated fatty acids and gifted with a high percenta- ge of linoleic acids, Argan oil is able to delay the skin ageing process in an unprecedented way. Containing the highest proportion of tocopherols of any oil in the world, (three times higher than olive oil), Argan has outstan- ding antioxidant and anti free radicals properties; crucial in the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines. Ensuring a global anti-ageing action, Argan oil sti- mulates the regeneration of skin cells and actively preserves the hydro lipid layer; thus favouring the key factors to a firm, soft and radiant skin. Katima’A the meaning behind the name Katima’A literally means “a woman who carries a secret”. This has been kept at the very essence of the range, with delicate fragrances, textures and formulas whose ingredients are found throughout the world. Katima’A redefines femininity and glamour as it was known, a luxury cosmetic line where synergies and concentrations of active ingredients are perfected. More than a cosmetic, Katima’A is a fusion of many influences where each product comes to be a unique work of art, unveiling the first skincare line where both efficiency and ethical concerns work in harmony. Uncompromising Quality Katima’A is the fulfillment of a dream to blend history and nature with performance and luxury; an original creation in which art and design are mixed with generous and rich formulas. Katima’A stands as the symbol of a new cosmetic era where rare active ingredients act in synergy to provide the skin with unparalleled anti-ageing prevention and repair. Since the beginning, quality and efficiency have been amongst LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s most important concerns. To enhance the global anti-ageing action of Argan oil and convey specific actions to every product of the line, revolutionary active ingredients coming from all around the world are selected and incorporated within the formulas. From Padina Pavonica to rare algae extracts, Aloe Vera, Chitosan succinamide, Tapioca, Anise extract, Quercus Robur (oak extract).
  5. 5. behind the scene “How can one freeze a movement, a curve or even density whilst preserving its might? The movement exists only during the time you make it; a curve finds its place in a definite space in the immediacy. Might is situated between the beginning and the end. Strength is in its spontaneity, its timelessness. The ephemeral doesn’t give you a thing to possess but only to keep a trace of it. Something suspended in the time”. Dimitri Audren, Artist These words from Dimitri Audren, the artist who contributed to Katima’A’s unique design, are the reflection of Katima’A’s philosophy, a line in which products are the fruit of a passionate and audacious plea for freedom and constant innovation.
  6. 6. Moisturizers Moisturizing Face Mask Easy to use and to travel with (unit-dose packets), Face Mask is an exceptional purifying care thanks to the benefits of Rhassoul (a millenary clay powder) and the many properties of Argan oil. This natural alliance leaves your skin perfectly soft, soothed and clear whilst offering yourself a well earned moment of relaxation and well-being. Toner - Sky water Sky Water will immediately stimulate and refresh your skin whilst reconstructing and moisturizing the hydro lipid layer. Highly concentrated in Argan oil and blended with marine extracts, this alcohol free toner will soften and soothe your complexion throughout the day. Revitalizing Day Care Cream SPF8 This light Day Cream care is the only way your day should start. With Argan oil providing the skin with the all the necessary nutrients to resist the permanent aggressions of modern life and protect the epidermis. It also has an SPF 8 to protect you from harmful UV rays. Its remarkable moisturizing and nourishing powers re- densify the skin and stabilizes the water loss responsible for the appearance of wrinkles.
  7. 7. Anti Ageing Argan’s Pearl Wonderful lifting serum, Argan’s Pearl really is a mastery of production. Due to its high concentration formula, Argan’s Pearl gives the skin a better capacity to fight against the daily aggressions of modern life: stress, pollution, changing weather conditions. Formulated to maximize the anti-ageing effects of Argan oil above any other product, this intensive care restructures, nourishes and repairs the more fragile areas, ensuring fast revitalization of the skin. Regenerating Night Care As night is the best moment to help your skin regain the spark and vitality of youth, this is an invaluable anti-ageing care. Rich in Argan oil, this highly penetrating and moisturizing cream concentrates on the neutralization of free radicals and boosting cell activity in fatigued skin. Combined with its delicate texture and fragrance, this is the most efficient Night Cream you could wish for. Hand Cream Constantly exposed to damaging factors throughout the day, your hands age faster than any other part of the body. To preserve and enhance the beauty of your hands, Katima’A has formulated a specific care that acts on the cellular renewal, softening and protecting the hands. Gifted with a silky and luxurious texture, this quickly absorbed moisturizing and regenerating care can be used throughout the day whenever you need that little boost.
  8. 8. Body Cares Soap In everyday life, skin is exposed to various constraints that make it lose lustre and capital hydration. This soap has been formulated to protect the hydro lipid layer, preserve skin’s beauty and bring back the comfort it deserves. Katima’A Argan Soap can be used daily and is as gentle on the face as it is on the body. Soothing Foot Cream Our feet are the key to our well-being and their exposure to daily constraints makes us more vulnerable to physiological disorders. Specially formulated for tired, sensitive and dry feet, this intense foot care repairs, moisturizes, deodorizes and cleanses. To enhance its natural properties, apply this foot care by massaging gently into the skin until fully absorbed. Give yourself the time for a moment of relaxation. Anti Ageing Body oil Give firmness and tonicity back to your body with this skin care secret. Aggressed by everyday life, skin tends to lose its elasticity, softness and lustre. Thanks to this extremely nourishing, hydrating, skin balancing Dry Body Oil, it is now possible to bring comfort and life back to your skin whilst enabling you to get dressed immediately after you apply it, due to its rapid absorption. Let the subtle blend of citrus extracts harmonize your body and soul leaving you positively radiant as you take to the day.
  9. 9. Specifics Crème Exquise Luxurious and elegant, this silky moisturizing cream caresses your skin back to life thanks to the virtues of its active ingredients. Highly concentrated in Argan oil, Crème Exquise stands as a guardian for dry, mature and damaged skin. This care is the response to the most crucial needs of the skin due to its regenerating, nourishing and protective powers. Eye and Lip Contour Cream Made to meet the needs of every woman, this anti-wrinkle specific cream has been specially formulated to give youth back to your eye and lip contours. This beauty serum adapts to every skin type, restructuring the skins cells and visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines. A care that continues to protect, moisturize and slow down the ageing process of the skin, making you look and feel visibly younger. Skin Cleanser A remarkable emollient, Katima’A Face Cleanser oil softens, cleanses and alleviates your skin. Boosting the cellular oxygenation, this care both revitalizes and purifies. The moisturizing and softening effect of Argan oil restructures and preserves the hydro lipid layer returning the skin’s natural balance and tone. Without any greasy sensation or touch this is the leader in cleansing care.
  10. 10. Ritual Gentle Facial Scrub This Facial Scrub is the ideal ally to a glowing complexion. Combining the moisturizing benefits of Argan oil and the gentle exfoliating properties of finely crushed Argan shells, Face Scrub removes dead cells and impurities left from the stresses and pollutants of a modern environment. This beauty secret stimulates blood microcirculation whilst preserving the hydro lipid layer leaving your skin positively radiant and perfectly moisturized. Vital Hair Cure Formulated to revitalize your hair, Vital Hair Care is a true hair beauty bath. Pollution, weather and ageing are all harmful to your capillary health. However thanks to the balancing and anti-ageing properties of this Argan based care you will be able to rediscover its natural beauty. Imagine soft, shiny, full and radiant hair. Nourishing Body Scrub This unifying body care will leave you with skin as soft as satin. Combining the smoothing and refining properties of ultra fine Argan shells and rich rejuvenating Argan oil, this body care will leave your skin cleansed and moisturized with a glow it has never had before. Give your body the same love and care you give your face with this moisturizing and purifying Body Scrub. Extreme oil Made to nourish and revitalize both the face and body, Argan Extreme Care is a fantastic and sensual anti-ageing massage oil. Highly concentrated in Argan oil (98,5%), it moisturizes, restructures and balances your skin’s equilibrium bringing firmness back. Give both yourself and those you love the sensation of well being deserved.
  11. 11. The beauty of luxury a d va n c e d a c t i v e i n g r e d i e n ts . pa r a b e n f r e e . Faithful to its unique philosophy, Katima’A has designed an entire luxury line; revealing a perfect alchemy between the elegant performance of French cosmetics and the richness of history and tradition. To answer the most demanding of skin needs, Katima’A has elaborated 16 products for face, body and hair care divided in function of their specific actions. Suitable for all skin types Katima’A skincare line accounts for 5 product families:
  12. 12. contact us La Maison de l’Argan - Katima’a 98 Quai des Chartrons bp70 33041 Bordeaux FRANCE Tel : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 43 for press inquiries olivia Guibe Tel : +44 (0) 796 914 8862 www.KATiMAA.CoM