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Choose Your Own Adventure


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Published in: Education
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Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. 1. Suddenly, a man whom neither of them had ever seen before appeared out of nowhere. "My name is Gordan, Mr. Gordan to you. Im your new teacher,” he said. “I see you‟ve signed up for the talent Jasmine Runs Out of Time: A competition,” he went on. “Excellent! I‟m in charge this year, so I want all the talent I can get.”Choose Your Own Adventure Story By the Middle School Word Lovers Club Ashley snorted. "Remember what happened last time you tried something like this?" she said. Jasmine had no idea who had signed her up for the contest. How could she compete in a talent Yes Jasmine remembered all right, she had competition? She didnt have any talents! She rehearsed for ages but when she got on stage she suspected treachery, and her worst enemy Gizz was froze. Gizz had then thrown a tomato at her. probably to blame. He knew Jasmine couldnt sing. Everyone had made fun of her (including Ashley). Or dance. Or balance turtles on her head while Her face, as she remembered, turned red as that reciting the Gettysburg address, like that weird kid tomato. last year. As she looked at the short list of contestants, she thought, „Yeah, that looks like Gizz‟s handwriting. He never could spell my name Luckily, before Ashley could say more, the bell right.‟ rang and Mr. Gordan shooed the girls off to class. "Hey," said Ashley, coming up behind her. Before Jasmine got to P.E., though, she happened to notice that Gizzs locker was open. When Jasmine looked inside, she saw a large box-like thing Jasmine just kept staring at the list, trying to ignore labelled „TTM,‟ and in small print: „Theatre Time Ashley. Since she was the meanest girl in the Machine.‟ “What the heck IS that?” wondered grade, though, of course Ashley just had to say Jasmine aloud. “Why does Gizz have a „time something. machine‟ in his locker?” "Ummm... why did you sign up for the talent She opened the box, after first looking around to competition? No offense, but you have the talent of make sure no one was watching. It was full of a stick," said Ashley. packing peanuts. She dug around until she found a small booklet labelled Instruction Manual.” She Jasmine felt the urge to reply which she couldnt flipped to page 1: “How to use this device.” resist, "For your information Ashley, I didnt sign up at all. Somebody else did- and I think it might be If you want to read the manual, go to part B. Gizz. Hes always trying to embarrass me." If you suddenly hear someone coming and hide in Gizz’s locker, go to part C.
  2. 2. From the instruction manual: Welcome, to the magical world of the TTM, the Theatre Time Machine. We are very glad to know that someone has opened this book and is about to discover how to act, sing, dance, and much more! You may even want to beat some of your enemies in the audition for a musical, or even a talent show. Simply hold the packing peanut that is colored read and get inside of this mechanism and as you hold the peanut say to yourself Theres no adventure like performing and of you go! Sorry to say, the TTM does not let you choose the time or place you go to- it chooses itself. It may take you to somePart B place like Beethovens performance, or the firstBy Ella performance of Romeo and Juliet. You can never be positive if you will a member of the audience or performing yourself. Once you get to your destination leave the box where it landed and go about your business. When the time comes hold the red packing peanut and say Theres no thing like performing once more- but dont forgot, only the red packing peanut works for this. I must warn you that other people might be already in the TTM and there is a chance you might encounter somebody from your own time period. If you choose to use the TTM, go to Part D If you choose not to use the TTM, go to Part E
  3. 3. Jasmine jumped into Gizzs locker. Eww! What was she sitting in? Jasmine looked down to try and see. It was some kind of syrup. Now something hit her in the head. It was the syrupy substance again. Jasmine hoped that who ever was outside would leave soon so she could get out of the locker. "Jasmine! where are you?" Oh no, it was Kira, a girl in her P.E class. "Are you in here? There is no use hiding from the mile run."Part C Jasmine had to get out of Gizzs locker. She heard footsteps getting farther away, and when she heardBy Harriet the hall door close, she sprung out, still holding the box. She put Gizzs "time machine" in her own locker and then ran out to P.E. When P.E was over she hurriedly put the box in her backpack and ran out. At lunch she hid in a corner of the library and opened the box once more to see that the actual machine was gone but the instructions were still there! In the box was more of the syrupy substance that she had found in Gizzs locker! This was very peculiar! If you taste the syrupy substance, go to Part F. If you decide to throw the whole thing away, got to Part G.
  4. 4. Shoving the instructions into her pocket, Jasmine reached into the box and sorted through a great number of peanuts of all sorts of colors—some colors she had never seen before and had no words to describe. After some debate about a crimson- tinted peanut, she finally found what was undoubtedly a red packaging peanut. “There‟s--there‟s no thing like performing” she said quietly. “I‟M SORRY, I COULDN‟T CATCH THAT,” said a booming, robotic voice, seeming to come from the peanut itself.Part D “There‟s nothing like performing!” yelledBy Sabrina Jasmine, quite annoyed at this point. A loud crash entered her ears and seemed to bounce around her skull until she lost consciousness. When she awoke, she saw only a flower in a field. It was such a vibrant orange, with petals like raindrops… It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She couldn‟t decide whether to pick the flower or let it sit in peace-- either option was dreadful in its own way. To leave it there, never to be seen again by Jasmine‟s eyes, or to take it away from its peacefulness… for some reason, the hardest decision of her life was trying to decide whether or not to pick that flower. If you pick the flower, go to Part H If you don’t pick the flower, go to Part I
  5. 5. The kids cheered, but Jasmines heart fell to her stomach. She was no expert in any of these subjects! But as she walked to get a drink of water, she saw Gizz running with a box labelled DO NOT OPEN, and dropped it in a small hole in the gym wall. Jasmine curiously walked to the box and opened it. Inside were a bunch of gizmos and gadgets. She Part E picked up a paper and looked. On it was a By Akhila blueprint of... a human? Jasmine frowned, and took the box into a secret place under some stairs. Sighing, she put the boxJasmine put the box back in the locker and walked down. Suddenly, a raspy voice echoed in her head,away to gym class. In her mind though, "You know you want it... dahhling"pictures of what she could do with the TheaterTime Machine floated in her head. She shook Jasmine stopped and looked around. A small catthem out her mind and opened the door to the darted into the room looked at her, and said,locker room, changed, then walked into the gym "Follow me." It darted of as quickly as it came.class, where the coach was informing the kids about Jasmine looked from the hallway to the cat, as it ranthe upcoming unit. into to the gym.He cleared his throat and said, "Well, you lucky If you want to follow the cat, go to part Jkids do not get a PE unit this time. You guysinstead have the choir teacher, drama teacher, and If you want to examine Gizzs box more closely, go tothe creative arts teacher help you with your projects part Kfor the talent show."
  6. 6. “S@$4,” Jasmine moaned out. Part F By Selin “What?” her mom asked yet another question.“Om nom nom,” Jasmine said as she tasted the Jasmine couldn‟t answer, for she had passed out onsyrupy substance. It tasted sweet, like lemons and the floor.sugar. Jasmine immediately finished all of thesyrupy substance and decided to give it a name. “911! 911! What‟s the number for 911? Wait, IThis stuff should be called, S@$4, because it tastes like remember it now.” Jasmine‟s mom quickly dialedsugar that is sold at $4 stores, she thought. 911, asking for an ambulance. Jasmine stood up and walked out of the The ambulance screamed up to the door a couplelibrary, taking the box with her. There were only a of minutes later. The paramedics rushed into thefew drops of S@$4 left, which Jasmine immediately house and lifted Jasmine onto a stretcher, carryingate. She grabbed her backpack and ran her out of the house and into the ambulance, whichhome, feeling a bit queasy. As she ran, she felt speeded off towards the hospital, leaving Jasmine‟ssicker, like she was going to throw up. As soon as mom alone again.she reached her house, she opened the door and ranto the bathroom, throwing up in the toilet. “Where am I?” Jasmine asked, looking around as she woke up. One of the paramedics stabbed her in“Jasmine? Is that you?” her mom asked, coming the arm with their finger. “Ow, what was that for?”towards the open bathroom door. she asked.Jasmine moaned out a yes. “I needed to test and see if your nervous system was damaged.”“Oh my, what happened?” her mom asked in theperfect imitation of those creepy moms that are “Well I can tell you that my nervous system isshowed on TV, the ones that seem to be living in perfectly fine right now, thank you. Why am Ithe past all the time. here?”
  7. 7. “You passed out at your house.” Suddenly, the whole room spontaneously combusted, fire roaring from the air conditioning“What? I only got home a minute ago!” thingy in the corner. Jasmine shrieked like a little girl and ran around, trying not to catch on fire. Jasmine looked around and saw that the door was“Well, your mother called and said that you had completely free of fire. Running, Jasmine headedpassed out, so here you are. We‟re at the hospital towards the door, and then doubled over coughingnow, so shush.” after she exited the room. Jasmine threw up on the floor and continued running, other patients“Have you eaten anything weird lately?” a nurse scurrying to get away.asked as Jasmine was loaded onto another stretcherand brought into a clean room. Jasmine spotted an old lady standing near the door of her room, unable to go any further due to theJasmine nodded. “I ate some S@$4 a couple minutes way she was shackled to the bed, like a dog.ago,” she confessed. Jasmine could see that the old lady was about to catch on fire.“S@$4?” If you talk to the old lady, go to part L“Yeah, I have some right here.” Jasmine handed thenurse a small speck of S@$4 that had been on her If you try to save the old lady, go to part Mfinger. The nurse immediately took it and rushedout of the room, going to go test to see what theS@$4 really was.Jasmine lay on the bed, waiting for the nurse tocome back. Then, abruptly, she heard a loud hissingsound. Curious, Jasmine stood up from herbed, still feeling a bit dizzy, and walked around theroom, trying to find the source of the noise.
  8. 8. Jasmine didn‟t know what to do with the syrupy stuff, but knew that she would get in trouble if someone caught her with it, so she just threw away the “time machine box.” It felt good to get rid of someone else‟s property. Jasmine still had to think about what to do about the talent competition, though. She didn‟t want to get embarrassed like last time. Maybe Gizz would think of another way to humiliate her. Oh well; she was just going to have to toughen up. On the way to her last class, Latin, Jasmine decidedPart G that maybe her friend Mica could teach her a talent. Maybe she could learn to play the piano, or singBy Shriya and maybe even dance. Learning to draw and paint would be a dream come true. Jasmine‟s spirits rose as these ideas swarmed around her head. She was feeling awesome until she reached her Latin class… and that‟s when she froze with fear as she saw Gizz. Her worst mortal enemy. He was talking to one of his friends. Anger stirred inside her as if the world was going to explode. If you decide to talk to Gizz, go to Part O If you decide to run back and find the time machine, go to part N If you find the time machine and decide to use it, go to part D.
  9. 9. Jasmine did not know what he meant, but nodded anyway, and he let her inside. She walked along a long corridor. At the end there was a throne and Part H sitting in it was a chipmunk. "I believe that you are By Harriet here because you picked the sacred flower of Eutamias amoenus,” said the chipmunk. “Are you aware that there are serious consequences forAfter pondering this question for a long time that?"Jasmine decided to pick the flower so that she couldremember its beauty. Jasmine still couldn‟t believe this was real. Instead of answering the king‟s question, she asked, "WhereAs she picked it, she heard a loud booming voice is this place?"similar to the robotic one from the peanutshouting,"You have picked the sacred flower and "Cant you see that I was talking?" huffed thenow you shall pay!!!!!!!" chipmunk king. "Besides, you have to know we are in a wonderful place that you can only get to byThis took Jasmine by surprise and she could not get using a TTM."out of the way before she was hit by a swarm ofchipmunks that came out of nowhere. "Protect the "I thought that it was a time machine," said Jasmine.flower! Protect the flower!" they chanted as theyscooped Jasmine up and carried her away. "Yes,” said the king, “a THEATER time machine.” He waved his paw around. “This is like a play thatWhen the finally set her down they had come to a you may see in a THEATER, but much bettertown. This is a very strange place, thought because it is also like real life.” He squinted at her.Jasmine. At the time she did not think about it but “You must have not finished the instructions.the chipmunks were about the same height as shewas! You‟ve done „theater‟ and „machine‟ but not „time,‟ so go on now and work out how to get time."They dumped her outside of a largebuilding, where there was a guard who asked, "Areyou here to see the king?"
  10. 10. And so Jasmine left the palace, dug the instructionsout of her pocket, and began to read again. Sherealized that there was an afterwards that explainedhow to get the „time‟ element to work. She was stillholding the flower and decided to leave it, so thatshe did not get into any real trouble (the chipmunkking was easily distracted, but she didn‟t want tofind out what the consequences were—even if thiswere just a play).The way to get „time‟ was to turn a dial on themachine and say “cookybullitsaya-chipmunkandwentintothe-futurewithafrog” whileholding down a button. Jasmine did this and felt asimilar sensation to when she had gone to thechipmunk land, but this time when she awoke shelooked around and saw that she was backstage ather school‟s theater. She knew it was her schoolbecause all the equipment around her had„property of‟ labels with her school‟s name added.As she was trying to figure out what to do, sheheard voices onstage.If you go see what’s happening onstage, go to part QIf you try to use some of the equipment around you, go topart SIf you leave the theater and head for gym class, go to partE
  11. 11. Gordan wasnt quite as nice as all the other kids thought. "So where are we, then?" she asked him. Part I "You read the manual. Youre going to be in the first By Sela showing of Romeo and Juliet. Break a leg," Mr. Gordan said with an evil smile as he clutched his Jasmine sat in a far corner of the field, and was red packing peanut. "Theres no adventure likeadmiring the flower when she heard a voice performing," he said, and was off in an instant.say, "Well, if you want to go anywhere youve gotto at least stand up." Now, despite wanting to be a performer, Jasmine had terrible stage fright; even she knew this aboutJasmine knew exactly who it was. "You are the herself. However, she also knew that she had toworst packing peanut ever!" she shouted. learn something while she was here so found her way across the flower field to an outdoor theater"You probably dont even know where you are yet. she swore hadn‟t been there when she landed.And if you turned around, you would know Imnot the packing peanut." When she got there, a tall man noticed her red packing peanut and pulled her aside. "Do you wantCould it be? Jasmine wondered. Could Gizz have to be in the audience?" he asked, noticing Jasminereally been sent to the same place as me? Is it really trembling with fear.possible?" Jasmine nodded. The man slipped a ticket intoJasmine turned around, prepared to see Gizzs face her hand. "Dont tell anybody about this--most ofbut, instead, saw Mr. Gordan, standing at the edge them have to pay a fortune."of the field. He was wearing some hideous costumeand behind him was a group of about a Nodding again, Jasmine hurried into the theater.hundred other people in similar costumes. She was busy looking around at all of the decorative artwork when she heard the stageJasmine was getting the feeling she was going to be manager calling, "Red peanut! RED PEANUT!!!!!"in a performance. She also had the feeling that Mr.
  12. 12. Jasmine stared down at her red peanut (which wassuspiciously silent) and just knew it had to be herhe was calling. She stumbled through the busycrowd and went over to the manager, who turnedout to be the same man who had given her theticket."Our lead actress just backed out- and we need youto take her place," he said."You mean you want me to play Juliet?" Jasminewas honored and horrified at the same time."Will you?"Jasmine knew what she had to do.If you agree to play Juliet, go to part QIf you don’t want to play Juliet, go to part S
  13. 13. she saw a town below her; a town divided into two sections. One side looked like a paradise, and the Part J other looked like… well, let‟s just say not very By Liv pleasant.Slowly, Jasmine started creeping after the cat, and Discovering that if she swung her feet down, shesaw that he was walking towards a wall. Right went lower in the air, Jasmine decide to land on thewhen the cat was going to hit the wall he paradise side. As she came down over a park full ofdisappeared! big, quiet trees, green grass, and flowers, she saw the cat; it was also landing in the park.“Oh my gosh! How did he do that?!” Jasmineexclaimed aloud, a quiver in her voice. She was As he landed, the cat nodded to the man standingstarting to have second thoughts about this. Maybe on the flowery grass, welcoming visitors toshe should just get out of here and grab lunch at paradise. He was wearing a long, flowy robe, like aSubway. toga, and he was completely bald. “Thank you Winston,” said the cat to the man.Then she thought of Gizz, and how he alwayslaughed at her and told her, “Don‟t be such a “You‟re welcome Gizz,” said the strange manbaby!” named Winston.Jasmine clenched her fists and took a step forward. “Oh my goodness! Is Gizz is a cat?!” Jasmine said to“I‟ll do this,” she grumbled to herself, “but that cat herself in a half scream-whisper. Touching downowes me a lunch, after.” behind a tree, she peeked out at the cat, who was still talking to the man. “It can‟t be Gizz,” sheStepping through the wall, she saw the most muttered to herself. “That‟s bologna.” She still feltpeculiar sight. The cat was flying, and so was she! doubtful, though.Everything was flying, even her socks! WhenJasmine finally got up the courage to look down,
  14. 14. Jasmine debated for a while, then thought aboutmaking a trap for the cat that was supposedlynamed Gizz. She wasn‟t sure about it, though. Howwould it even work? Maybe she should just talk toWinston once the cat had gone.If you decide to set a trap, go to part WIf you decide to talk to Winston, go to part TIf you decide to pick a flower, go to part H
  15. 15. Poking through the gizmos in Gizz‟s box, Jasmine pulled out something that looked like blue steel, with a lens on one end. Looking through the lens at the wall next to her, Jasmine gasped. She could see right through the wall! Right into the girls‟ locker room--and was that Gizz? Right next to Jasmine‟s locker? Slowly the view through the wall started to fade. Jasmine couldn‟t let it fade; she needed to know what Gizz was doing near her locker. But there was nothing she could do about it—the lens didn‟t work anymore. Maybe because she wasn‟t Gizz. JasminePart K started to cry. She wanted answers and she wantedBy Khadija them NOW!, but she knew moping around would not help. Standing up with total confidence, Jasmine decided to search for the cat instead of messing with the box. When she peered down she saw golden pawprints on the floor leading to the High School Conditioning room. She hated going in there, with all the ugly sweaty boys. "GROSS!" she thought. But she knew what she had to do. If you go into the conditioning room, go to part V If you head for the girls’ locker room, go to part U If you see the cat and decide to follow it, go to part J
  16. 16. “Goodness only knows what she‟s hallucinating now.” Part L “She said we were about to burn up,” said the bed. By Rebecca (inspired by Hannah) “You are in so much trouble, I can‟t even begin to “You have to get out of here!” Jasmine shouted to describe it,” the old lady told the bed, then turnedthe old lady as the flames started licking around the to Jasmine. “Jasmine, there is no fire. You are in thefeet of the hospital bed. “If we both grab the bed, school library, where you collapsed after tasting thewe can carry it with us!” temporeplasm.”Before she could grab the bed, though, the old lady It was hard for Jasmine to think over the roar of theturned to it and said, “Now look what you‟ve done, fire. Why wasn‟t she running away?Gizz.” “…Hallucinating?” she managed, casting a glance around at the inferno. The curtains at the end of theOh lord, she’s insane, thought Jasmine. That must be corridor were no more than an ashy web and thewhy she was locked to the bed; so she couldn‟t vinyl floor tiles were bubbling as they melted fromwander away. “You‟re about to burn up!” Jasmine the heat, but somehow the fire had not reachedscreamed. “We have to get out of here!” them yet.“Well, how was I supposed to know she‟d taste the “You tasted the temporeplasm from the timetemporeplasm?” the bed complained. machine,” the old lady explained. “The time machine that Gizz—” she glared at the bed, “—stole from me in the future, where we both belong.”Jasmine blinked, hands frozen before they couldtouch the bed. Oh no. Now she was going insane!The fire crackled hungrily about them, the light “Who are you?” Jasmine wanted to run. Every fibershifting in shades of red and orange. Her skin felt of her being told her to run, but by now, there wastight and hot. no escape. The flames were encircling them, as if saving the best for the last.“Well, she did,” the old lady said to the bed.
  17. 17. “Mr. Gordan, of course. Gizz came to get me whenhe heard you‟d collapsed—the only good thing he‟sdone in three days.” Again the old lady glared atthe bed. “He knew I was the only one who couldhelp you. Temproreplasm was never meant to beeaten—it‟s part of the activation mechanism for thetime machine. If you ingest it, your body tries to goto all sorts of different times at once, which ofcourse it can‟t do. The pressure starts scramblingyour brains, and you get hallucinations.“Here.” She held out her wrinkly, liver-spottedhand. “Take my hand. If you can focus enough tohear me, maybe my touch can anchor you enoughto bring your mind back to our reality.”If you take the old lady’s hand, go to part PIf you turn and run, go to part R
  18. 18. feeling it got when the world grew quiet beneath the gentle, cold quilt of snow. Part M Why wasn‟t she colder, though? She‟d only been By Rebecca (inspired by Hannah) wearing a hospital gown. Looking down at herself, Jasmine saw that she was now wearing a“Quick!” Jasmine shouted to the old lady. “Get on heavy, full-length coat of white fur. Her feet werethe bed and I‟ll push it!” Thank goodness, the bed warm in wool-lined boots, and her hands werehad wheels. deep in shearling mittens. All of which Jasmine was glad for, but…where heck was she? What had happened?Tremblingly, the old woman crawled onto the cotwith Jasmine‟s help. The fire roared aroundthem, hot and hungry. People were screaming and Since there seemed nothing for it, she startedglass was shattering. They had to get out fast! walking, her feet crunching in the snow, the flakes still soft and cold against her face. Through the trees ahead she thought she could see a light—aJasmine grabbed the end of the bed, then abruptly warm, yellow light rather high up; adoubled up as another searing cramp ripped building, perhaps? Ducking under a dark bough ofthrough her. She threw up once again— spruce, careful not to disturb its layer of snow, she stepped into a clearing and saw a wrought ironAnd when she looked up, the fire was gone. Not lamppost rising improbably from the drifts.only was the fire gone, but the old lady wasgone, the bed was gone, and the hospital was gone. Jasmine blinked. This was all…a little too familiar.In fact, she was outside, in a forest…and it was Where had she seen this before…? She was justfreezing. trying to think when she heard snow crunching beneath feet, and before she could turn and run, aJasmine‟s head spun. On her cheeks she could feel faun appeared in the lamplight.the soft, cold kisses of snowflakes, the evergreenboughs about her drooped beneath white scarves of “Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” Jasmine said.snow, and her breath misted white as the flakes. She looked at the faun. “Mr. Tumnus, right?”Everything had that mysterious, not-quite-real
  19. 19. Jasmine put her hand to her head, as if trying toThe faun wrinkled his brow. “Who? Just how many keep all the information in and force some sensetimes have you thrown up, Jasmine?” out of it. “What was that word you said? Tempore- something? And who are you, really?”Well. That wasn‟t in the book. “Uh…what?” “I‟m Mr. Gordan, and we are currently in the school“Thrown up.” Coming nearer, the faun peered into library, where you collapsed after you ate theher eyes before she could back away. “It‟s the only temporeplasm from the time machine—which wasway to get the temporeplasm out of your system. stolen from me by Gizz, though that‟s anotherThe more you throw up, the closer you‟ll come to story.getting back to your own reality. Where are younow?” “Anyway, temporeplasm is the mechanism by which the time machine works, and it isn‟t meant to“Uh…Narnia, I think.” be ingested. Instead of taking your body to other times, it just takes your mind, which leads to super- realistic hallucinations. And I‟m afraid there‟s noThe faun blinked. “Really?” cure but throwing it back up. Here, take this.” He handed her a little bottle that said, „Drink me.‟ “It“Well, there‟s snow, a lamppost, and you‟re a faun. won‟t be pleasant, but it will make you throwI‟m thinking yes. Are you going to ask me to tea?” up, and we‟ll get you back to your true reality.”“Tea and temporeplasm unfortunately don‟t mix,” If you drink the potion, go to part Uthe faun said with a sigh. “It‟ll probably take you toa British manor house where a murder has just If you don’t drink the potion, go to part Tbeen committed in a locked room atChristmastime, or something. No, I‟m afraid you‟lljust have to hang on until you‟ve thrown it all up.But if you‟re in a good hallucination now, itshouldn‟t take much more.”
  20. 20. "Shes right," Ashley said to her friends, and they went running off to Mr. Gordan‟s room. Part N By Sela Jasmine looked through the garbage but the box was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, she was so desparate to find it that she didnt hear Gizz coming up behind her.Jasmine raced back to the trash can in front of "Nice try," he said smugly.Gizzs disgusting, syrupy locker, only to findAshley and all of her friends standing in front ofit, talking. Jasmine needed the box and instructions Jasmine whirled around and saw Gizz holding upbefore she would know how to find the machine! the time machine. Then he walked up to his locker, opened it, reached inside, and pulled out the box."Hi," Ashley said to Jasmine. All of her friends "Thats not going to work," he said.started laughing again. "What happened to yourpants?" "Is that even legal? To own time machines, I mean." Jasmine was skeptical."Uh... nothing..." Jasmine stammered. How couldshe get to garbage? "You know, Ashley, Mr.Gordan told me that someone dropped out of the Gizz just smiled an evil smile. Then his phone rang.talent competition, and he needed someone who "Yes?" Gizz answered. "Oh, hi... yeah... ofcould sing and dance. I told him that if anyone course, youre the police... no it couldnt be a bettercould do it, it was you." time..." Jasmine knew now was the time. If you grab the time machine, go to part V If you grab the phone, go to part W
  21. 21. dumbly at the spot where Gizz had been. Nobody else seemed to have noticed Gizz vanish, not even the person he had just been talking to. But everyone Part O present noticed when Jasmine toppled into a desk and yelled randomly. Scornful stares arced from all By Hannah directions as the other students glared at her. “Nice move, idiot,” someone sneered. A slight snarl curled Jasmine‟s face. Here was thesource of this disturbing and bizarre day, standing “See a ghost? Maybe the ghost of your deceasedright here in front of her. Even if Mica did teach her brain?” another girl cackled, inciting laughter froman amazing talent, this stupid, selfish, cruel moron everyone else.Gizz would probably figure out a way to ruin thetalent show for her-- and therefore the rest of theschool year. “G-G-Gizz!” she spluttered, still pointing. “Gizz was right there! But he just… disappeared!!”This had to end. Now. “Um… sure,” snickered a boy from the corner.Taking a steadying breath, Jasmine marched acrossthe Latin classroom to where Gizz was holding “And just who is this “Gizz”, exactly?” Gizz‟scourt with his following of idiotic cronies. She was friend said, sketching air quotes around the namebehind him, mere inches away, and he didn‟t seem of the person he‟d just been talking have noticed her approach. She reached out ahand to tap him on the shoulder and give him a Jasmine‟s mind was a whirl of confusion. She hadpiece of her mind, but before she could do to get out of there. Racing for the door amid furtherso, something very unusual happened. torrents of laughter, she staggered down the now- empty hallway, pausing at the end. A desertedGizz abruptly vanished. classroom, used only for periodic parent seminars, lay ahead of her. She lurched into it, seeking somewhere dark and quiet to figure out what theJasmine staggered backward and crashed into a heck was going on.desk, horror and confusion lancing through hermind. She let out a wordless yell of shock, pointing
  22. 22. She shut the door behind her, plunging the room “It‟s all the fault of that idiotic child, Gizz,” Gordaninto total blackness. This was better. Nobody would said, half to himself. Seeing Jasmine‟s blankfind her in here. She stumbled to the most distant expression, he elaborated. “He found my timecorner of the room and sat with her back against the machine, you see, and he‟s been going back in forthwall, her head in her hands. A tear trickled down in time, altering history left and right. At theher cheek. Nothing made sense! Why had this day moment, you‟re in one of the alternate realities heturned out so strange? And what had happened to created, in which he himself does not exist.”Gizz?? Seeing Jasmine‟s blank face, he smiled reassuringly.“Oh, dear,” said a familiar voice from the darkness. “I know, it‟s rather complicated. You should try“Stumbled upon an alternate reality, have we?” taking my Advanced Temporal Theories class in your senior year. We talk about this sort of thing allJasmine screamed, leaping to her feet as adrenaline the time.” He took a large watch out of hissurged through her. She felt along the wall behind pocket, looked at it for a moment, and put it backher for a light switched, found one, and flicked it in. “Time is running short,” he muttered. “I‟d betteron. explain this quickly…”On the other side of the room, regarding her “Explain what?” Jasmine interrupted. “Can yousadly, was Mr. Gordan. please tell me what‟s going on here??”“Wh-what?” breathed Jasmine. “A bit,” said Gordan. “Basically, some sort of anomalous temporal bubble, possibly created by“An alternate reality. You‟ve been tripping over you touching the temporeplasm--”them all day,” sighed Gordan. “Or didn‟t younotice that your friend Ashley didn‟t find it strange “The what?” asked Jasmine with a frown.when I appeared in front of you earlier today?” “Temporeplasm. A side product of time travel.“I…I guess I didn‟t…” stammered Jasmine in Remarkably similar to syrup. Anyway, you touchedresponse, sinking back to the floor. Gordan took a the temporeplasm in Gizz‟s locker, correct?”seat next to her.
  23. 23. Jasmine nodded weakly.“Well, I believe it‟s caused you to be immune to theeffects of Gizz‟s messing with the space-timecontinuum. While the world changes around youaccording to his influence, you remain the same, the “Gizz. He‟s from the future too. Didn‟t you everonly one aware that anything strange has wonder why he had such an unusual name?”happened. I myself am the same way, ofcourse, having invented the Theatre Time Machine Jasmine hadn‟t ever wondered that. She just figuredmyself.” his parents had a weird sense of humor.“Why is it called the Theatre Time Mr. Gordan got to his feet, offering Jasmine a handMachine, anyway?” Jasmine inquired, trying to to help her up. “Now, I need your help to restoreprocess all this. “How does it have anything to do the universe to its proper state, and hopefullywith theatre?” rescue Gizz from his current unfortunate circumstances as well. Will you join me?”“I‟m from the future, you see,” he stated calmly, asthough merely saying he was from east Redmond. If you take his hand and agree, go to part P“And we are very interested in theater in my time.So I invented this time machine. Theater technicianswere supposed to be able to use it to study the If you scream “no way!” and run from the room, go toarchitecture of whatever time period the play came part Rfrom and create historically realistic sets andcostumes. It worked wonderfully, too, untilsomeone stole it.”“Who?” said Jasmine, caught up in the story like afly in a spider web.