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Emerging Technologies for Librarians: Keeping Up & Staying Fresh


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When technology changes at an explosive pace, how can librarians stay on top of what might be the next device to walk through the school doors? Jennifer Koerber will focus on 3-5 emerging technologies, their place in libraries, and how to stay on top of what’s coming next as a part of evolving ourselves as librarians. Participants will brainstorm ways to evolve all their strengths, skills and interests into the next big thing.

Presentation at the MA School Library Association's Digital Day of Learning

Published in: Technology
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Emerging Technologies for Librarians: Keeping Up & Staying Fresh

  1. 1. Emerging Technologies for Librarians Keeping Up & Staying Fresh January 8, 2016 Jennifer Koerber
  2. 2. CES Happening NOW in Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. 3. Fisher Price “Code-a-Pillar”
  4. 4. Intel Compute Stick Turns any HDMI display into a full PC Core M processor = $399 4 GB memory 64 GB storage Atom processor = $160 2 GB memory 32 GB storage
  5. 5. Oculus Rift (2016) 1992 Google Cardboard (2014)
  6. 6. The Vanishing Point by Ben Sollee (cellist) & Woodpenny
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Mobile WiFi Hotspot Lending
  9. 9. Keeping Up
  10. 10. What to Focus On? Library trends & standards Supporting library services… …on users’ own devices & on library devices Patron needs assessments Emerging technology trends General troubleshooting skills Soft skills - presenting, public speaking, customer service
  11. 11. The Usual Library Places MSLA, MLA, NELA and other local associations ALA & its divisions School Library Journal / Library Journal ACRL Guidelines, Standards & Frameworks
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Cast a Wide Net Library News Sources ALA TechSource ( International, national, state, and local library organizations Professional journals Mainstream News Sources New York Times Washington Post The Huffington Post The Atlantic The Economist Tech Quarterly Geek News Sources Gadgets & reviews - Gizmodo, Engadget, CNet, Gizmag News - Slashdot, ZDNet, TechCrunch, ArsTechnica, Hacker News on Conferences Library conferences Tech industry conferences
  14. 14. Tech Conferences Tech: CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Interop (general IT), Macworld, Velocity (web optimization), Defcon (security), NANOG (networks), LISA (sysadmin) Gaming conventions: E3, Gaming Developers Convention (GDC) Manufacturer release events: Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Google I/O, Microsoft’s Tech Ed
  15. 15. CES Happening NOW in Las Vegas, Nevada
  16. 16. Google I/O
  17. 17. Work Together Existing training classes on tech topics Drop-in gadget or petting zoo sessions “Bring a Thing” to meetings (show & tell) Peer training by other staff Attend public classes at your local library or other libraries “Class trips” to local retailers
  18. 18. Yes, Play at the Store
  19. 19. Online Training Gale Cengage Courses Goodwill Learn Free ( General Assembly Floqq (Spanish & Portuguese) New Horizons Udemy edX Khan Academy
  20. 20. T is for Training ( with Maurice Coleman of the Harford County (MD) Library System NCompass Live Weekly hour-long online show; occasional Tech Talks ( e/) Former librarians like Crystal Schimph and Kieran Hixon at Kixal ( Library-Oriented Training TechSoup for Libraries ( vents) Idealware ( training) ALA Online Workshops ( hops) Lead the Change from Library Journal ( the-change)
  21. 21. Library-Oriented Resources Computers in Libraries 2015 had an entire track on connecting to your community through technology; presentations available at #Track-B The Accidental Technology Trainer: A Guide for Libraries, Stephanie Gerding, Information Today Inc., 2007. The Tech Set, #1-10 (2010) and #11-20 (2012), ALA TechSource. From Set 1, Technology Training in Libraries by Sarah Houghton and Library Camps and Unconferences by Steve Lawson offer suggestions for training structures outside the norm.
  22. 22. Edutopia development-resources Education Innovator Chronicle of Higher Education Education-Oriented Resources
  23. 23. From Me Emerging Technologies: A Primer for Librarians, Jennifer Koerber & Michael P. Sauers, Rowman & Littlefield, 2015. “Manage the Device Deluge: Professional Development,” Jennifer Koerber, June 1, 2015 issue of Library Journal. services/manage-the-device-deluge-professional- development/
  24. 24. Resource Review! What resources do you already use to stay informed? Do you balance library-oriented and non-library resources? What sources of information do you have that you’ve never considered relevant before right now?
  25. 25. All On Library Time Show that professional development and staff technology proficiency are management priorities.
  26. 26. Staying Fresh
  27. 27. Me = Not a Geek Bachelors in Film and in English Library Science concentration in Youth Services and Public Libraries For fun: Beadwork Live music / dancing Writing Photography Technical theater Collage / assemblage
  28. 28. How You Get There Need-to-know basis Build on what you know Play – push the buttons The occasional class & workshop Become comfortable with discomfort (In other words, exactly what we tell patrons)
  29. 29. Be Realistic Start with current strengths & skills… Do the job, push yourself… Focus on your strongest, most passionate interests… … and find directions in which to grow. … and don’t force yourself to be what you’re not. … and stay aware of what else is out there.
  30. 30. Brainstorm! 3-2-1 Three skills you have outside of work. Two interests/subject areas you enjoy. One thing that really excited you today. Based on your lists, what possibilities do you see? Later today Pick one possibility and list what you need to follow up on it: training, research, money, time.
  31. 31. Thank you!Jennifer Koerber Trainer, Author, Consultant