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zeebox TV Room Overview

  1. 1. TV Rooms Overview
  2. 2. TV Rooms are community spaces that connect passionate TV fans with similar affinities.
  3. 3. 3 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 3 | © zeebox Ltd Users can easily interact with likeminded fans of their favorite shows in TV Rooms or create their own TV Rooms are community spaces that connect people with similar affinities around their favorite shows, characters, themes and more. TV Rooms can be created by networks, fans or brands with „official‟ status for networks. TV Rooms offer brands the opportunity to place themselves at the center of fun, passionate conversations about TV.
  4. 4. 4 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 4 | © zeebox Ltd Links, images and videos can be posted to create rich, vibrant TV Room conversations Link Image Video
  5. 5. Fans are interacting before, during & after the show and sharing related rich media, memes & more.
  6. 6. 6 | © zeebox Ltd The great press coverage around the TV Rooms launch is driving further momentum in the marketplace
  7. 7. 7 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 7 | © zeebox Ltd ACR allows viewers to ‘unlock’ the second screen for VOD viewers & engage ‘Spoiler-Free’ Twitter Replay ACR unlocks synchronous experiences for VOD and DVR content that has aired within 7 days. REPLAY allows viewers to replay the original tweet stream for shows previously aired within the last 7 days – spoiler free!
  8. 8. TV Rooms are the fun, easy way to bring talent and fans closer together within your show centric communities.
  9. 9. 9 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 9 | © zeebox Ltd Bravo celebrated the RHOC 100th Episode with a live TV Room chat with talent Experience • Bravo gathered talent in the official RHOC TV Room to celebrate its 100th episode • Andy Cohen, Alexis, Heather, Gretchen, Lydia & Tammy all chatted live with fans during the episode. • Official admins (and talent) were creating posts that fans could then comment on in the room. Promotion • On-screen promo driving to TV Room live chat. • Talent and network promotion across social accounts. • Pre-promotion across Facebook and Twitter, as well as zeebox email blast. • Show page widget to promote chat.
  10. 10. 10 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 10 | © zeebox Ltd La Voz Kids provided the ultimate fan experience Experience • Digital Reporter Kevin Aponte chatted live each week with fans in the final 3 weeks leading to the finale. • The finale featured both Kevin Aponte & host Jorge Bernal! • This activity drove a „halo effect‟ for LVK fan created rooms driving new memberships. Promotion • Custom TV Room on air promo drove fans to the event. • Social promotion across La Voz Kids official accounts. • Talent (re) tweeted leading into the show and from within the room with TV room link to drive awareness before and during the live chat.
  11. 11. Promoting your TV Rooms is key to growing membership. Here are a few on air examples.
  12. 12. Setting up your own TV Room chat is simple.
  13. 13. 13 | © zeebox Ltd Talent must login to zeebox with their Twitter handle. NOTE: Talent can tweet directly from TV room. 1 Share socially with Facebook, Twitter, Email or Direct Link Update posting permissions to Admin Only during live chat 5 easy steps to set up talent-driven TV room chats 3 Change name, description, image to promote TV room awareness. 2 Once talent logs in, send admin request to StephenS@zeebox.com Curate room by posting text, photos & rich media links to notify fans of live chat 4 5
  14. 14. Talent should update privacy settings so their activity is not visible to users 14 | © zeebox Ltd After Talent is logged in to zeebox, Click their name on the Top Right and choose Edit 1 3 4 Click Privacy Settings Choose Desired Privacy Settings 2 Click User Settings
  15. 15. 15 | zeebox @ Pinewood studios 15 | © zeebox Ltd 1. Notify fans of chat in prior week‟s episode and lead-in episode with cross show promo 2. Change TV room name, description & image to reflect live chat • Post within room for awareness & Make room “Official” 3. Change to admin posting only for organized chat threads 4. Talent to tweet from within TV room 15-30 minutes before chat start AND • Check-in [I‟m Watching] & Book to Watch 5. Talent to promote chat with fans across social media with TV room link 6. Branded network/show posts to include interactive rich media during chat • Unlock photos, caption contest, behind-the-scenes videos, etc. 7. On-screen CTA to take fans into the TV room experience • Deliver TV room vanity URL, zeebox branding, how-to & hashtags for trending 8. Encourage deeper engagement by including augmentations on show page • Play-along game, opinion polls, trivia contest, fun facts, custom zeetags, etc. • Create TV room launcher widget for carousel with engaging/provocative question(s) 9. Have talent reference poll results, their own play-along efforts, etc. in the TV room to close the participation loop with fans 10. Add cross show promo widget for the following week’s episode to drive return visits TV room chat best practices
  16. 16. Have questions? We’re here to help make your TV Rooms a success. Support: StephenS@zeebox.com Marketing: Jen@zeebox.com