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  1. 1. RESUMECONTACT ADDRESS: Globacom Unlimited 143, Ahmadu Bello way. Victoria Island, Lagos. JOSEPH-CHINEMEREM IFEOMA JENNIFER Tel: 0805 557 3463, 0705 557 3463 Email:, Objective: To obtain a position that can best utilise my current and past experience and will provide the opportunity for my personal growth and that of the establishment. Experience: March 2005 – Till Date Globacom Unlimited JOB TITLE: Customer Service Representative (Inbound calls) March 2005 – 2009 DEPARTMENT/UNIT Customer Services/Contact Center JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Promptly answer customer queries on phone and take customer complaints and satisfy them 2. Provide up to date, accurate and appropriate information to customers 3. Use all call handling courtesies at opening, during conversation and while ending the call 4. Update CRM systems for each interaction for building relationship with clients and providing a link for the next interaction 5. Carrying out campaigns from time to time
  2. 2. 6. Up selling VAS and enhancing revenues 7. Educate and promote new schemes and value added services 8. Seek inputs and update subscriber information as required 9. Log service requests for action 10.Generate leads and forward to sales function 11.Optimum utilization of CRM systems / tools 12.Project a sophisticated image of Globacom to subscribers 13.Follow Co processes and procedures and suggest improvements to improve / simplify 14.Provide customer feedback to management for improvement 15.Achieve set targets JOB TITLE Quality Assurance Specialists 2009 – 2012 DEPARTMENT/UNIT Customer Services/Customer Operations Development JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Monitoring customer service level – monitor and measure the level of service that individual CCRs are providing to Glo Customers by conducting regular weekly quality assessments using various methods – side by side, remote, recorded calls. 2. Providing qualitative feedbacks – provide feedbacks to CCRs in terms of the level of service they are delivering. Also provide feedback to management.
  3. 3. 3. Providing quantitative feedbacks – provide and send quality assessment scores to the management on weekly basis. 4. Maintaining records – maintain detailed up to date records of all quality assessment sheets of individual CCRs in files and on excel spread sheets. 5. Coaching – conduct coaching based on the outcome of their quality assessments 6. Identifying training needs – highlight training needs amongst the CCRs to the trainers. 7. Championing Customer Service in the Call Centre – champion Customer initiatives by promoting the delivery of exceptional Customer Care in the Call Centre and raise the awareness of Customer Service issues in the Call Centre. 8. Highlighting poor Customer Service – highlight poor Customer Service which they come across while conducting Quality Assessment, e.g. instances where CCR was rude or has not followed standard processes and procedures. This needs to be reported to the management. 9. Highlighting issues and trends immediately (real time) – highlight issues and trends which they have identified as new and developing in the Call Centre. 10.Conducting and attending meetings – conduct and attend team meetings so that they can be up to date with current issues in the Call Centre.
  4. 4. JOB TITLE: Floor Manager (Inbound calls) 2012 – Till Date DEPARTMENT/UNIT Customer Services/Contact Center JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Monitor quality of response to customers 2. Monitor performance on key areas on line and take corrective action on SOS basis 3. Ensure timely training of staff 4. Ensure systems are in working condition 5. Lead team members, coach or mentor them 6. Staff’s understanding of systems and their ability to operate them 7. Optimum utilization of CRM systems / tools 8. Timely escalation of important issues to Supervisor that may affect delivery of service or staff 9. Provide management with regular performance reports 10. Monitor trends and take appropriate actions (In conjunction with Supervisor) to improve on performance and productivity 11. Ensure availability of staff / discipline at all times and work along with them 12. Execute roaster effectively 13. Keep the team motivated and provide support when ever required 14. Provide customer feedback to management as also suggest for process improvements / simplification 15. Conflict resolution 16. Ensure all key parameters are met on a regular basis 17. Effectively implement business campaigns
  5. 5. 18. Provide administrative assistance to the team as well as receive calls min 2/3 rd of the time 19. Work as a role model for the team July 04 – March 2005 V.G.C. Telecommunication JOB TITLE: Credit Control Executive DEPARTMENT/UNIT Crediting JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Maintain procedures and monitor activities for efficient and accurate end-to-end billing and collection process. 2. Ability to achieve collection targets set by management. 3. Maintaining accurate and timely billing and dispatch of all customers’ invoices. 4. Completing all key billing reconciliations on a timely basis. 5. Ability to investigate billing errors, discrepancies and frauds in billing. 6. Able to effectively resolve disputes with customers. 7. Maintain effective controls over credit management. 8. Complete all key collection reconciliations on a timely basis. 9. Able to develop and provide reports on billing and collections at short notice to management on a regular basis.
  6. 6. Feb 04 – July 04 Perms and Temps Recruitment Consultants JOB TITLE: Client Service Executive DEPARTMENT/UNIT Recruitment JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Using sales, business development, marketing techniques and networking in order to attract business from client companies; 2. Working towards targets that may relate to the number of candidates placed, a value to be billed to clients or business leads generated; 3. Building relationships with clients; 4. Developing a good understanding of client companies, their industry, what they do and their work culture and environment; 5. Advertising vacancies appropriately by drafting and placing adverts in a wide range of media, e.g., newspapers, websites, magazines; 6. Using social media to advertise positions, attract candidates and build relationships with candidates and employers; 7. Headhunting - identifying and approaching suitable candidates who may already be in work; 8. Using candidate databases to find the right person for the client’s vacancy; 9. Receiving and reviewing applications, managing interviews and creating a shortlist of candidates; 10. Requesting references and checking the suitability of
  7. 7. applicants before submitting their details to the client; 11. Briefing the candidate about the responsibilities, salary and benefits of the job in question; 12. Preparing CVs and correspondence to forward to clients in respect of suitable applicants; 13. Organising interviews for candidates as requested by the client; 14. Informing candidates about the results of their interviews; 15. Negotiating pay and salary rates and finalising arrangements between client and candidates; 16. Offering advice to both clients and candidates on pay rates, training and career progression; 17. Reviewing recruitment policies to ensure effectiveness of selection techniques and recruitment programmes. Aug 01 – July 03 Clembet Business Solutions Limited, Aba, Abia State JOB TITLE: Marketing Executive DEPARTMENT/UNIT Marketing JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Analysing and investigating price, demand and competition 2. Devising and presenting ideas and strategies 3. Promotional activities
  8. 8. 4. Compiling and distributing financial and statistical information 5. Writing reports 6. Monitoring performance. 9 July 00 – 8 July 01 N.Y.S.C – Yenogoa Local Government Area, Bayelsa State JOB TITLE: Personnel Officer/ PA to the HPM DEPARTMENT/UNIT Personnel JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Recruited, Placed and Retained 15 Temporary Workers in the Local Government. 2. Supervised the payment of Salaries and Wages. 3. Played an active role in the compensation Management of the Local Government. 4. Prepared correspondence, documents, invoices, including L.G Materials for payment of trainers. 5. Prepared meetings and corresponded with member Representative on upcoming meetings. 6. Worked with the Public Relation Officer of the NYSC Bayelsa State to produce the NYSC Magazine 2001.
  9. 9. Skills Written and verbal communication Teamwork Commercial Awareness Attention to detail Time management (organisation) • communicating information and ideas clearly and accurately. • keeping your writing fresh and succint. • using appropriate language, style and writing methods when communicating with people depending on the situation. • anticipating what information will be needed by others. • prioritising team goals over individual goals • encouraging co-operation • having an awareness of the needs of others and responding flexibly • sharing information and ideas, and supporting team members to achieve goals • assigning or taking on clear roles and responsibility within the team • doing what you say you will • knowing how to talk to clients, establish their needs and spot opportunities • understanding how an organisation works and what internal/external elements have an influence on its business • taking time to understand what is going on in your chosen industry • Ensuring work is thoroughly checked without it being late • Following instructions carefully and accurately • Monitoring your work for errors • Prioritising your workload when you have multiple deadlines • Planning time to ensure tasks are delivered to a high standard and on time
  10. 10. Adaptability and Flexibility Leadership Customer focus / orientation Interpersonal effectiveness Planning and organising • Responding positively to change • Adapting to new situations quickly • Taking on a diverse range of tasks equally effectively • Leading a team • Delegating and motivating effectively • Encouragin input from others • Putting the group’s or organisation’s needs ahead of your own • Identifying customer needs and constraints • Seeking to find out more about customers and provide a better service • Delivering on promises • Adapting your behaviour to build relationships with a wide range of people • Influencing others through persuasion and encouragement • Prioritising and planning the efficient use of resources • Monitoring progress against objectives and responding to unforeseen events Educational History 2001 – 2002 • Computer Training Clembet Business Solutions Limited Aba – Abia State. 1995 – 1999 • Sociology and Anthropology (2 nd Class Upper Division) University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  11. 11. 1994 – 1995 • SSCE - Senior School Certificate Examination 1987 – 1992 • WASC - Girl's Secondary School, Abayi-Umuocham Aba. 1981 – 1986 • FSLC - Tenant Road Primary School, Aba. • Ability to Introduce My Company where Necessary Research Work Evaluation of Public Relations as a tool for Organizational Growth (A Case study of Nigeria Breweries Plc., Aba) Key Achievements And Responsibilities • The Best Graduating Student of Sociology & Anthropology Dept, UNN – 1999 • Department Vice President (1998 – 1999) • Member, Nigeria Sociology and Anthropology Students Association Hobbies: Swimming, Reading and Playing Computer Games. Personal History Gender: Female Date of Birth: October 6, 1978 Place of Birth: Aba, Abia State
  12. 12. State of Origin: Abia State Nationality: Nigerian Marital Status: Married References: Mr. Chidi Oyeka Globacom Unlimited 143, Ahmadu Bellon Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria , West Africa.