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Watearth Design of Post-Construction Structural BMPs


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Originally hosted by the Floodplain Management Association this Stormwater BMP Workshop series distills the latest research on the long-term effectiveness of stormwater quality BMPs and discusses the various types of BMPs as well as manufactured systems that are effective for various situations. You'll learn about the pollutant removal efficiencies of various BMPs, how to select and analyze BMPs for specific pollutant removal, and long-term maintenance requirements for various BMPs.

This workshop is beneficial for consulting engineers, water resource planners, engineers employed by local, state, or federal government agencies. Participants should have some experience in floodplain hydrology and hydraulics, and storm drainage.

Workshop topics include:
• Part 1 - Introduction to BMPs
• Part 2 - Design of Post-Construction Structural BMPs (this video)
• Part 3 - Analysis of BMPs
• Part 4 - Hands on SWMM Modeling
• Part 5 - Operations & Maintenance of LIDs
• Part 6 - Stormwater BMP O&M Cost

Course Benefits:
• Learn how to obtain multiple benefits from stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
• Learn how to calculate BMP performance for hydrology, hydromodification management, and water quality
• Learn how to specify stormwater quality BMPs that target specific pollutants of concern to maximize overall benefits and meet MS4 permit and local criteria requirements
• Cover design, analysis, and maintenance of a wide-range of BMPs, including: wet detention basins, first-flush capture, vegetated systems, bioretention and other Low Impact Development (LID) Integrated Management Practices (IMPs), filtration and infiltration methods, and stormwater wetlands
• Learn about commercially-available systems
• Receive information on long-term effectiveness and maintenance requirements of various BMPs

About the instructor: Jennifer J. Walker, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, QSD, President of Watearth, Inc. is one of the first engineers to receive the Diplomate, Water Resources Engineer certification. Walker has a Masters in Civil Engineering, is a Certified Flood Plain Manager, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states. Walker’s experience includes developing a California statewide Low Impact Development (LID) modeling tool for Phase II communities in collaboration with California State Sacramento’s Office of Water Programs, which is funded by the State Water Resources Control Board. Walker serves as LID technical expert on the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Green Infrastructure Tool and the San Francisco Bay Area Green Plan-It Master Plan in collaboration with the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Walker is also Principal developer of a model on behalf of the Texas Water Development Board to evaluate water conservation Best Management Practices statewide.

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