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Remove from your PC looks like a useful search engine at first sight; however, it is not true. Thus, if it happens that it appears on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox without your permission, you should definitely hurry to remove it.
The main reason why we suggest that you remove is the fact that it might expose you to malicious software. This might happen very quickly; it might be enough to click on its ads and sponsored links once. We do not think that you want to encounter malware, so we have prepared these slides in order to help you to remove

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Remove from your PC

  1. 1. How to remove it? guide
  2. 2. What is? • It is a suspicious search engine which might look decent at first sight. • It is often classified as a browser hijacker because it does not ask for a user’s permission to change the settings of browsers. guide
  3. 3. Why it is dangerous to keep it? It might provide you with unreliable third-party links that might redirect you to the websites that contain malware. Thus, you might heavily infect your computer if you decide to keep and search for the information using guide
  4. 4. Other information… Belongs to the same family as Sweet-page, V9, Qone8, Startsurf, and Webssearches Hijacks homepage and changes default search provider without permission Installs Quickstart and SupTab extensions without a user’s consent Changes the Target line, which means that it is difficult to remove it
  5. 5. How does it look like these days? Ads
  6. 6. How does it travel? It is very likely that this browser hijacker travels bundled with other programs. Thus, it would be smart to check whether there are no other threats on your system after the removal of guide
  7. 7. How to remove There are two ways to do that:  The manual method  The automatic method guide
  8. 8. The manual removal instructions You will find them if you visit: http://www.spyware- removal-guide This website also provides more information why you should remove this search engine
  9. 9. The automatic method • You have to acquire a trustworthy antimalware tool, such as SpyHunter. • You have to perform a full system scan. Keep in mind that there are many untrustworthy tools on the web, so you should carefully decide which tool to install! guide