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SearchLeeds 2019 - Jennifer Hoffman - The Business Value of Tech SEO


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In this talk I'll break down a top challenge SEO professionals experience in their day to day roles. I'll also provide 3 actionable takeaways to help you overcome this challenge allowing you to justify more budget and resource for your team.

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SearchLeeds 2019 - Jennifer Hoffman - The Business Value of Tech SEO

  1. 1. Jennifer Hoffman Marketing Director @_JHoff THE BUSINESS VALUE OF TECH SEO @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  2. 2. Key Finding: SEOs tend to have trouble showing the value of their work internally to stakeholders & decision makers. CUSTOMER INTERVIEWS @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  3. 3. Become customer obsessed Three Solutions Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  4. 4. Become Customer Obsessed. Think about your user journeys. @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  5. 5. CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19Img:
  6. 6. SPEED IMPACT @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19Img: Google Dev blog: How much revenue are you leaving on the table by having a slow site? Test your speed impact: $763k
  7. 7. SITE NAVIGATION & STRUCTURE @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19Img:
  8. 8. Understand Business Impact Metrics. What are the business goals? @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  9. 9. SEO METRICS @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19 Sessions/Users Domain Authority Number of links Rankings Pages/Sessions Crawl Errors Exit Pages Content Performance
  10. 10. BUSINESS IMPACT METRICS CR AOV LTV CAC Conversion Rate Average Order Value Lifetime Value Customer Acquisition Cost @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  11. 11. VISUALIZE THE DATA Data Studio Klipfolio Tableau Google Sheets Utilize a dashboard to visualize your work: @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  12. 12. DATA STUDIO @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  13. 13. KLIPFOLIO @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19Img:
  14. 14. Make Friends With Your Dev Team. What challenges can you solve together? @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  15. 15. EMBRACE THE DEVS @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  16. 16. DEV ALIGNMENT Understand how they prefer to work. Understand their current workflow. Identify opportunities to automate processes. Humanize things - Buy them a beer! How can you align your team with your Dev team? @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  17. 17. TOOLS A great way to reduce the friction with Devs, use workflow automation tools. @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  18. 18. DEV SURVEY Pain points: Not enough time Most Enjoyable: Problem solving Success Measurement: How much gets accomplished And working with SEO’s ….. Feedback about their jobs: (Sound familiar??) @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  19. 19. DEV SURVEY ‘ They annoy me! ’ @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  20. 20. Become customer obsessed See the bigger picture Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  21. 21. CLIENT CASE STUDY @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  22. 22. BIZ CHALLENGES Management: Revenue has dropped off Head of Marketing: Traffic has dropped off Customer: I can’t find what I’m looking for What happened? @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  23. 23. SEO CHALLENGES Diluted Authority Poor Site Navigation Not Secure/ HTTP Protocol Internationalizatio n Diagnosing the issue. @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  24. 24. THE RESULTS 42% YoY Increase in New Users 31% YoY & 60% MoM Increase in Organic Search Revenue @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  25. 25. The big winner! Direct business impact! @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19
  26. 26. Become customer obsessed Final Thoughts @_JHoff Report on business impact metrics Make friends with your Devs #SearchLeeds19
  27. 27. RESOURCES Ultimate Guide to Site Speed: DeepCrawl & John Mueller Webinar Recap: Zapier- Creating automated JIRA tickets: GDS Dashboards that Inform & Persuade: Case Study: @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19 Google Dev Blog- Why Performance Matters:
  28. 28. Jennifer Hoffman Marketing Director @_JHoff THANK YOU @_JHoff #SearchLeeds19