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Portfolio displaying interior design, photography, and art accomplishments beginning 2001-Present

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Design Portfolio

  1. 1. ClaSsRooM 1 CoAT friDGe interior design art
  2. 2. Portland, OR As the environment in which we live becomes increasingly 4800 FT2 digitized, our businesses and higher education institutions LEED Silver Project join the global community networked by our technologies, such as computers, software, and the internet. These Digital FriDge advances allow for greater, farther-reaching ConCept: Digital FriDge communication systems and various paperless activities. learning Center turning a reFrigerator Door into an interior spaCe These advances are changing our definitions of Non-profit facility classrooms, retail space, and libraries. Additionally, educating at-risk teenagers, such changes are affecting skill-sets required for many and those seeking to earn their GED professions today. The facility, which is intended to supplement a high school experience, will educate enrollees in the technical skills necessary for their future success, giving area at-risk youth both opportunity and a safe, communal environment to spend time in. Mechanics of a refridgerator = HVAC and solor energy systems The oval kitchen table = open lab and classrooms Refrigerator doors = building shell
  3. 3. LU 1C20 j6 mD r5 w d + Tree-Free Books: g e8 B A 3 s zvQk a paperless shopping/reading experience TRee-FreE boOks DigiTal bOoKstoRE hours this weeks’ • Computer stations for display and browsing m-f = 10Am-8Pm recommendations = sat+sun = 11Am-7Pm • Purchased merchandise is transmitted to customer through P a portable USB drive or email address • Program enrollees have access to retail database from learning facility for use as a digital library PROJECTOR UNDER TABLE GLASS PROJECTION SURFACE ELEV. RECEPTION RETAIL TRee-FreE boOks ENTRY DigiTal bOoKstoRE TREE-FREE BOOKS SIDEWALK
  4. 4. Collaborative learning environment: • Small class size supports a sense of safety for at-risk youth, allows teachers to address individual enrollee needs, while creating a platform for group learning situations • Group projects with members located internationally • Whiteboard paint turns walls into a writable, projection surface • Coat Fridge = storage; re-purposed refrigerators become a means for storing belongings while repurposing appliances ClaSsRooM 1 CoAT friDGe DBL. HEIGHT PROJECTION WALL EXIT EXIT fooD meNu DriNk meNu ClaSsRooM 1 CoAT friDGe
  5. 5. Kitchen table Open lab: oval form = table shape marmoluem flooring = table surface polished steel columns = legs • Proposed technology: Each computer screen is projected on wall, supporting an interactive work environment Rm Rm • Open environment of double-heighted space places 03 02 work on full display to rest of space KITCHEN TABLE LAB LOUNGE AREA DBL. HEIGHT SM. PROJECTION WALL CLASSROOM
  6. 6. Palm Springs, CA 12500 FT2 P.S. ConCePt: ConneCtion + tranSParenCy bookS + Cafe Reading and the internet are connections between people and places, which employ the ephemeral and the imaginary in order to create bridges across time and space. Palm Springs is a tourist and seasonal residential destination attracting adults and active seniors, with its central cultural and shopping areas located along South Palm Canyon Drive. After conducting first-hand site observations, our studio design task was to individually create spaces that bring a service or business to the area not currently provided. Neither a bookstore nor a cafe with either free wireless internet or computer stations existed. In an age when staying connected while traveling is increasingly important for vacationers, P.S. Books + Cafe bridges the mid-century getaway that is Palm Springs with the 21st century global world.
  7. 7. Whistler, BC “Smart VacatIon” 30250 FT2 LEED Gold Project • Eco-School: emphasizes education by offering lectures, classes, Hotel eco indoor/outdoor activities concept: Scale + Impact • Educator-In-Residence: Vacations are for adventure and experience. They are full of 3-6 month program in which a professional teaches at opportunity for learning, personal growth and perspective. Eco-School in exchange for hotel stay Imagine the scale of one traveler, the enormity of the ecological world, and the collective impact all of us share. • One week minimun guest stay • What, Why, How LEED Tours of hotel offered
  8. 8. Eco-School claSSroom and rEading arEa
  9. 9. San Francisco, CA canopIeS: 3100 FT2 Open Space • 3 Types: Standing, Group Sitting, Individual Sitting treaSure ISland • Cluster Formation: concept: engage 3 interfacing canopies per group, one each type park project Spending time in a park environment includes, sitting alone, sitting • Both opaque and translucent outdoor fabric used in groups, standing and recreational activity. These are pure, simple actions that engage people with one another and the outside world. Conceptualizing shelter in an open space such as Treasure Island, is an opportunity to provide not only necessary weather protection, but to provide a varied and attractive landscape for its visitors.
  10. 10. groove Hand renderIng
  11. 11. In Context Oil on Canvas 11x15” paIntIng Mind’s Eye Oil on Canvas 11x14” Once upon a time Oil on Canvas 12x12” Abstract Self Portrait If life is a season, I am winter Oil on Canvas, Plywood Oil on Canvas 24x48” 16x20”
  12. 12. pHotograpHy