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5th gr math staar review


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5th Grade Math STAAR jeopardy review

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5th gr math staar review

  1. 1.  Esther and her three sisters each picked a basket full of fruit. There were five times as many apples as oranges in the basket. There were three times as many oranges as pears in the basket. Which shows the number of each type of fruit in her basket? A. 5 apples, 15 oranges, 5 pears B. 15 apples, 5 oranges, 15 pears C. 30 apples, 6 oranges, 3 pears D. 30 apples, 6 oranges, 2 pears
  2. 2.  The numbers below all have what in common? 60, 240, 36, 180, 120 A. They are all divisible by 8 B. They are all divisible by 4 C. They are all divisible by 15 D. They are all divisible by 18
  3. 3.  Maria was helping her mom organize the pantry. There are 7 shelves in the pantry. Each shelf holds 18 cans of food. She has put a total of 53 cans on the shelves already. How many more cans will Maria be able to put on the shelves?
  4. 4.  The diagram below shows the route that Linda took to go from her house to the mall. Use the ruler from your math chart to measure this route to the nearest inch. House 2 inches=1 mile Mall If 2 inches represent 1 mile, which distance would represent the length of Linda’s route?
  5. 5.  Blanca was baking different cookies for the school bake sale. Blanca baked chocolate chip, oatmeal and sugar cookies. * She baked three dozen chocolate cookies. *She baked 24 more chocolate cookies than oatmeal cookies. *She baked 18 more sugar cookies than oatmeal cookies. How many sugar cookies did Blanca bake?
  6. 6.  Joe found the sum of 26 and 17, and then he found the difference of 26 and 17. What is the product of the sum and the difference?
  7. 7.  The print shop can print 74 books in one hour. It prints books for 8 hours a day. How many books can it print in 2 weeks?
  8. 8.  Tina counted the change in her purse. She had 14 nickels, 3 dimes, and 7 quarters. What is the value of Tina’s money?
  9. 9.  Ron was eating pizza with his friends. He ate ¾ of the pizza. Which statement below could be true? A. Out of 20 slices, he ate 12 B. Out of 10 slices, he ate 8 C. Out of 20 slices, he ate 15 D. Out of 10 slices, he ate 6
  10. 10.  Ralph was planting crops on his farm. He planted 6 rows of corn, 6 rows of cotton, and 6 rows of potatoes. Each row of corn had 44 stalks, each row of cotton had 51 plants, and each row of potatoes had 46 plants. How many corn stalks did Ralph plant?
  11. 11. Which of the following do NOT have the same product as 26 x 5?  65 x 2  130 x 1  8 x 16
  12. 12.  Look at the list of numbers below. How many of these numbers are composite numbers? 22 14 37 52 46 39 57 49
  13. 13.  Mr. Rodriguez had 73 yards of wire. He used 33 yards to fix the fence. He then used 28 yards to fix the gate. How many inches did Mr. Rodriguez have left after finishing both jobs?
  14. 14.  Oscar is reading a book that is 251 pages long. He must read 24 more pages to finish the book. What is the total number of pages that Oscar has read so far?
  15. 15.  Nicole cut a large pizza into 16 slices. Her parents ate 4 slices. Then, she and her 3 brothers shared the rest of the slices equally. How many slices did each person receive?
  16. 16.  Liz jogs every day. She jogs 12 kilometers each week. How many meters does she jog in two weeks?
  17. 17.  On Tuesday morning, there were 156 dogs at the animal shelter. That afternoon, 17 more dogs arrived at the shelter but then 29 got adopted and left. How many dogs were at the shelter at the end of the day?
  18. 18.  Coach Rene packed 4 coolers with bottled water for the 16 players on his team. She put 48 bottles in each cooler. How many bottles of water did the coach pack?
  19. 19.  Sandra, Mona, and their 2 friends decided to decorate cupcakes. Each of their friends decorated 6 cupcakes. Mona decorated twice as many as one of the friends and Sandra decorated twice as many as Mona. How many cupcakes did Sandra decorate?
  20. 20.  Margie was keeping track of all her grades she had received the last couple of days. What is the median number of her data? Paper 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grade 85 97 65 77 89 90
  21. 21.  Tony plays baseball. He is keeping track of how many times he has swung and hit the ball. So far, he has hit 15 out of 20 pitches. Based on this information, what is the most reasonable prediction of the number of times he will hit the ball out of the next 32 pitches?  SET UP YOUR INFORMATION
  22. 22. Number of tables 5 7 9 11 Number of chairs 30 42 54 66 The table below shows the number of tables and chairs that could be used when renting a ballroom for a party. What is the relationship between the number of tables and chairs ? A.The number of tables is 6 times the number of chairs. B. The number of chairs is the number of tables plus 2. C.The number of chairs is 25 more than the number of tables . D.The number of chairs is 6 times the number of tables.
  23. 23. Andy bought some gum for him and his friends from a gumball machine. He bought a total of 30 gums. The table below shows the color of gums he got. Based on this information in the table, which statement about the next gum is NOT true? A. He is certain to get a white gum next. B. He is least likely to get a green gum next. C. He is 2 times as likely to get a red gum than a green gum. D. He is likely to get a white gum next. E. He is equally likely to get blue and red gum next. Color Number of times Blue 4 Red 4 Green 2 White 15 Pink 5
  24. 24. John played video games all day. The table below shows the results of John’s record. Based on these results, what is the most reasonable prediction of the number of games John will win out of the next 36 games? Results Number of Games Won 5 Lost 3 Tied 1
  25. 25.  What is the area of a square that has a perimeter of 64 feet?