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5 Favorite Knitting Hacks


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Need some ideas to spruce up your knitting? I'll give you five of my favorites knitting hacks. Perhaps you'll get some great ideas!

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5 Favorite Knitting Hacks

  1. 1. 5 FAVORITE KNITTING HACKS Rock Star Knitting
  2. 2. HACK #1: WHERE TO LOOK FOR BARGAIN YARN Always be on the look out for bargain yarn. Here some unlikely places you may find it. Have others on the look out in these two places, as well!: Garage Sales Thrift Stores Also, don’t shy away from yarn mill ends at your local big box craft store. You may find a great deal on some treasures!
  3. 3. HACK #2: TIRED OF STOCKINETTE STITCH? TRY THE SEED STITCH! The seed stitch works with any yarn and any needles. It creates a reversible fabric, looks great when worn by guys or gals, and is easy to do. Here’s how you do it: Seed Stitch: Cast on an odd number of stitches. *K1P1* until last stitch, K1. Repeat for each row. You will be knitting the purls and purling the knits.
  4. 4. HACK #3: WHAT TO DO IF YOU NOTICE A MISTAKE FAR BACK IN YOUR WORK. I’ve got some simple advice for you when it comes to mistakes….. if you make a mistake and can sleep at night, leave it alone. If it keeps you awake or you can’t stop thinking about it, fix it. That’s it!
  5. 5. HACK #4: KEEP A PLASTIC BAGGIE NEXT TO YOU TO COLLECT TRASH AND SCRAPS. I used to have tons of yarn trimmings all over the place, mostly trimming of ends, casting on with too much at the end of the yarn, from cutting out knots and rejoining yarn, scraps like that. They can pile up if you don’t clean up after them! Keep a plastic baggie next to you as you knit. When you get a scrap, put it in the bag. When the bag is full, seal it and toss it!
  6. 6. HACK #5: SCARVES FOR PRACTICE See a stitch pattern that you are dying to try? Apply it to a scarf! Not only will the repetition teach you the pattern, but you’ll get a cool accessory out of it. Easy peasy!
  7. 7. WHAT IF I WANT MORE KNITTING HACKS? Oh, I’ve got more, but I’d LOVE it if you sign up for my mailing list. In doing so, you’ll get access to a web page FILLED with more knitting hacks and advice. What are you waiting for?! Click here to sign up! Visit for knitting and crafting fun, stories, and ideas.