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Brand vs. Bland
A branding basics overview

                             Jennifer Frazier, Creative Director
About The Writing Stable
                           We are an advertising studio that provides Madison Avenue       Jennif...
Clients Currently In The Stable
                          2Design Studios--Tampa
What’s a brand?
                  YOUr finGerPrinT
                  Your brand is your essence. It should be as individua...
How do we translate brand?
                       After building the foundation of your brand with your logo,
                                                                              emaiL siGnaTUre.
           LOGO & ...
Social Media
        sO WhaT’s The biG DeaL?                                          LinkeD in
        Social media is ce...
2.0 Web site design
                      WhaT is Web 2.0?
                      If I had to sum up “Web 2.0” design in on...
Reaching your target: Case in point, Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital
                         Knowing who you’re talking to ...
Element #1 landing page
                                                  UniqUe UrL
Element #2 :30 Television
                 Let us baby you                                                         Let us ...
Cable Media Schedule

Recommended programming to reach women aged 18 through 34 include the Baby Block on The Learning Cha...
Element #3: Online banner advertising
                                        We placed header, footer and triangle banner...
Element #4: Keyword advertising
                                          PaY-Per-CLiCk aDverTisinG
Element #5: eMarketing
                         There were several goal conversions established for this
Other ways to ignite a campaign
                                  Don’t just look outside your business when looking for a...
                CaLCULaTinG rOi
                We put tools in place that will help determine the viability...
Helen Ellis Maternity - Main                                                                                              ...
Thank you
            Helen Ellis was just one example of how creative and media
            mix can be used to reinforce ...
Tws Brand Vs. Bland Presentation Low Res
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Tws Brand Vs. Bland Presentation Low Res


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This is a presentation designed to cover the fundamental basics of branding.

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Tws Brand Vs. Bland Presentation Low Res

  1. 1. Brand vs. Bland A branding basics overview Jennifer Frazier, Creative Director 9120 Fort King Road Dade City, FL 33525 813-991-2334
  2. 2. About The Writing Stable We are an advertising studio that provides Madison Avenue Jennifer frazier | Creative Director, Copywriter caliber creative at a fraction of the price. We work with our With two decades of advertising experience, Jennifer Frazier clients to achieve an impact that’s on brand, on budget, and is adept at developing advertising campaigns and strategic beyond the same old, same old. Every time. creative direction. Working as the associate creative director and senior copywriter at Tampa-based Denton Advertising, In business since 1989, The Writing Stable is composed of she furthered brands for Westinghouse Communities (now a network of seasoned professionals based throughout the WCI), ITT Palm Coast, and U.S. Home. Since founding The U.S. who cut their teeth in the advertising industry working Writing Stable in 1989, her key career highlights include the on accounts such as Chase Manhattan, Hilton Hotels, research, writing and development of the Olympic Bid for the Westinghouse Communities, Bell South, Zephyrhills Water, City of Tampa’s Florida 2012 effort and the rebranding of Pinch the New York Cash Exchange, and the The U.S. Olympic A Penny Pool, Patio & Spa. She has also been instrumental in Committee to name but a few. In the health care arena, our the development of brand for the many hospitals of BayCare, clients have included University Community Hospital (UCH), (including Morton Plant/Mease, St. Joseph’s, St. Joseph’s UCH Foundation, UCH, Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital, Women’s, St. Joseph’s Children’s, and St. Anthony’s), and BayCare, The Womans Group, Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida Bayfront Medical Center. Jennifer currently serves as senior Spine Institute, and Florida Facial Surgery Center to name copywriter on the Moffitt Cancer Center account for Fry | a few. Hammond | Barr. The Writing Stable is a proven source of of top-level, independent creatives brought together by the promise of doing breakthrough work.
  3. 3. Clients Currently In The Stable 2Design Studios--Tampa ADC--Tampa Adelante Group Allied Incentives--Clearwater Brooksville Regional Hospital--Brooksville Brunet Garcia Advertising--Jacksonville Centex Homes--West Florida Division CRM+ Consulting--Tampa Delta Blue Studios--Tampa Designer at Large--Tampa Fry|Hammond|Barr--Tampa/Orlando GraFx Studios--Tampa GreenHeights Development Corp.--Tampa Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital--Tarpon Springs LBW Design--Palm Harbor McClain Alfonso Meeker & Dunn--Dade City Moffitt Cancer Center--Tampa Nelson Consulting--Tampa Patterson Marketing--St. Petersburg Peak|Bietty--Tampa Progressive Music & Media--Tampa Push10 Studios--Philadelphia Radsick Advertising Group--St. Petersburge Raymond James & Associates Roberts Printing--Clearwater The Design Lounge--Jacksonville The Real Connection--Port Charlotte University Area Community Development Corp.--Tampa University Community Hospital--Tampa University Community Hospital Foundation--Tampa Wheels of Success--Tampa You&Me.We--St. Petersburg
  4. 4. What’s a brand? YOUr finGerPrinT Your brand is your essence. It should be as individual as 3. your fingerprint, and as consistent. YOUr aTTiTUDe How you brand yourself says a lot about your business. Are you creative? Current? Solid? Innovative? Trustworthy? These are all attitudes and ideals that can be graphically demonstrated in your brand. It all begins with your logo. What do these logos say about these companies? . 1. ThinkShapes Mail--a custom direct mail printer that can 1. create shaped mail pieces 2. You&Me.WE--a marriage support program in Pinellas County 3. Nautilus Pools--a custom pool contractor that specializes in waterfront pools 4. Exclusive Loan Consultants--a mortgage relief firm targeting affluent homeowners. 2. 4.
  5. 5. How do we translate brand? After building the foundation of your brand with your logo, it’s time to choose the right marketing and advertising platforms to reach your target audience. This is done in many ways, which we will discuss each in more depth: 1. Identity. This includes your letterhead, the way you sign off your emails, and how you describe your capabilities. 2. Target marketing. Know who your buyer is, and more importantly, who your buyer isn’t. 3. Web site. This is probably one of the hardest working tools in any company’s marketing arsenal. Yours should be easy to navigate and search engine friendly. It is the digital front door to any business. 4. Advertising. Every company should advertise in one way or antoher. For some that means television, for others simply listings with associations or online social networks. But every company should advertise to remain viable. 5. Measurability. You only know how successful your brand is by tracking its progress throughout a specific goal or campaign. To demonstrate, we’ll follow the path Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital is now on to promote their award- winning women’s center.
  6. 6. Identity emaiL siGnaTUre. LOGO & POsiTiOninG Often overlooked, your digital signature is a way to reinforce It’s powerful when you pair a logo with a positioning line that your brand hundreds of times each week with little or no describes your position in the marketplace. A good example effort. I prefer to use HTML signatures, complete with logo is Nike’s “Just Do It.” It is the platform for all they do. or graphics that draw the eye’s attention. OTher eLemenTs Of iDenTiTY: CaPabiLiTies brOChUre In general, the basic oomponents of an identity package are: These come in many forms, and in varying levels of complexity. But everyone should have disitlled their Letterhead “elevator” speech into a piece that reflects their overall Business card capabilities. This can be an e-brochure, postcard, 4 x Email signature 9 brochure, or even a pocketed 9 x 12” if your business Capabitlies brochure requires it. Creating a folder with a label on the front isn’t Web site a capabilities brochure. It’s something anyone could offer. Social media Web siTe LeTTerheaD PaCkaGe For any company, your Web site is your front door. It’s your Some say the letterhead is dead, but I disagree. A simple storefront. It’s your reason for existence summed up into letter, professionally drafted and presented on a beautiful brief copy bites and stimulating visual graphics. It should piece of letterhead is what I call “touch marketing.” It shows be interactive and intuitive. It is by far the most powerful you have the savvy to appreciate a solid presenttion of your marketing tool most companies have. It should be of a brand. In your letterhead packages, don’e be afraid to try a quality that reflects your business, product or service. new orientation, ie. horizontal vs. vertical format, and 4-color printing. Due to the digital revolution in printing, 4-color is sOCiaL meDia cost competitive with black and white these days. On your Too much to summarize here, so let’s start there.... business card, use rich contemporary color, go full bleed, and use both sides for extra impact. And don’t forget the envelope. It should match the quality of the other pieces.
  7. 7. Social Media sO WhaT’s The biG DeaL? LinkeD in Social media is certainly all the rage. But why? Quite Hands down, LinkedIn is the best online portal for forming simply it is a powerful way to make connections with people business relationships. The ability to post milestones and online. It’s a free flow of information, and allows people announcements, invite peers and prospects to events, and to create networks they can then promote their business, make recommendations and referrals is seamless and in real product, service, or even their grandkids to. Let’s look at my time. LinkedIn is also the perfect place make connections favorites... with groups that share your industry, giving you great industry insight, and also demonstrate to those viewing your page faCebOOk that you are keeping up with industry news and trends. For instance, my groups include the American Advertising The biggest mistake business people make is blurring the Federation, Bay Area Business Magazine, and the American lines between facebook friends and business associates. Marketing Association. Facebook can be the wild, wild, west of communications. I counsel my clients to create two pages, one for their business But perhaps the most intriguing function of LinkedIn is that and one for personal use. Once they’re merged it’s hard you not only see how many people have visited your profile, to separate the two, which is a mistake I made when first but who, and how often. I highly recommend each of you venturing into the social media arena. concentrate on your LinkedIn networks and utilize this vast grapevine of opportunity. TWiTTer I’ve just recently thrown my hat in to the Twitter ring, so I have relatively few followers. Why did I wait? Becuase I want to do it better. I don’t think anyone cares what I had for lunch today or where, but they do care what I might have learned. I am using Twitter to send information about my business or industry to my followers judiciously. If I tweet everytime I turn around and the tweets don’t hold much value, I won’t be able to build a following.
  8. 8. 2.0 Web site design WhaT is Web 2.0? If I had to sum up “Web 2.0” design in one word, it would have to be “simplicity”, so that’s where we’ll start. I’m a great believer in simplicity. I think it’s the way forward for web design. Today’s simple, bold, elegant page designs deliver more with less: • They enable designers to shoot straight for the site’s goals, by guiding the site visitor’s eye through the use of fewer, well-chosen visual elements. • They use fewer words but say more, and carefully selected imagery to create the desired feel. • They provide clear pathways of communication and make navigating the site easy and effecient. WhY simPLiCiTY is GOOD: • Web sites have goals and all web pages have purposes. • Users’ attention is a finite resource. • It’s the designer’s job to help users to find what they want (or to notice what the site wants them to notice) • Stuff on the screen attracts the eye. The more stuff there is, the more different things there are to notice, and the less likely a user is to notice the important stuff. So we need to enable certain communication, and we also need to minimise noise. That means we need to find a solution that’s does its stuff with as little as possible. That’s simplicity.
  9. 9. Reaching your target: Case in point, Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital Knowing who you’re talking to is the key to any campaign’s We focused on four main campaign elements for this success. While that sounds like a no brainer, many campaign. These include direct online banner advertising, companies make the mistake of trying to reach several, emarketing, pay per click advertising, and a :30 television varied, distinctive targets at once. Such a shot gun spot aired on local cable stations. approach is rarely effecive for small to mid-size companies offering specialty products and services. We were able to secure 350+ television spots on select networks, and reinforce the campaign through online Case in point, Helen Ellis Memorial’s Women’s Center banner advertising on and’s Campaign. We are targeting women aged 18 - 39 in speciality women’s sections. Why did we choose cable and North Pinellas and West Pasco Counties to promote the online advertising? primary message of the birthing suites and the comfortable, competent accommodations and staff. A secondary Cable television has a 93% market reach in Pinellas County. message will be for services beyond the child-bearing That means 93% of all homes have cable television, giving years, namely breast health, osteoporosis treatment and cable more bang or our buck than expensive network screening, and other gynecological issues. advertising. We then selected television programming that fit our young target, and banner advertising locations that We are courting this target by pairing creative with a younger had a the right aged viewership. appeal, unique media placements and online awareness. Campaign total: $30,000 The Creative Platform: Campaign cost split: $10,000 creative & production Let Us baby You $10,000 cable television advertising at helen ellis memorial hospital $10,000 online banner advertising & Pay-per-click advertising. We want to stress the caring, intimate environment Helen Ellis provides women, as well as innovations such as water births. This warm, comfortable strategy sets Helen Ellis apart from Morton Plant or Bayonet Point Medical Center by stressing women can have all the same technologies at Helen Ellis without having to travel the distance to deliver.
  10. 10. Element #1 landing page UniqUe UrL In the Helen Ellis campaign, we created a specialty URL that focused solely on the Women’s Center. We used television and online banner advertising to drive prospects to this unique page. The address was, while the “mother” site remains There were two goals we were measuring with this landing page, the first was the amount of people requesting more information or asking for a physician referral. The second was to measure the number of people who visited the mother site and how long they stayed on the site. To measure these goals, we employed full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on both the landing page and the mother site, making both easily found by search engines. We then deployed Google Analytics to measure the site’s performance, and in essence the success of the overall campaign. fOr YOUr WebsiTe, sOme DO’s & DOn’Ts: DO make it easy to browse and navigate DO have a call to action on each page DO use the latest Web development techniques, such as Web 2.0 design styles DO limit copy--the average page view is only 3 seconds DOn’T use entirely Flash on any page. Flash can’t be recognized by search engines DOn’T try to be too clever in navigation techniques. People are creatures of habit on the Web. Don’t make them hunt for important pages DOn’T use a free template. It only cheapens your brand.
  11. 11. Element #2 :30 Television Let us baby you Let us baby you Let us baby you Babying you and yours for 80 Years 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | Video: (Note: Progressions will feature 2 to 3 still shots that build VO: Over the past 80 years, we’ve welcomed thousands of babies upon each other to complete an action…pace is rapid) to Tarpon Springs. Open with vintage façade shot of Helen Ellis in black and white, dissolve to current shot, then to mother baby shots Let us baby you Let us baby you Let us baby you Innovations that benefit both Mom and baby 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | Video: Cut from vintage photo of Mom and baby to a current day VO: Now we offer everything from water births to midwife assistance. VO: In a beautiful suite where Mom & baby go through labor, delivery, Mom baby. Video: Cut to images from the birthing suites shots. recovery and postpartum together. Let us baby you Let us baby you Let us baby you Stay in one room from Call today for a labor to postpartum private tour H EL EN ELL IS r ente w o m e n’s c 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | 727.943.3600 | Video: Cut to new mother/new father/baby in the birthing suites. VO: In an intimate setting that feels more like a hotel than a hospital, VO: Let us baby you at Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital. complete with certified obstetrical nurses that cater to your every need.
  12. 12. Cable Media Schedule Recommended programming to reach women aged 18 through 34 include the Baby Block on The Learning Channel, Discovery HD Theater, Family Guy on TOON, and George Lopez and Family Matters on Nickelodeon in the Pinellas region, as well as Bay News 9 in North Pinellas and Pasco Counties. There would be 43 spots each week for 8 weeks resulting in 344 spots. Helen Ellis 2009 Cable Schedule May, 2009 Week of Network Time Day Program 5/4 5/11 5/18 5/25 6/7 6/14 6/21 6/28 Cost Zone: Pinellas Region DHLT 8p-11p T Crib Notes/Deliver Me 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 DHLT 9a-4p M-F All About Babies/Birth Day 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 TLC 9a-4p M-F Baby Story/Baby Block/Bringing Home Baby 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 VH1 8p-11p Su Prime ROT 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Toon 11p-12m Su Family Guy 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Bravo 10p-11p T Real Housewives 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Nick 10p-11p M-F George Lopez 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Nick 11p-12m M-Su Family Matters 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 FAM 10p-11p T Greek 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 FX 10p-11p M-F Prime ROT 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ENT 10p-11p F The Soup 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Zone: North Pinellas/Pasco BN9 5a-9a M-F News 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 Total: 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 $10,888.00
  13. 13. Element #3: Online banner advertising We placed header, footer and triangle banner ads in specialty sections of, the official Web site of the St. Petersburg Times as well as on When clicked these ads led viewers to the unique URL landing page so we could begin that important onine conversation.
  14. 14. Element #4: Keyword advertising PaY-Per-CLiCk aDverTisinG A portion of our online budget was devoted to Google pay- per-click advertising. Helen Ellis Womens Center This is an important element of our campaign as it puts our Offering everything from landing page in front of women in our geographic area who water births to water views. are searching for terms such as birthing center, water birth, OB/GYN, pregnancy, childbirth, maternity center, etc. Helen Ellis Womens Center The text ads to the left are those that appear in the paid Give birth in Helen Ellis’ search areas of the search engine results page. We assign state-of-the-art, peaceful suites specific terms to each so they appear more relevant in the searches. Helen Ellis Womens Center The formula for developing pay-per-click text ads is: From labor through delivery 25 characters (including spaces) for the header in the same comfortable suite No more than 35 spaces for the first and second copy lines No more than 25 spaces in the Web address footer. Helen Ellis Womens Center There are never more than four lines in a paid text ad. Birthing suites that feel more like home than a hospital Helen Ellis Womens Center Recognized among the best In the U.S. four years in a row Helen Ellis Womens Center Delivering healthy babies and happy Moms for 80 years
  15. 15. Element #5: eMarketing There were several goal conversions established for this campaign. First was to increase the number of visits to both the Helen Ellis site and the unique URL women were driven to by the TV and the online banner advertising. One of goals was to get women to request more information on a variety of topics. To receive this information, they must provide an “opt-in” email address, giving us the ability to reach them in the future without request. To the right is an example of one of those opt-in as well as requestable emarketing pieces. This one focused on 10 tips for a healthy pregnancy.
  16. 16. Other ways to ignite a campaign Don’t just look outside your business when looking for a good return on your campaign. On-site can be one of the most powerful ways to promote a message, and create a buzz that’s later reinforced in mass media or direct mail. This page offers a couple of easy campaign additions that got attention. bUiLDinG DraPe Billboard advertising (also called outdoor) was cost prohibitive for this client due to the high traffic volumes on Highway 19 and Pinellas Avenue. We turned one side of the building into a billboard with a 30’ x 80’ vinyl building drape that remained up through the life of the campaign. in hOsPiTaL sUPPOrT From stiched red polo shirt for doctors to the buttons below for staff to an in-hospital poster campaign, we used the facility and the staff to promote the message 24/7.
  17. 17. Measurability CaLCULaTinG rOi We put tools in place that will help determine the viability of the Helen Ellis Women’s Center campaign. This helped us determine how much money was spent for each goal conversion and how large of an increase in business the hospital saw as a result. GOOGLe anaLYTiCs Google Analytics gives us a powerful tool to see exactly what activity our Web page is seeing, how long people are staying with that page, and how many goals we were able to convert as a result. Following is an Analytics report for this campaign for May 2009. OnLine banner aDverTisinG rePOrTinG The media we chose, namely the St. Petersburg Times and Bay News 9 Web sites are able to report back to us exactly how those ads performed. We could then increase frequency of the more well received sizes, placements and messages as a result. PaY-Per-CLiCk rePOrTinG This helps us establish which terms are worth more to us, as pay-per-click is a bidding process. For instance, Morton Plant may outbid us for the term Maternity Center. If so, we then make the decision to adjust our budget to outbid them. So it’s a fluid process that requires constant monitoring. A sample click report follows thia page.
  18. 18. Helen Ellis Maternity - Main May 1, 2009 - May 31, 2009 Dashboard Comparing to: Apr 1, 2009 - Apr 30, 2009 Previous: Visits Visits 20 20 10 10 May 4, 2009 May 11, 2009 May 18, 2009 May 25, 2009 Site Usage 245 Visits 66.12% Bounce Rate Previous: 26 (842.31%) Previous: 34.62% (91.02%) 291 Pageviews 00:00:35 Avg. Time on Site Previous: 34 (755.88%) Previous: 00:00:47 (-25.57%) 1.19 Pages/Visit 86.12% % New Visits Previous: 1.31 (-9.17%) Previous: 42.31% (103.56%) Visitors Overview Map Overlay world Previous: Visitors Visitors 20 20 10 10 May 4, 2009 May 11, 2009 May 18, 2009 May 25, 2009 Visitors 212 Visits 1 215 Traffic Sources Overview Direct Traffic 183.00 (74.69%) Search Engines 32.00 (13.06%) Referring Sites 30.00 (12.24%)
  19. 19. Thank you Helen Ellis was just one example of how creative and media mix can be used to reinforce brand and build business. The possibiliites are endless, but the most important step is to realign your thinking that advertising a drain on your budget. In reality, advertising is the best way to build a brand, to build a business, and to retain customers. Without it, most companies are only realizing a small portion of thier potential. Likewise, a down economies is not the time to cut back on promoting your business. Some of the largest companies in the world have risen to success during recession. These include Microsoft, AllState Insurance, Hyatt, Burger King, MTV, General Electric, and Sports Illustrated. We personally spent more money on promoting our studio in the last year than we had in the previous ten. This included a new Web site, new social networking, public relations, and efficient networking. I appreciate your time and attention. Please take a moment to visit for a review our services, capabitlies, and performance. Any questions?