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Gain Youth Intelligence with a Branded Insight Community


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Millennials are fast becoming the largest consumer-spending generation, yet many brands still struggle to understand how they think and behave. Similarly Generation Z has been deemed the most crucial demographic for marketers.

Learn more about how an online insight community dedicated to your brand can help you save time, make more informed marketing and product decisions and ultimately give you better results for your budget.

Key Learnings:
- What is an Insight Community?
- What are the benefits and features of an Insight Community?
- How does it differ from traditional market research?

yconic operates Canada's largest youth-focused market research panel and helps brands and agencies better understand the young adult demographic.

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Gain Youth Intelligence with a Branded Insight Community

  1. 1. Make Informed Marketing Decisions: Get to Know Generations Y and Z in Real-Time.
  2. 2. Want to save time and move more quickly? Want to get more out of your marketing budget? Want better results?
  3. 3. Millennials are fast becoming the largest consumer- spending generation, yet many brands still struggle to understand how they think and behave. Similarly, Generation Z, or NextGen, has been deemed the most crucial demographic for marketers.
  4. 4. The Challenge How can you better understand a generation that thinks differently, moves quickly and is always connected?
  5. 5. The Solution An online insight community dedicated to your brand and powered by:
  6. 6. Gain Youth Intelligence
  7. 7. What is an Insight Community? An insight community can include your target customers, partners, employees, or alumni. Members are recruited for your brand based on your criteria and objectives. Participants opt-in and are incented to provide quick, quality feedback and actionable insights for your brand. Provides a deeper understanding of your customer needs and wants. Designed for the long-term, insight communities offer multiple and various two-way touch- points between you and your target audience. With full reporting capabilities, insights can be used alongside other data, to help you design better products, provide better service and drive greater ROI.
  8. 8. Gain real-time customer intelligence. Make better, data-driven decisions more quickly. Compared to other market research initiatives, an insight community offers a greater ROI by providing you with hybrid research, qualitative and quantitative, and a significant increase in volume of studies conducted. Why an Insight Community?
  9. 9. Key Benefits Track brand perception, customer satisfaction and net promoter score Concept and message testing Gain usage and attitudinal research Explore and brainstorm ideas Gather competitive intelligence
  10. 10. Key Features Segment opportunities (customers, non-customers, competitor customers) Multiple research options (polls, peer discussions, surveys, live chats, bulletin boards) Mobile optimization Robust technology platform and reporting capabilities
  11. 11. Details: Managed by yconic Branded proprietary platform Community size: 1,000 to 5,000 Average 15-20 annual insight opportunities – ranging from small, medium and large in size Quantitative and qualitative methodologies Sub-group opportunity, e.g. customer status Flexible, dynamic, creative, innovative Used for any number of topics or issues: Insight generation, concept/ad testing, media testing, retail behaviour, employee ideation Generate insights for your brand through your own consumer insight community
  12. 12. Be Where They Are Mobile optimized platform Captures immediate customer feedback, wherever they are Drives fast responses and high participation rates
  13. 13. One-off isolated survey One-way dialogue and insights Longer implementation time and delayed results One-Dimensional Results; Limited opportunities to dig deeper Multiple research options including quantitative and qualitative Ongoing and two-way dialogue with your customers Flexible and iterative; providing opportunities for optimization Test messages or ideas more quickly Increased research efficiency – more insights, generating a greater ROI Better Informed Business Decisions Traditional Market Research vs. Branded Insight Communities
  14. 14. Sample Reporting Dashboards Access Data Insights At Your Convenience Customizable reports Intuitive data presentation Real-time results
  15. 15. Why
  16. 16. Canada’s Leading Youth Expert Since 1998
  17. 17. Customized Market Research Solutions Online surveys Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Tracking studies Campaign and Program Measurement OMNI’s Agility Solutions Online and Mobile Surveys Surveys and insights completed in 7 business days Panel Access and Recruitment Polls Canada’s Largest Youth Focused Research Panel
  18. 18. If your brand wants to stay ahead of the curve and better understand youth, students, or Generations Y and Z, connect with us at
  19. 19. About yconic yconic is the leader in understanding and building meaningful relationships with students and young adults. Our social platform,, makes life easier and less stressful for students pursuing higher education. It is the largest student help platform in Canada with over 825,000 active members, access to over $170M in financial opportunities to help fund their education, and peer-to-peer support. yconic is also a thought leader on Gen Y, Z and student behaviour because of the key insights we are able to obtain through our platforms, including Canada’s largest youth- focused consumer insights panel, with over 550,000 young Canadians participating in online market research. yconic partners with select brands, institutions, educators, and their agencies who share our values and want to better understand, hire, and authentically build loyalty with our youth and student audience. For more information, please visit If your organization values youth and wants to develop a long-term, meaningful relationship that will result in true ROI then we should chat. Follow yconic on LinkedIn and Twitter for more youth insights.