MLS Residential Real Estate Statistics (Current Lafayette/West Lafayette/Tippecanoe County)


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MLS Residential Real Estate Statistics (Current Lafayette/West Lafayette/Tippecanoe County)

  1. 1. MLS Residential RealEstate StatisticsCurrent Lafayette/West Lafayette (Tippecanoe County)
  2. 2. • I am starting the year off on the right foot – ranking # 12 in sales in the greater Lafayette area! I am very excited to see the year unfold.• 2012 was a record breaking year with 13.3% growth in number of sales since 2011. We are anticipating an even better year in 2013!• Contributing growth factors for 2013 will be low interest rates hovering around 3.25-3.75%, growing consumer confidence, lots of homes still on the market to choose from, and my own systems I have put in place to keep my clients informed of new listings the moment they come up on the market!(765) 426-0425
  3. 3. • If you are a BUYER and you aren’t receiving my auto-email notifications of new listings that uniquely match your own search criteria contact me at:• If you are a HOME OWNER and you are thinking of selling your home, I have compiled some stats below to answer many of the questions that people frequently ask me.(765) 426-0425
  4. 4. What dothesenumbersmean?
  5. 5. The data that I am most concerned with are located in the “RS” or Residential rows. Class Bedrooms Current Active Avg List Price Avg DOM Day on Market RS All 1,202 $145,577 158Class Bedrooms Total Listed # Sold % Sold Avg List Avg Sale Sale/List Avg DOM Avg List % Price Sold Price Sold Price Ratio Sold Price Unsold Expired RS All 4,410 2,701 61.25% $142,035 $135,395 95.33% 102 $148,656 28.03%How Long did it take for the average home to sell in 2012? Average DOM was 102What does the average home in Lafayette/West Lafayette sell for?Tippecanoe county’s average sale price $ 135,395 and the average list price is$142,035. This reveals a that the average home sells for 95.33% of the asking price. (765) 426-0425
  6. 6. • As of January 2013, 663 residential homes are listed in Tippecanoe county.• In the year 2012, 4,410 homes were entered into the MLS, but only 2,701 actually sold within their listing time period.• So the revealing stat is that only 61.25% of homes listed actually sell!• It is important to list your home with a real estate agent who knows how to poise your home for success in this market. Call Jennifer to go over her simple step-by-step marketing plan. It includes 13 unique ways to get your home noticed! Also contact her to learn how your home would compete with the other homes on the market.How many homes are currently listed in theLafayette/West Lafayette market? (765) 426-0425
  7. 7. 250200150100 2011 2012 50 0Number of Sales: 2011 vs. 2012 (765) 426-0425
  8. 8. January 1 – November 404 410 400 390# of Homes Sold 380 370 356 349 360 350 340 330 320 2010 2011 2012 How Many Sold are REO? (765) 426-0425
  9. 9. Is the real estate market improving? YES!The market is up 13.3% from theyear before!When is the best time of the year to sell my home? • In the Lafayette market, monthly sales flow from a low rate of 77 in the month of January to a peak in may, June, and July at roughly 200 a month. • Homes that are recorded as sold in these months actually went pending in April, May, and June. • It is important to realize though, that there are twice as many homes on the market in the spring and summer months so the competition can be more fierce. • I find that I sell my listings all year round, and that in Lafayette/West Lafayette market conditions can be optimal for the entire year. (765) 426-0425
  10. 10. Please Visit Our Website! Contact Us Cell Phone: (765) 426-0425 Email: jennifer@jenniferosheasellshomes.comConnect with us via: (765) 426-0425