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The Role of Rhetoric in Study Abroad Outreach and Advocacy


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This Presentation is a condensed visual aid to a larger Disciplinary Report focusing on the types of rhetoric used by three major sectors of study abroad outreach and advocacy, a field in which I am interested in building a career: Program Providers, Advocacy Organizations, and University Departments. Close attention is paid to the persuasive appeals of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos within certain sectors, as they vary in importance and application, depending on the audience. Furthermore, the role of social media has become increasingly important in the field, and much of the report documents the growing need for writers to organize and manage the content strategy of all communications and discourse representative of the sector.

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The Role of Rhetoric in Study Abroad Outreach and Advocacy

  1. 1. The Role of Rhetoric in Study Abroad Outreach and Advocacy A presentation by Jennifer Dodge
  2. 2. Introduction I studied abroad … and everybody else should, too!
  3. 3. The Context Unfortunately, few students study abroad (IIE, 2015) ...but change is underway.
  4. 4. The Findings Social Media Content Strategy Outreach Advocacy Print Media Communications Organize Manage Lead Create Design Publicity Team Online Blog Write Collaborate Digital Plan Website Message “ ”Develop Build MaintainDistribute Trending Respond Promote Input Engage Dynamic Press Campaign
  5. 5. Program Providers The Sectors Advocacy Organizations University Departments Study Abroad
  6. 6. Program Providers Program Providers (AIFS, 2016) • Focus: Potential Students, Alumni • Appeals: Pathos, Ethos
  7. 7. Advocacy Organizations • Focus: Sponsors, Affiliates, Students • Appeals: Logos, Ethos (IIE, 2015)
  8. 8. University Departments • Focus: Potential Students • Appeals: Pathos, Logos (UMASS, 2015)
  9. 9. A presentation by Jennifer Dodge The Implications Portfolio…  Content Strategy  Multimedia Capability  Audience Diversity Career…  Graduate School  Additional International Experience.
  10. 10. Thank You! Questions?
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