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  1. 1. Sports Academy Community Weekend Charles Johnson Foundation & June 17-18, 2016 Hawkinsville High School
  2. 2. Wendy’s is proud to support the Charles Johnson Foundation and its community initiatives. Mission To encourage excellence, diminish mediocrity, and reduce high risk behavior by providing youth with structured activities that focus on maximizing their potential through higher education. Vision LIFE League will serve as a catalyst to inspire young people in its care to strive to become educated and productive citizens. Who Are We? LIFE League is a nonprofit organization that incorporates sports and activities with personal growth/educational workshops. Our goal is to influence young people ages 5-18 to strive for greatness through personal development and education. LIFE League also offers college scholarship opportunities to participants who exemplify personal growth and interest in post-secondary education. Where Are We? LIFE League currently offers programs in Bibb, Bleckley, Jones, Houston, Peach, Pulaski and Twiggs Counties. For more information, contact: Jeff Tarver at (478) 957-0967 or LIFE League, Inc.| PO Box 92 | Kathleen, GA 31047 @LIFELEAGUEGA FACEBOOK.COM/LIFELEAGUE @LIFELEAGUEGA Thank you to KIND snacks for providing us with healthy snack bars to get us through this camp! KIND is a brand who strives to do the KIND thing for our bodies, our taste buds and world! KIND would like to encourage us to #LiveKIND every day!
  3. 3. A MESSAGE FROM CHARLES Dear Hawkinsville and Middle Georgia, I am grateful to celebrate the 5th Annual Sports Academy & Community Weekend with so many great people from Hawkinsville and the Middle Georgia community. Thank you all for joining us this year. It is an honor to have so many people come together for this annual event. This has been an exciting year between the foundation, my business ventures, and the Carolina Panthers making it to the Super Bowl. I was proud seeing the photos of Hawkinsville supporting the Panthers with t-shirts, decorations and blue ribbons throughout town. I am so grateful to come from the best town in the world, with the most supportive community around me. As a special thanks for your support, I’ll be surprising all of the kids at this event with cleats and shoes, thanks to support from Hibbett Sports. I am thankful to be in a position where I can give back to all of you, and I hope the kids enjoy them. This summer, we celebrate our inaugural scholarship recipients. Hunter Bowen-Pollock, the first female recipient of our scholarship program, just graduated from LaGrange University where she majored in Nonprofit Leadership and Business. Earl Dupree, our first male scholarship recipient will begin his student teaching and will coach at Hawkinsville High School this fall. He will graduate in December. I am proud to see what our scholarship has allowed them to accomplish. Hunter and Earl, we are very proud of you both. You have set the bar high for our incoming recipients. As our scholarship program grows, and we begin to think about making a lasting impression on the community, I want to make a challenge to everyone here. Within the next year, before next summer’s event, I challenge each of you to do something that makes a positive impact on your community. Whether it’s helping your elderly neighbor with housework, older kids reading to younger kids, or a first grade class planning a day to pick up trash in a park, I challenge you to make a difference. And I want to hear about it. This time next year, I hope to have received stories throughout the year of schools, clubs, groups of friends – everyone – making a difference. And next year, I will share those stories with all of you and personally thank everyone who accepted this challenge. Please check out the Pulaski Tomorrow Youth Leadership Class where youth can be further propelled to make a difference in the community. The Charles Johnson Foundation Scholarship Program now requires its recipients to volunteer in their college or home community a minimum of 5 hours each Fall and Spring semester for every year they are a scholarship recipient. They also return to Hawkinsville each year for this Sports Academy & Community Weekend as devoted volunteers. It is fantastic seeing these students continue to give back to their hometown. Together, we can all make a difference in this community. Similar to football, the team succeeds when each player puts the team first. We wouldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl if we were playing selfishly. If we all put the greater good of the community first, even if just for a day, we’ll make a huge difference. Happy Hour Service Center in Warner Robins is the generous provider of this year’s recycling services – please help us keep HHS campus clean throughout this event; and please put your plastic bottles in the blue recycling bins. As always, I would also like to take a moment to express my appreciation to our devoted volunteers and the generous sponsors who contribute to help us make this event possible! Thank you to the entire community; and my NFL and NBA guests for joining us. I truly hope to continue this event for years to come. Go Big Red! Sincerely Charles Johnson Carolina Panthers #95 University of Georgia Hawkinsville High School ‘04
  4. 4. Friday, June 17th : Please check-in at Registration 1 hour prior to your clinic start time. Lunch for youth participants provided by the Pulaski Co. Seamless Summer Meals Program* 11a.m.: Registration Opens Shoe Shop Opens 12:45-12:55p.m.: Camp-wide warm up with Charles Johnson and NFL and NBA Guests 1-2:30p.m.: Basketball Clinic (1st - 3rd graders) Football Field Activity (4th - 6th graders) Snacks for youth participants 2:30-4p.m.: Basketball Clinic (4th - 6th graders) STEM Clinic (1st - 3rd graders; 2:30-3:15p.m.) Dance Clinic (1st - 6th graders) 4-5:30p.m.: Basketball Clinic (7th - 12th graders) Football Field Activity (1st - 3rd graders) STEM Clinic (4th - 6th graders; 4-4:45p.m.) 5:30-6:15p.m.: Charles Johnson Huddle for 7th-12th graders and their parents and guardians 5:45-8p.m.: Community Appreciation Picnic We’ll celebrate the Middle Georgia community with dinner, great music, and fun inflatable waterslides. Be sure to stop by the photo booth. Activities followed by remarks by Charles Johnson and this year’s scholarship recipient presentations. We will begin serving 1-6th graders and their parents/ guardians at 5:45p.m.The 7th-12th graders will be served following the Charles Johnson Huddle’s conclusion at 6:30p.m. Please bring lawn chairs, towels and/or blankets to ensure you enjoy the evening. Seating will also be available on the bleachers. Saturday, June 18th : 9a.m.: Registration Opens 9:45-9:55a.m.: Camp-wide warm up with Charles Johnson and NFL and NBA Guests 10-Noon: Football Clinic (1s t- 6th graders) Tennis Clinic (7th - 12th graders) Cheer Clinic (1st - 6th graders) 11:45a.m. Cheer Clinic Performance 12-12:30p.m.: Lunch for youth participants 12:30-2:30p.m.: Football Clinic (7th - 12th graders) Tennis Clinic (1st - 6th graders) All clinics will be on the Hawkinsville High School Campus, 24 Red Devil Drive, Hawkinsville, Ga. Please see registration and on-site signage for specific clinic locations. Agenda
  5. 5. Thank you to Hibbett Sports and the Hibbett Sports event team for helping to make our goal of providing footwear to our youth participants a reality at this year’s event! Chris Willyard Candace Gulley Carla Parks Marcia Henderson Rebecca Stewart Reggie Jones Please visit Hibbett Sports’ convenient retail store locations in Eastman, Perry, Centerville and Warner Robins, for your next sporting gear needs. Hibbett Sports has been a stellar community partner!
  6. 6. 2016 HIGHLIGHTS Walmart Holiday Donation – Charles helped eight local Charlotte families shop for the holidays, and picked up the total bill of almost $30,000. Each of the families faced various difficulties, and were referred by Charlotte nonprofit agencies. Charles’ donation was able to take some holiday pressure away from them. Village at River’s Edge – Charles and Chamire Holdings, LLC jointly announced the opening of the Village at River’s Edge affordable housing development in Columbia, S.C. in May. The development offers attractive and low-cost housing options for low to moderate income families. Charlotte Family Housing: $2,500 toward a holiday meal and shelter supplies for Charlotte Family Housing, which empowers homeless families to achieve long-term self- sufficiency. $80,000 toward four NEW college scholarships HHS Basketball Uniforms – Charles donated uniforms for the Hawkinsville High School basketball teams for both the girls and boys basketball teams. Business Ventures – Charles is a partner in nine different businesses, collaborating with Charmire Holdings, LLC to impact single parent families and youth. Charles also plans to open his own restaurant in Charlotte called CJ’s 4th Ward Fire House within the next year. Charles’ support over the holidays for eight families in Charlotte.
  7. 7. Black College Expo – For the third year, the foundation supported local students from Wilcox County, Bleckley County and Hawkinsville High Schools to attend the Black College Expo in Atlanta. In partnership with Chamire Holdings, LLC and the RIGHT C.h.o.i.c.e.s. Foundation, which is the foundation of fellow Georgia Bulldog Fernando Velasco, the Charles Johnson Foundation covered students’ costs for admission and meals, as well as provided transportation to and from the event. We appreciate all the chaperones who donated their time and energy. CONGRATULATIONS TO PULASKI TOMORROW GRADUATES Please congratulate Diane Lester, Bianca McBurse and Alexis Pitts on graduating from the Pulaski Tomorrow 2016 Leadership program! The Charles Johnson Foundation provided scholarships for these three women to attend the classes, which focus on understanding leadership, communicating effectively, making group decisions, building communities through collaboration and leading community change. These classes are by led by University of Georgia/ Fanning Institute-trained facilitators. The program announced that next year it will host a similar, free Youth Leadership Class, which students can apply to by submitting work they’ve done through school. The program is open to students from Hawkinsville High School, Fullington Academy, The Westfield School, and local homeschools in 10th, 11th and 12th grades. The Youth Leadership Class will be held opposite years from the Pulaski Tomorrow Leadership Program for adults, which will resume in the spring of 2018 with applications open in the fall of 2017. To learn more and to apply for the Youth Leadership Class, visit For the third year, the Charles Johnson Foundation covered costs for local high school students to attend the Black College Expo in Atlanta. This year’s three Pulaski Tomorrow scholarship recipients at graduation. L to R: Alexis Pitts, Bianca McBurse, Diane Lester.
  8. 8. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FIRST GRADUATES: HUNTER & EARL! Dear Hawkinsville, Knowledge is a special gift that no one can ever take away from you. Throughout my life, I have demonstrated curiosity and a desire to learn new and exciting things. I knew that in order to continue to increase my knowledge of the world around me and to pursue all of my passions in life, that a higher education was essential. Financially, college can be intimidating, but thankfully, I have had wonderful family, friends, teachers and mentors to help me along the way. Specifically, the Charles Johnson Foundation and those involved with this amazing organization have provided much guidance and encouragement during my journey through college. I never anticipated college to challenge me as greatly as it did. Balancing course work, extracurricular activities, sports, a part-time job and maintaining important friendships was a major challenge that often caused me to worry about my ability to remain successful. Without fail, Jennifer Dobossy provided me with continuous encouragement and uplifting words on behalf of the Charles Johnson Foundation. It was a very special feeling to know that this organization stood behind me, believed in my capability to balance all of life’s demands, and recognized my achievements every step of the way! I have come to the end of my undergraduate career and will graduate with a B.A. in Nonprofit Leadership and a minor in Business. Reflecting on the four years that I spent pursuing my degree gives me the opportunity to realize my personal growth. I have grown and matured tremendously during my time in college and have created many lasting memories through experiences that I would not have had if I did not to go to college. I have found the phrase “college is the best time of your life” is very true. Not because you finally have freedom and the opportunity to be an adult, but because you transform into something very beautiful and significant through education and valuable experiences. For those of you in middle school and high school, I encourage you to chase after your dreams and pursue a higher education. No dream is too small and no obstacle is too large whenever you have determination and a true desire to grow. Always look to the future with optimism and a positive attitude because there are many people that will stand behind you as you chase your dreams. Always remember that if you are not willing to learn, no one can help you, but if you are determined to learn, no one can stop you! I want to challenge each of you to make a positive impact on the community within the next year. Many of us do not realize just how heavily a loving gesture can impact the lives of others. We all face struggles every day. I challenge you to take the time to get to know someone outside of your normal friend group—someone you wouldn’t typically take the time to talk to. Disregard any judgment from the people around you and be committed to learning about the life of a new friend. You will be very surprised by what you might learn from people in your own community. It is always wonderful to form new friendships! By taking the time (Continued on next page) SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM For the fifth year, the Charles Johnson Foundation is presenting college scholarships to deserving senior student-athletes. In each of the previous four years, we have presented these to one male and one female from Hawkinsville High School. While the foundation is continuing this, we have also expanded to two additional scholarships between Bleckley County High School and Wilcox County High School students. With the addition of this summer’s four scholarship recipients, the foundation has supported 12 college students through this program. We are so proud of this expansion, and look forward to seeing what wonderful things these students accomplish. Hunter Bowen
  9. 9. Dear Hawkinsville Community, The Charles Johnson Foundation Scholarship made a huge impact on my life while in college. It provided me with assistance and the opportunity to continue my education, as well as funds for my housing while attending classes. I can’t express the gratitude I have to Charles Johnson and his foundation for working with me throughout this four-year process. My greatest accomplishment in college is the 3.75 GPA I have maintained while playing four years of collegiate baseball. I was able to post three semesters with a perfect 4.0, including both semesters my senior year. The biggest challenge I faced in college was learning how to study. I did not study much in high school and the courses in college proved to be a little more strenuous. I was able to adapt and form good study habits over the course of my tenure in college. For all of the high school students now, I encourage you to make sure you study hard while in school. Set a routine that will allow you to have adequate time on the practice field and in the classroom. Sports have shown to increase success in the classroom so keep that in mind. Work hard and set goals for yourself so that you will have something to work toward. If you work hard it will give you the opportunity to apply for this amazing scholarship, which is a big help financially in college. I also want to encourage each of you to get involved in the community in Hawkinsville. The entire community has supported all of us – from football games on Friday nights in the fall, to the baseball games in the spring. Show the community you appreciate them. Tell them thank you for the support when you see them. Beyond “thank you,” set aside some time to do something positive for the community. Whether you go out and take dinner to the people in the nursing homes, or you spend some time each month cleaning up a park a little. The city would be grateful and it would better Hawkinsville as a whole. Even the smallest gesture betters the community as a whole. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors and remember, GO BIG RED! Sincerely, Earl Dupree Georgia Southwestern University Graduate, December 2016 (Continued from previous page) to learn about others you also learn a great deal about yourself. So, get out of your comfort zone and work on building new friendships! Invest in others and you could potentially help them through a difficult time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Sincerely, Hunter Bowen LaGrange College Graduate 2016 First Female Charles Johnson Foundation Scholarship Recipient B.A. in Nonprofit Leadership; and minor in Business. Hunter accepted a position as marketing campaign manager at Monumental Management. She will continue to volunteer with local nonprofits in her spare time. First Male Charles Johnson Foundation Scholarship Recipient B.S. in Health and Physical Education Earl will return to HHS to student teach health and physical education and would like to coach football and baseball there as well. He is completing his math teaching certification as well. Earl Dupree
  10. 10. PAST RECIPIENTS Warren Singletary, Jr. After his freshman year, Warren decided to transfer to Dodge City Community College in Kansas. After completing this two- year program, he hopes to start work as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Warren’s goal is to then transfer to a larger four-year university to play football after playing for Dodge City CC. He hopes this will put him in the best position to succeed on the field, while continuing his studies. Kaitlin Giddens After completing her freshman year, Kaitlin continues to pursue a degree in Education in Athletic Training and Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Georgia. She hopes to attend either Physical Therapy school or Physician’s Assistant school, after graduation. Kaitlin is pursuing summer internship opportunities to fulfill her program’s required job shadowing experience in various settings. Tori Peavy Tori has been accepted into the competitive Medical Laboratory Science program at Armstrong Atlantic State University, where she just completed her sophomore year. Tori is passionate helping patients through the discoveries she makes in the laboratory; and would like to work in a lab in Macon or Atlanta. She will be taking classes this summer. Chance Warnock Chance spent many hours of his sophomore year tutoring kids and adults through his Education Leadership Role classes. This experience reaffirmed to Chance his dream to be a teacher. Continuing toward a degree in special education, he had an extremely productive year preparing him for this future career. He continues to play for the school’s baseball team. Hunter Holland Hunter just completed his junior year at Middle Georgia State College, where he founded the school’s Kappa Sigma fraternity at the Cochran campus. The fraternity focuses on fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service. They have hosted a 5K run and fundraised for the Wounded Warrior program, as well as volunteered at the Bleckley County Recreation Department Opening Day, and here at the foundation’s event. Hunter recently applied to have a dual major, adding Communication in addition to his History major. This summer, he will be working with the Dept. of School Nutrition in Pulaski Co. Brittany Hill Brittany is looking forward to participating in Savannah State University’s undergraduate Research Apprenticeship program with a prestigious department professor this summer. She is eager to learn about conducting research, creating presentations, and potentially speaking at a conference. L to R: Front Row: Tori Peavy, Brittany Hill; Kaitlin Giddens, Hunter Holland, Hunter Bowen-Pollock. Back Row: Jackie Kearney, Chance Warnock, Charles Johnson, Fernando Velasco Warren Singletary, Jr. With the 2016 recipients, the Charles Johnson Foundation has now distributed 12 college scholarships from 2012 to 2016.
  11. 11. DQ Grill & Chill, Hawkinsville is a proud community supporter. Member FDIC Thank you Charles Johnson Hawkinsville’s “Big Dawg”
  12. 12. Qixie 103.9 is a proud supporter of the Charles Johnson Foundation and the communities that we serve.
  13. 13. 2016 Sylandi Brown, Hawkinsvile High School Graduate Sylandi will attend Valdosta State University in the fall and plans to major in Middle Grades Education. At Hawkinsville High School, she earned varsity letters in tennis and cross country. She has a strong dedication to volunteer work. She spent countless hours working with the Reaching Excellence Amongst Children’s Hearts youth mentorship program. She contributed 10 hours per week as a teacher’s assistant at Pulaski County Middle School and worked in HHS’s work-based learning youth apprenticeship program. She also volunteered with the HHS Marching Machines annual Jr. Majorette Camp. Sylandi has dedicated her time as a tennis coach for the Sports Academy & Community Weekend. Matthew Money, Hawkinsvile High School Graduate Matthew will attend Armstrong Atlantic State University in the fall with an undeclared major. At HHS, Matthew earned varsity letters in both football and baseball. Matthew feels that his time spent cleaning up trash and other pollution along the riverbank and in the surrounding Hawkinsville community taught him a sense of responsibility for keeping the environment around him clean. He has also volunteered his time to help a teacher with a yard sale, help his friend’s family move, and watch his younger cousins over the summer. Taylor Harrell, Bleckley Co. High School Graduate Taylor will attend the University of Georgia in the fall, and plans to major in Civil Engineering. At Bleckley County High School, he earned varsity letters in cross country and track and field. Taylor has volunteered his time at a running camp helping coach and mentor kids while encouraging them to set goals. He has also volunteered at the Middle School State Cross Country Championship, helping with set up and clean up. He will be the second scholarship recipient to attend Charles’ former school, UGA. Ana Claire Gordon, Wilcox Co. High School Graduate Ana Claire Gordon will attend Mercer University in the fall, where she plans to major in Sports Business Management. At Wilcox County High School, she earned varsity letters in golf and as the football statistician/team manager for four years. Ana Claire volunteered as a Teen Leader for the Wilcox County 4-H’s Summer Fun Days. She has also served as a volunteer for the Wilcox Elementary School Literacy Nights, Jump Rope for Heart, Cookies with Santa, Trunk or Treat, See You at the Pole, Snow Day and AG day. Additionally, Ana Claire spent time collecting money for Pennies for Patients, which benefits Macon Children’s Hospital. She also purchased and delivered Christmas gifts for children at the hospital. SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS
  14. 14. ABOUT CHARLES JOHNSON & THE CHARLES JOHNSON FOUNDATION Charles Johnson is a native of Hawkinsville, GA, and a proud alumnus of Hawkinsville High School. After attending the University of Georgia where he starred at defensive end, Charles was drafted by the Carolina Panthers of the NFL in 2007 and has served as a captain of the team for three seasons. Through nine professional seasons, Charles has received All-Pro recognition on the strength of 63.5 career sacks, placing him among the premier pass-rushers in the league. Charles ranks second on the Panthers’ all-time sacks list. He helped Carolina win the NFC Championship and earn a spot in the 2016 Super Bowl. In 2012, Charles’ passion for philanthropy and loyalty to Middle Georgia led him to launch the Charles Johnson Foundation. A non-profit organization, the Charles Johnson Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling a two-fold mission: • Providing opportunities for under-served youth to reach their full potential through athletic, recreational, and educational programs and initiatives; and • Providing support for single African American mothers through proven programs and initiatives. The Charles Johnson Foundation Sports Academy & Community Weekend is the flagship annual event for the Charles Johnson Foundation, combining his efforts to advance education with free sports clinics in football, basketball, tennis, dance and cheer. Visit to learn more.
  15. 15. SPECIAL THANKS • Thank you to our generous sponsors who help make this event possible every year. We are proud to hold this event free of charge, and are grateful for the many sponsors who help us continue that way. • We appreciate the many volunteers and volunteer committee chairs who work tirelessly to help make this event possible each year. • A special thank you to our clinic head coaches and volunteer coaches. It is because of you, your time commitment and dedication that we are able to offer a variety of sports clinics to our community youth, inspiring them to be strong athletes, and stronger students. • We are so happy to have guests from the NFL and NBA who take time each year to work with kids in the community, encourage them and share their expertise. We are so thankful for each of you donating your time. • Special thanks to Taylor Regional Hospital for providing first aid services at the event, which will be staffed by two trained EMTs, as well as having an ambulance on-site. • We appreciate continued support from Charles’ NFL team, the Carolina Panthers for their support both on and off the field. And congratulations on an impressive season and trip to the Super Bowl! • Thank you to Cam Newton and Under Armour for their generous support of our foundation and its participants. We are grateful for you helping us to provide our participants with the coolest Under Armour gear! • Thanks to Complete Graphics Solutions for the donation of approximately $3,000 from proceeds from the custom “Fan of Charles” t-shirts they created; and for those who participated.The local support and pride for Charles during the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl was outstanding! • Thank you to our event planners from Trilucent Group whose coordination, collaboration, eye to detail and creativity help us to continue to improve this event each year. To learn more about Trilucent Group, visit: • HAPPY HOUR SERVICE CENTER Have you seen the blue recycling bins around the high school? We would like to acknowledge and thank the Happy Hour Service Center of Warner Robins, which is providing this recycling service for this year’s event. The non-profit, 501(c)3 organization serves adults with developmental disabilities. They provide housing, training and employment to help each individual reach his or her fullest potential. Learn more about this great organization at
  16. 16. DJ Servicing the South East Macon Productions believes in a higher standard for live sound. With over 20 years of combined experience, our [Macon Productions] goal is to ensure your event runs smoothly and that you and your audience are able to enjoy the most out the event.
  17. 17. Taylor Health Care Group is comprised of Taylor Regional Hospital, Bleckley Memorial Hospital, and Pinewood Manor Nursing and Rehab. With physician clinics located in Hawkinsville, Cochran, Vienna, Kathleen, Eastman, Rochelle and Unadilla, we provide patients with access to over 140 credentialed physicians and twenty-five major specialties. We are now offering a way for school-aged children to access physician services without leaving the school grounds, as well. Learn more today about the convenience of seeing a physician via the new Telemedicine Program by calling 478-783-0200 or logging onto our website at HawkGrips is a leading manufacturer of soft-tissue therapy instruments
  18. 18. Hawkinsville High School Booster Club We are excited to partner with the Hawkinsville High School Big Red Booster Club as they will cater the Community Appreciation Picnic meal. The booster club will also open the concession stand during Friday’s and Saturday’s clinics for additional refreshments for guests to purchase with all proceeds supporting all Red Devil Athletics. Thank you to Michelle Elliott and the Archway Partnership in Pulaski County. We value Michelle’s leadership and contributions to this vital community program. Michelle listens; helps lead, encourage and facilitate conversations; identifies capacities; aligns resources to address community-identified priorities; and builds connections with and amongst stakeholders. Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center The Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center hosted our first STEM clinics this year. Real I.M.P.A.C.T. Center is offering a 25% discount to this summer’s Girl Power STEM Camp (girls only) hosted at Mercer University in Macon, GA on July 5-19. Visit to register and use online code CJF2016. The Pulaski County Seamless Summer Meals Program The Pulaski County Seamless Summer Meals Program is providing lunch for our youth participants on Friday. Their Summer Meals Program provides free meals for all children 18 years and younger. It will operate Monday through Friday, May 30th - July 22nd (*Closed Holiday week of July 4th through July 8th). Locations open to the community thus far: • Pulaski County Elementary School Cafeteria, 280 Broad Street, Hawkinsville, Ga (Breakfast & Lunch) • Pulaski County Alternative Learning Center, 72 Warren Street, Hawkinsville, Ga (Breakfast & Lunch) • Pulaski County High School Courtyard, 24 Red Devil Drive, Hawkinsville, Ga(Breakfast & Lunch) • Bozeman Area, Hawkinsville, Ga (lunch only) • WH Mooney Apts, Commerce Street, Hawkinsville, Ga (lunch only) For additional information, please contact: Donna Coats, School Nutrition Program Pulaski County Board of Education, 72 Warren Street, Hawkinsville, Georgia 31036 (478)783-7256; Monday-Thursday, 8:30AM-4:30PM