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Physician Developed Life Care Plans - Considerations In a Life Care Plan


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Physician Life Care Plan Considerations
This document outlines categories in a life care plan. A life care plan is a document created to assess future needs for a patient with catastrophic injury. More information available at:

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Physician Developed Life Care Plans - Considerations In a Life Care Plan

  1. 1. Sample Considerations in a Life Care Plan Created by a Physician Life Care Planner or call 212-537-5778 Care Needs Level of care (RN, LPN, non-skilled assistant) Hours per day Consideration of day-program or school hours Models for efficiency in care approach Costs Facility vs. home care Rehabilitation Physical therapy Occupational therapy Speech therapy Facility vs. home based therapy Medical Care Pediatrician/Internist Gastroenterologist ENT Neurologist Orthopedist Ophthalmologist Nutritionist Dentistry ER Visits Hospitalizations Conservatorship/FinancialManagement Transition from parents to professional Legal fees Case Management
  2. 2. Frequency Costs Medications Baclofen Benadryl Budesonide Diazepam Keppra Nystatin cream Omeprazole Ranitidine Albuterol nebulizer Ibuprofen Supplies Feeding Tube • Syringes • Extension kits • Feeding tube kits for Mic-Key, 14 French • Formula Bowel and Bladder Supplies • Underpads • Diapers • Wipes • Liner pads • Creams, enemas, ointments • Reusable underpads Trach/Suction Supplies • Pediatric tracheostomy mask (for Plan B) or O2 mask (for Plan A) • Slip-tip Syringes • Mouth piece, nebulizer kits • Trach tube holder 3/4" • Collection jar • Tracheostomy tubes • Sterile Yankauer suction handle with bulb tip
  3. 3. • Open suction catheter kit, 8 fr. • Suction filter • Portable oxygen • Oxygen concentrator • Connector, suction tubing • Pulse oximeter supplies • Trach care, catheter, Shiley trach • Nebulizer, T mouthpiece with 7' tube and reservoir • Corrugated aerosol tubing, 1-100' • AirLife Medudose unit dose saline 5 ml for .9% inhalation • ReliaMed sterile tracheostomy split gauze sponges • ReliaMed paper surgical tape, 1" by 10 yards • ThermoFlo trach with O2 port • Portable suction • Oximeter probe LNCS sensor • Oximeter robe LNCS • SVN neb kits • Skin care supplies Durable Medical Equipment/Recreation • Switches, musical toys, simple communication device • AFOs • Hand Splints • Hospital bed and special mattress, replace every 10 years • Stander • Positioning equipment • Wheelchair replaced every 5 years. • Wheelchair cushion • Shower chair • Nebulizer • Nebulizer heater • Pulse oximeter • Humidifier • Percussion vest • Portable suction machine • Feeding pump • Hoyer lift system, with 2 slings, battery • Replacement slings, batteries • General maintenance on above equipment
  4. 4. Transportation Allowance for modifying a van Allowance for maintenance on van, extra cost for insurance, $1,000/year. Accessible Home Allowance to make home barrier-free in terms of entrance and exits, bathroom, etc. Notes: • Options to request a report that outlines the costs for a short-term treatment • Medical Records are reviewed for the necessity of future treatment and for reasonable and customary cost • Defense may be given a future medical cost projection by plaintiff that requires a professional critique • Physician life care planners can analyze life expectancy