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Cadby Letter of recommendation_Jess Snedeker


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Cadby Letter of recommendation_Jess Snedeker

  1. 1. Trägerschaft: Schweizerischer Verein Balgrist           Orthopedic  Research  Laboratory     Uniklinik  Balgrist   Forchstr.  340   8008  Zürich     Tel.     044  386  37  55   FAX     044  386  11  09     jsnedeker@research.balgrist.  ch     www.balgrist.  ch     Prof.  Dr.  Jess  Snedeker   Head,  Biomechanics  Laboratory       To  Whom  it  May  Concern     Zürich,  9.  January  2014         Letter  of  Recommendation,  Dr.  Jennifer  Alice  Cadby,  Ph.D.       I currently serve as an Associate Professor at the University and ETH Zurich, and have headed the Laboratory of Orthopedic Biomechanics here since 2006. Over my career, including 5 years in industrial research and development, I have acted as direct super- visor of over 100 individuals and their projects. Among these many working relation- ships, the most interesting and personally rewarding have been the 13 PhD students that I have supervised until now. In this role, I have a unique opportunity to closely interact with talented young scientists, observe their strengths and weaknesses, watch them cope with adversity, and ultimately witness how they grow as individuals. I be- lieve this experience uniquely qualifies me to judge their personal and professional qualities. From this vantage point, I am pleased to provide a strong recommendation for Dr. Jen- nifer Cadby – with whom I worked closely from early 2010 to late 2013. During her time in my research group, Jennifer pursued several lines of basic research related to tendon injury and repair. Tendon disorders represent a major cause of human (and equine) disability, and are the reason behind 50% of all musculoskeletal disorders for which medical treatment is sought. Jennifer's work focused mainly on the relative “plasticity” of tendon cells and how these cells alter their behavior in response to experimental conditions simulating tendon injury and disease. In my opinion, the work she performed (almost single-handedly) has the potential for large scientific impact. Dr. Cadby was unique among my group in several regards. First she is a trained biolo- gist, and was for a long time the only person in my laboratory with a rigorous biological background. As a biologist swimming within a pool of engineers, Jennifer handled her- self extremely well. She was eager and able to learn foreign technical concepts, and communicated effectively to build bridges from her discipline to the more technically oriented disciplines of her colleagues. This is not a simple task, and represents a rare but essential characteristic that enables truly interdisciplinary research.
  2. 2. Trägerschaft: Schweizerischer Verein Balgrist Second, Jennifer was not technically my own employee. She was embedded within my laboratory as a long-term visiting scientist from the University of Utrecht (a famed cen- ter for equine musculoskeletal research). Jennifer often received remote – and some- times conflicting - directives from as many as three other supervisors external to our laboratory in Zurich. Jennifer displayed a remarkable talent to integrate these diverse inputs from a broad range of sources into a coherent research plan, and was able to ultimately produce a strong body of scientific work. In many ways, Jennifer was the most independent PhD student that I have ever supervised. While she was receptive to the advice that was given to her by others and myself, she consistently and robustly plotted her own course with determination. Jennifer was the first researcher in our group working on the biology of tendon, and from this standpoint she held sole responsibility for determining feasibility of a wide range of approaches, and for developing and implementing novel research strategies. Working in a complicated field without an obvious roadmap, Jennifer was able to quick- ly gain intellectual command of the problems she assigned herself. She learned and mastered a wide range of skills necessary to drive her own work, and in doing so brought our whole laboratory’s capabilities forward. Thus Jennifer was highly dedicated to her project, and was fully engaged in working to its successful completion. During her time in the laboratory, she was eager and quick to learn the techniques necessary for the completion of the project, offered creative solu- tions to the problems at hand, and consistently demonstrated a strong dedication to success. Finally, Jennifer was an excellent supervisor of several Masters students - suc- cessfully advising them on both their science and the practical aspects of their pro- jects. Dr. Cadby was highly valued by these students who could depend upon her for able guidance and meaningful mentoring. Jennifer Cadby would be a welcome addition to any organization: she is competent, hardworking, and extremely likable – given her professional and personal competence, I am confident that she will integrate easily into any team, scientific or otherwise. Your organization would benefit from having her as a member. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this recom- mendation, or if I can lend support to Dr. Cadby's application in any way.       Prof.  Jess  Snedeker,  Ph.D.   Uniklinik  Balgrist  and  ETH  Zurich