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Tips on 'How to Study Online'


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Tips on How to Study online

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • Whether you are starting a new semester, a new school, or a new year, setting goals can help you find success as an online student. Distance education students in particular can benefit from working towards three goals: finding their motivation, developing effective study habits, and managing their time.
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Tips on 'How to Study Online'

  1. 1. CMD Tips on;<br />How to Study Online<br />Jennifer Gilligan<br />Project Management <br />eCollege Support Tutor<br />
  2. 2. Its hard to be motivatedwhen your out of the Classroom<br />?<br />
  3. 3. 1. Remember You are not alone!<br /><ul><li>Your Online Support Tutor is here to help you
  4. 4. Join the discussion forum and get to know others on the course- make new friends!
  5. 5. You wont feel isolated if you actively participate on the site</li></li></ul><li>2. Set Goals and Targets !<br /><ul><li>‘’I will successfully complete this Course’’ and ‘’I will complete it within 14weeks‘’ Both of these goals are realistic and achievable-so you can do it! </li></li></ul><li>3. Create a Study Timetable<br /><ul><li>Break down the modules into manageable chunks (1-13) over 14weeks
  6. 6. Open theCMD; Study Checklist /Timetableor create your own timetable.
  7. 7. Mark your 14week deadline on a calendar and keep this date in mind when you are creating your Schedule</li></li></ul><li>4.Create the right Study Environment<br /><ul><li>Choose a Quiet Place to Study your online Course
  8. 8. Choose a time that is best for you to study and that fits into your daily schedule
  9. 9. Pace Yourself; Your here to learn, not just to complete the course, so make sure you are understanding the material not just rushing through the material
  10. 10. Take breaks from looking at the computer screen</li></li></ul><li>5. Make sure your equipment is right <br />One of your biggest Frustrations while online will be your Computerso......<br /><ul><li>Make sure your PC/Mac is updated with the latest JAVA and enableCookies
  11. 11. Plug straight into your Internet router (Wireless will not be consistent)
  12. 12. If using a PC use Firefox as your internet Browser If using Apple Mac use Safari 4.0.5 and operating system 10.4 or 10.5</li></li></ul><li>6. Use Memory Tools<br />Your Notes/<br />Flash Cards<br />PMBOK<br />Ready to sit & Pass CAPM exam<br />Course videos<br /><ul><li>Write Notes during the Course Videos. Recap on the notes before proceeding to the next module and use them along side the PMBOK 4th edition (recommended reading)
  13. 13. You should have a condensed set of notes ready for your final revision before the exam.
  14. 14. Use Flash cards to record Quick Facts from your notes</li></li></ul><li>7. Ask Questions <br /><ul><li>Check the Learner resource area on the course for Freq. Asked Questions
  15. 15. If you don’t understand something Ask one of your Online support Tutors
  16. 16. Or Post a Question in the Forum and discuss it with your fellow class mates
  17. 17. Or click on the Help section on</li></li></ul><li>8. Be Proud of yourself; let people know what your doing! <br /><ul><li>Be Proud of Yourself! Taking this course is a step towards a Professional Project Management Credential
  18. 18. Wither you are unemployed or up-skilling you are being proactive in driving your career forward and increasing your Job Prospects so well done!
  19. 19. Tell your friends and family about the course, your more likely to stick to the course if friends and family know your doing it. They will help to encourage you and motivate you to complete the course </li>