The Doctrine Of Hell - Here's Why You Don't Really Believe In It


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The Doctrine Of Hell - Here's Why You Don't Really Believe In It

  1. 1. The Doctrine Of Hell - Heres Why You Dont Really Believe In ItThere are three types of doctrine mentioned in bible : 1) that of Demons, 2 ) that of Man, and three )that of Christ and of lord.Theres no reason anyone should check ones well known brains at the door or even eat every can ofpeas on the shelf when it comes to as being a "hearer" of Gods term.Think, people, think! as Thomas Jefferson said, "query with boldness even the information on a God;because, in the event that there be one, he must more approve of the respect of reason, than that ofblind-folded fear." Ask until you receive a satisfactory response. In other words, blind faith isridiculous.Asking questions about such a seemingly fundamental aspect of orthodoxy as "hell " is undoubtedlygoing to spawn more questions. Its answers are bound to create more than a few "Us vs. Them"debates. Please resist the tendency to break fellowship with those who disagree with you for "akingdom divided against itself cannot remain " - and we already have more than 30,000denominations split over a myriad of differences. Upon second thought, I recall Jesus saying He didnot come to bring peace however a sword.I am certain some readers may accuse me - as some already have - of "sending people to a heck Idont believe in" when, as youll see, I am not making any this kind of statement. Several individualshave known me as spreading heresy, forgetting that many of their own values are still consideredheresy with a large portion of Christians (talking in tongues, Divine recovery, casting out demons, andso on.)Others will be left bumfuzzled after reading this as they find it difficult to find their place in the body ofChrist because, after all, without the Hell theyve come to know and love, they will feel a bit "out-of-work," in some way feeling theyve lost their sense of purpose in your body. I can relate.Still others will find themselves glad that someone else has asked the actual questions they dared byno means vocalize.I realize that, prior to standard orthodox Christian teaching, we are SUPPOSED to believe in, teachabout, and warn other people about the fiery place of eternal torment. Though one denomi-nationmay disagree with the following in regard to a plethora of other topics - some of which, one maycontend, will result in a quick solution to Hell - each will link spiritual arms in pious alliance towardsanyone who doesnt preach and teach on the traditional concept of Hell.At least until the NEXT source of doctrinal contention rears its head.This is such a contradiction when one considers that we are SUPPOSED to be spreading the Gospel(literally, "Good News") in accordance with the command of christ but, too often, are the bearers ofBAD news, the., eternal Hell. We appear to use the subject of everlasting damnation as a meansfor terrorizing others into "getting saved," attempting to cause them to repent of sinful lifestyles orcondemning those whom we dont especially care for anyway. Though this kind of terrorism may bethe farthest point from our minds, truth is, belief is reality. Too often, we are seen as being quiterepulsive to others as we "see " to them and bludgeon all of them with scriptures.
  2. 2. Clearly, we are good at reminding others of exactly how bad they are, judging others by what they DOand knowing ourselves by our great intentions. Forget about showing the kind of agape love Jesusprolonged to a hooker or the lady at the well - we prefer condemning them, picketing against them,showering them with "visit Hell" Scripture verses, etc. We will even do so in union with people whomay differ from us on additional core doctrinal issues.HELL AND WHO GETS TO proceed THEREA college student stopped by one day and he mentioned that his friend, an atheist, had told him hedid not respect the faith of most Christians because, if they really believed in the Hell theyre saying tobelieve in, they would -- out of love - relentlessly attempt, in a consistent method, to get theirneighbors and colleagues converted regardless of consequences, instead of expect the unbelieversto enter their church buildings. Amen!Do we REALLY believe in Hell once we say we do? if so, why do we play russian Roulette with thelives in our children by daring to bring them into this world whatsoever, when we know theres just one50/50 chance they may ever make a "decision" for Christ?Think about that.While a person wrestle with that question, if we REALLY believe in the eternal torment of Hell, wouldnot the hideous act of abortion be a merciful behaveOUCH!What is this "heck " we hear so much regarding Hell is actually an Old british word whereas the wordwhich Mark used in his Gospel was the Greek word "Gehenna," which certainly will imply FIRE.However, the Greek word for "fireplace " itself is the word "pyr" or even "pur" from which we get"pure."Hmmm. Fire can ruin but it can also purify, purge and bring purity. Keep that in mind.Unfortunately, in most passages within the translations of the New testament where the word Hell islocated, the original Greek reveals a different word, "Hades" - which does NOT refer to FIREwhatsoever. Homer called the place of the actual dead the "House associated with Hades." Hadeswas the actual Greek god of the underworld, the god of death. Eventually, Hades evolved to the veryname for the underworld itself.In Biblical utilization, the Greek word Hades - used only eleven times in the New testament - isroughly equivalent to the Old Testament Hebrew word "Sheol," meaning "grave" or "pit." CompareActs two :27 (AMP): " For You wont abandon my soul, leaving it helpless in Hades (the state ofdeparted spirits), nor let Your Holy one know decay or observe destruction [of the body after death]"with Psalm sixteen :10 (AMP): "For You wont abandon me to Sheol (the place of the dead), neitherwill You suffer Your Holy One to see corruption."Hades may be likened to a pit in the ground. In the Bible, its nothing to do with fire. Most modernbiblical translators admit that the use of the English word Hell to translate Hades and Sheol is anunfortunate and misleading practice.Why? Because in reading the word Hell, many readers go back to an ever-burning inferno if this wasnever remotely intended within the Greek language or in old English!
  3. 3. Hades, in biblical usage, refers to the place of the actual dead - but not in the sense of spiritstravelling in some other dimension. For the reason that sense, one might state, everyone who diesgoes to Hell. Sheol, as I mention-ed, refers to the actual grave. Sheol was not a place of torment orpunishment. Jacob spoke of going there (Genesis 37:35, 42:37, 44:29-31), Job longed for it (Job14:thirteen ), David spoke of going there (Psalm 49:fifteen ), King Solomon taught his audience towork hard while on the earth for there is no are employed in "Sheol", the place they were determinedto (Ecclesiastes 9:10), and even Jesus went there (Psalm sixteen :10, Acts 2:24-31).Tartarus (or Tartaros) was a name used by the later classical writers such as Virgil as another namefor Hades. Homer, on the other hand, described Tartarus like a different place, lying because farbeneath Hades because Hades is beneath the earth. It was in this bottomless hole of Tartarus,according to traditional mythology, that the Greek god Zeus confined those who experienced resistedhim. 2 chris 2:4 of the Holman Christian Bible and Youngs Literal translations are the only Bibleversions I investigated that utilized the word "Tartarus" in place of "Hell" ("...God didnt spare theangels that sinned, but threw all of them down into Tartarus and shipped them to be kept in chains ofdarkness until common sense...").QUESTIONS DEMANDING ANSWERSIts nearly as though Christians everywhere are telling the world, "God loves you but if you dont theSinners Prayer/Get Baptized/Walk the actual Aisle/Say a Profession of faith, etc., before you die,then my loving God will torture you forever."Be honest with yourself RIGHT NOW:Dont you HATE that about Gods plan?Dont you hate that about our "loving" Father?Dont you really wish the concept of Hell was not part of His agenda because youve been taught?Do you struggle with the thought of a generously grandparent damned to heck because of beingaffiliated with a so-called "cult" or "false religion"?Do you struggle with the thought of a brave non-Christian fireman who died within the Twin Towers,being consumed forever in Hells fireplaceHow about a heroic "unsaved" Marine in Iraq preserving the lives of his buddies? Remember, Jesussaid "Greater love has no 1 than this, that one lay down his life for their friends." [John 15:13 NASB].If the goal of heaven is to become like jesus, these men seem to have accomplish-ed the task.A wise guy once said, "Flood the battlefield of ideas along with questions." If youve never asked any,out of fear of "Rocking the Boat" or being ostracized or shunned, consider these:Q: Is the Gospel merely good news for that small portion of mankind who "got saved" prior to theydied in a shipwreck, on a battlefield, in a car mishaps, from a wild animal assault, from disease orsenior yearsQ: What about the babies who were miscarried, died from birth, or as infants and toddlers Are they inHell, or have we embraced additional concepts on this matter to be able to comfort ourselves?Q: is actually salvation only for Christians? how about those who never heard the actual Gospel?Q: Who do we consider to be "Christians" any way? people who repeat the Sinners Prayer? Those
  4. 4. baptized by engagement Those absolved of sins by an ordained clergyman Perhaps its those whohave stopped sinning. If so, Im in danger ! What about the naked tribal people on an islandsomewhere who died having by no means heard the Name of Jesus...the deaf mute...the retardedperson? Lets think these things through LOGICALLY.Q: are Christians limited ONLY to those who "received Jesus" before these people died? (Mark9:thirty seven reveals that when we "obtain him", we are NOT receiving christ, "but Him who deliveredme", i.e., the daddy ).What about the recent reports associated with Muslims in Islamic nations who are reporting to haveobserved the risen Christ, grew to become Believers, yet continue to praise God in a mosque throughdaily prayers, continuing to refer to Him as "Allah" - simply because its just about all theyve everknown? Does lord REALLY look at the heart while man looks at the outside (one Samuel 16:7)?Q: Does Jesus decide whenever He might bring a person to faith, or do we, by way of our religioustraining, make that determination for him or her by way of one of our various manufactured salvationrituals?Frankly, one of the main problems in the Church is the fact that we are too often preaching anunbiblical "Gospel of answer " while neglecting the training of the Gospel of the empire as Jesusinstructed us (mainly due to our misunderstanding of the subject).Q: the reason why didnt Moses warn about Hell in the Ten Commandments or the Mosaic Covenantcomprising over 600 OTHER laws and regulations, ordinances, and warnings? did He forget? Did heor she simply neglect to mention this The Mosaic Law essentially blessings and cursings in thisLIFETIME for failure to keep the Mosaic Law.Q: Why does David say in the King James Bible, "although I make my bed in Hell (Sheol) lo, Thou artthere? (be aware : Most Christian Bibles no more have the word "Hell" in the Old Testament. TheKJV, written over 350 in years past, is an exception. The Jews do NOT put the word "heck " in theirEnglish translations of the Hebrew Scriptures, that is, the old Testament, and the leading englishChristian Bibles have eliminated it because it is NOT in the originals.Q: If great people go to Heaven and bad people go to hell, why does EVERYONE, good or bad, go tothe same place in the Old testomony They ALL go to Sheol which the King James Version converted"Hell" thirty-one times, "serious " thirty-one times and "hole " three times. Are we all destined to go toHell or did the Kings translators have gross translational errors?Q: Why dont the Jews, that know the Old Testament better than most Christians, NOT believe in themodern Christian concept of hell They say they dont believe it since it is not in their Scriptures. Wecant find Hell in the old Testament (check it out at Why is it the most literal, accurate, plain English interpretation of the New Testament doesntinclude the following words: sinner, Hell, Hades, sin, bad, forever, or eternal (jesus, Christ or lord, forthat matter )? Its not that these dont exist, but these actual "churchy" words we use all the timesimply arent there! Think about it!Q: If Hell doesnt can be found in the Old Testament (nor the concept or the word), how could Jesusand His disciples teach that salvation had been deliverance from a place that was not even found in
  5. 5. their Scriptures (there was only the Old testament at that time)? Would that not qualify Him as a falseinstructor Could it be that Jesus never taught the modern concept of hell in the first place? Could it bethat this idea has been added to the chapel and SOME Bible translations via "traditions of men" as aresult of doctrines of demons, or of manQ: Some English translations use the word "Hell" for that Greek word "Gehenna," within the NewTestament. Why did not this same place (Gehenna, south of Jerusalem and also the figurativeequivalent to the concept of "heck " - the citys stinky garbage dump where garbage, dead criminals,sewage and dead animals wound up -- get translated "Hell" in the many places where it appears inthe Hebrew form "ga bill Hinnom" (valley of the boy of Hinnom) in the aged Testament? (By the way,Gehenna is a beautiful park today -- yes, Ive actually observed pictures of "Hell").Q: If the Jews did not begin to see the valley of Gehenna as a symbol of everlasting torture, why doSOME English translations give this word which meaning? Why do we simply "parrot " what wevebeen taught when so many resources are available that prove otherwise?Q: Pagans sacrificed their own children in order to Molech, burning them within Gehenna. What wasGods reaction for Israel doing such a horrible thing to their children (Jer. 32:33-35)Q: How could God say "such a thing never joined His mind" if we are taught He is going to do thevery same point to most of His own children Did He get the idea from the Molech worshipers?Thinking Christians can probably come up with many other thought-provoking questions besidesthese types of.THEY SHALL KNOW THE reality...A question is a truth-finder. We cannot make quality decisions without quality information. When youknow the truth, that truth will make you free! Those who have the facts should encourage questionsand supply solid answers that make feeling. Did YOU have answers to people questions listedabove?I am certain that many who read this article will respond with a variety of proof texts with which tosupport the traditional concept of hell. (Please dont waste your time; i can come up with just as manyverses IN SUPPORT of the traditional teachings on this very subject in contrast to original meanings).On the other hand, based upon the many questions and comments i have received over the years, Ithink its time we start answering the questions for which many werent receiving satisfactory answers.Trust me, just like the current "Town hall Meeting" trend in regard to americas Health Care issue,people are asking questions that their spiritual leaders arent answering adequately. "Towing theparty-line" is no longer adequate and, frankly, is beginning in order to tick people off.THE PURIFICATION PROCESS AND PURPOSEThe Bible says that it is hired to men once to die, and after that the common sense (Heb. 9:27-28). Itdoesnt say, "after death all hope is gone!"For example : Sodoms fiery judgment is "eternal" (Jude 7) until God "will restore the actual fortunesof Sodom (Ez 16:53-55). (For similar examples of "forevers" that lasted UNTIL, go to Jer 30 :12-17;Micah 1:nine and Ezekiel 16:53 ; Zephaniah 2:9, Jeremiah 25:27 and Jeremiah 49:6; Deuteronomy23 :3; Habakkuk 3;six and there are MANY other "forever-UNTIL" examples.)
  6. 6. The verses which speak of everlasting fire or judgment, must be understood within the light of Godsadore. They are "everlasting" - continuous and on-going UNTIL gods judgment serves to accomplishtheir unchanging will and objective to unite ALL creation in Christ (Gen. 12 :3, Romans 4:thirteen,Heb. 6:17). Second Corinthians 5:19 informs us that God was in Christ reconciling the world("cosmos" or even universe) to Himself; thats either true or it is a lie.The point is, eternal torment was never about the mind of God neither was it ever implied inRevelation 21:eight, "...But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral,sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars will have their part in the river which burns with fireplace andbrimstone, which is the 2nd death."This defines most of us, doesnt it? Ever been afraid? actually entertained doubt? Ever been immoralEver lied? Jesus said we murder when we dont love and commit infidelity when we lust. Therefinement process is one we must all endure.Pure, purge, cleansing... All derived from "pur" - the Greek word for FIRE!Dont fret. NOw, as an Overcomer, youll have no part of the second death. Anyone who has NOT yetovercome, yes, these types of WILL require that purification fireplace, a purification fire which beganat Pentecost. The God IS a consuming fire. As with the burning rose bush, anything unholy or impureMUST be destroyed (you may recall how the bush Moses noticed was NOT consumed).Gods fireplace has one purpose: refinement and cleansing. Gold, gold, precious stone are all pure byfire. An interesting be aware : According to Strongs concordance Brimstone, (#2303) comes from theancient greek "theion" which, according to Thayers Greek Lexicon, refers to divine incense, becauseburning brimstone was regarded as having capacity to purify, and to ward off disease. The Greek"theion" has the same root as "theos," meaning "God." In other words, it is Gods judgment thatpurifies.We are described as becoming "living stones." Those who remain before God with concern, unbelief,having not conquer, will be "salted" with His fire.Heres a thought: lord told Jeremiah that he would put His words within Jeremiahs mouth and theydbecome fire that would burn the residue of his people. Psalm 104:4 tells us: "[God] makes winds Hismessengers, flames of fire His ministers." with that in mind, we are ALL ministers of reconcili-ation; aroyal priesthood; the kingdom of priests as well as kings. Could it be that our information - the GoodNews - is exactly what will bring about the restitution of things and restore the created to its Creator?if thats the case, when will we begin that mission?WHERE DID the idea of HELL COME FROM?The eternal torment doctrine entered into chapel during the Dark Ages. The Church brought people into bondage to this doctrine so that them subservient to the church. I call it "Systems Manage-ment."That Middle Ages church, mom of harlots, birthed "many daughters" and even those who claim to befree today remain bound - fearful - by this teaching on eternal punishment.Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was a medieval Italian poet. Their travels among the damned tend to berecorded in The Inferno, part one of his three-part Divine Comedy, an account of his imaginaryjourneys through heck, Purgatory and Heaven.
  7. 7. Does life imitate art? apparently so. Dante didnt obtain his concept from the holy bible or Churchdoctrine. NO, the Church got these ideas from Dante.Though Dantes primary purpose on paper the poem was to satirize persons and circumstancesassociated with his day, the theology of his work is based firmly on the system of Thomas Aquinas(1225-1274), italian theologian and philosopher. The Divine Comedy is a relatively accuratedramatization of middle ages Christian theology. Simpletons associated with Dantes day actuallybelieved he had visited Hell as well as was giving an eye-witness report. This writing made atremendous impression on popular Christian thought to this day and it has taken root firmly within ourculture.Dantes medieval picture of Hell was being an enormous prison camp -- a nightmarish place of eternaltorment, horrible beyond imagination, ruled by Satan and the demons. We KNOW Satan does not livethere with his minions because 1 Peter five :8 tells us, "...your foe the devil walks regarding like aroaring lion, looking for whom he may devour." concerning the war in the heavenlies, Isaiah 14:12says associated with Lucifer, "..."How you are fallen from heaven, O glowing star, son of the earlymorning ! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who ruined the nations of the world."Personally, I dont believe Satan and the army were tossed into Hell. They were thrown in order toEarth (there goes the neighbor-hood), bringing with them all of the hierarchical systems of bliss thatwere intended for angels, not really man, who was intended to be the most liberated creature in theuniverse. This heavenly system pervades everyday life. The Army, for instance, which has generalsat the top of the pyramid and privates at the end, is a hierarchical system. Training, industry,medicine, politics... Even Religion... Have all adapted towards the ungodly hierarchical model.God never intended for any guy to rule over another. The ONLY time we should look down uponanother is when were reaching down to help them up.Long as Im sharing my own opinions, its my estimation Dantes Inferno was a vicious joke upon thechapel that began over seven hundred years ago. To quote wear McLeans American Pie, "...i sawSatan laughing along with delight..."The concept of some form of Hell can be found in one form or another among all of the worlds greatreligions. Enormous amounts have lived and died over the millennia believing in -- and fearing - aplace of eternal torment as well as punishment. Many today still wonder, "Is there really a hell" and"Will I end up there"Perhaps this is why Hebrews twelve :14-15 tells us, "Since, therefore, [these His] children be part offlesh and blood [in the physical nature associated with human beings], He [Himself] in a similarmanner partook of the same [nature], that by [going through] death He might bring to naught andmake of no effect him who had the power of death--that is, the devil-- and also that He might provideand completely set totally free all those who through the [haunting] fear of death were locked inbondage throughout the whole span of their lives."Gehennas fires "are not quenched and its earthworm does not die" was a metaphor Jesus used thatthe Jews could relate to. Gehenna, like every other garbage dump, belched out smoke and fireplaceand was filled with maggots.
  8. 8. Did you know that 33% of Manhattan is filled property created from household trash from the past twocenturies? clean Kills Landfill in Staten Island is now a beautiful landscape built on 51 years of NewYork City trash. My own son - once a Texas rubbish collector - was initially surprised at the extremeheat below all the trash as well as the plumbing throughout the dump which permitted gas to escape.Again, Gehennas fires "are not quenched and its worm does not die" - UNTIL the restoration of ALLpoints which has been spoken associated with by all Gods holy prophets (Christ included) becausethe world began. Jesus didnt come to contradict His own prophets; He came to fulfill the regulationAND the prophets!Acts three :19-21 reminds us, "Repent therefore and be converted, that the sins may be blotted away,so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the head of the family, and that He maysend jesus Christ, who was preached for you before, whom Heaven should receive until the times ofrestoration of ALL things, which lord has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the worldbegan."Our Lord does not "cast off forever" (Lam. 3:31-32, Heb. 13:8). He who taught us to forgive and blessthe enemies will surely do the same for His own. For every language will give thanks that within Himthey have righteousness as well as strength. All flesh will bless His name forever and ever. Our lordwill not fail or turn out to be discouraged until He fulfills all of Gods purpose, term and will.Jesus tells us: "for everyone will be seasoned with fire, and every sacrifice will be experienced withsalt." (Mk nine :42-49)The REAL purpose of our fiery trials isnt to torture us, although they may bring torment for anyseason. The REAL purpose would be to free us from what keeps us in nipple play. Do you see thedemonstration associated with agape love in that? the actual Lords disciplines do not cancel Godscovenant to set us right with Himself. The Fathers "fires" are part of His means to FULFILL theircovenant! They are NOT unending.The Lords fiery judgments as well as disciplines are only "everlasting" in the sense that they areTHOROUGH. Their purifying fires do not quit burning UNTIL theyve carried out their good work.Gods corrective disciplines continue until they help to ACCOMPLISH the restoration of all things"spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began," (functions 3:21)Those that disobey the Gospel as well as persecute Christians will suffer the effects of "everlasting"(that is, continuous ) tribulation, destruction and punishment UNTIL, by loving, continual correction,God shows them their need for Christ.What was written by the prophets WILL come to pass, that all shall be taught of God, as well aseveryone who has heard as well as learned from the Father (eventually ) comes to Christ. Thus, all ofthe families of the nations will worship Him. All may submit to Him and perform His praises. Godspromise will be fulfilled and ALL men shall reverence Him, proclaim His works, and sensibly considerHis doing (ps. 22:27-28, 64:4-5, 64:9, 2 Thess. 1:7-10).To me, that paints a beautiful, faith-inspiring, awesome, loving picture -- so much better than the"everlasting " torment which many ascribe to, Christian and non-Christian alike.Without exception, the question always comes, "will that include Hitler? Surely he or she deserves
  9. 9. Gods fiery heck !" Yes, Gods mercy stretches even to him... And Adam, father of all OTHER devianthumans ever born in whose sins required a messiah.The mind boggles in the depth and power of that kind of love, grace, whim and forgiveness. Yet, aswe cannot help but humanize Gods attributes, most christian believers struggle with anything short ofsevere torment. Myself included, but truth is truth. (By the way, Hitler only punished the Jews for afew years. According to the "christian " teaching on Hell, god will take those SAME Jews and burnthem FOREVER in a pit of fire. Who is worse?) We struggle with these questions because we havethought God in our own picture, where all activity finishes at the grave. Our (spiritual ) life does notend presently there ; our physical life, which is actually death, does. Because Jesus said, "He is notthe God of the dead, but the God of the living...,"(tag 12:27 KJV).One more thing: at the risk of getting political, though Hitler and other tyrants - such as Christianleaders - throughout world history have killed millions, lets remember that a handful of SupremeCourt justices whove brought a death sentence upon FIFTY MILLION babies, 100 daily, throughlegalized abortion.Just thinking.WHAT may be the MEANING OF HELL?Almost just about all translations and concordances will describe Hell as a place of eternal torment.But its description is not true according to the unique language - and anybody, including you, cancheck that out for yourself. Perhaps the subsequent will aid you:The correct word for "eternal" (aion or aeon) is defined by Marvin Vincent, D.deb., Baldwin Professorof holy Literature at Union Theological Seminary, New York, as a amount of longer or shorter length,having a beginning and an end, and complete in itself. "There is 1 aeon of a human existence,another of the life of the nation, another of a crows life, another of an oaks life. The length of theaeon depends on the subject to which its attached." Torment in the fireplace is NOT eternal; notnever-ending. Jonah was in the whales belly "forever"... Thats what it says but it was REALLY just 3days and 3 nights. The word we use with regard to "eternity" is a mistranslation.The English word "hell" initially came from the Anglo-Saxon word "hel" which was a genitive form ofthe word "helle" which means "a hidden place", also the term "helan" meant to cover or even conceal.Such a primitive meaning is found in the English word hole, i.e., an opening in the ground. Ifsomething had been buried in a pit, it could be said to be in an Anglo-Saxon "hel" or hidden place.Something that covers the head is a "helmet."In some parts of britain to cover a building having a roof with tiles or even thatch was "to hell thebuilding," and the job ended by people called "helliers." (Please write Pastor erina at to acquire this article in its entirety)Jeremiah 29