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Eight Substantial Promises From Psalm 145 And 146 For HurtingPeopleMost of us in times of difficulty turn to friends and o...
Jesus and stroll in the grace and whim and compassion of jesus, this world we live upon would be adifferent place. Promise...
delights themselves in the lord and treats the LORD similar to their own spouse then the head of thefamily will see that t...
against a false teaching and dismantle it with a decent teacher and His Holy Spirits anointing. TheLORD does not even need...
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Eight Substantial Promises From Psalm 145 And 146 For Hurting People


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Eight Substantial Promises From Psalm 145 And 146 For Hurting People

  1. 1. Eight Substantial Promises From Psalm 145 And 146 For HurtingPeopleMost of us in times of difficulty turn to friends and other people for help, comfort and guidance. Theword of God in the beginning of Psalm 146 informs us not to. The psalmist warns us:Psalm 146:3-4 (The Message)3-9 Dont place your life in the hands of experts who know nothing of life, of answer life. Mere humansdont have what it takes; when they die, their projects die with them. Instead, get help from the lord ofJacob, put your hope in God as well as know real blessing! lord made sky and soil, sea and all thefish in it.Psalm 146:3-4 (New King James version )3 Do not put your own trust in princes, Nor in a son of man, in whom there is no help. 4 their spiritdeparts, he returns to his earth; for the reason that very day his ideas perish.That being stated, we should turn to the guarantees of God and look and claim the promises in hardtimes. Let us look at eight guarantees in the two psalms.For the interest of clarity i am going to quote from the NKJV and also the Message in each case.Promise 1 Hell give you a hand upward when you are down.Psalm 140 :14 (The Message)14 god gives a hand to those recorded on their luck, gives a fresh start to those ready to quit.Psalm 145:14 (New king James Version)14 the lord upholds all who drop, And raises up all who are bowed down.I have to say there has been many times when I have been ready to stop and the LORD in Hiswisdom and His mercy has delivered someone or something along to provide me the grace to get upand have another go. I have a preacher friend that tells me that we fall when we transgress the lawsof God in other words we fall every time we sin. As well as isnt this verse right. The LORD is alwaysthere in order to lift us up as well as forgive us every time all of us fall.I am confounded, astounded and surprised at how much grace the LORD of heaven has for us. Ivetransgressed the law so many times in a twenty year sex addiction and I am just amazed by howmuch and how willingly he forgave me via all those years. I am eternally grateful that He sent aninstructor of the Word across my personal path to show me that my sexual addiction wasnt going tobe tolerated forever and also the need that I find accurate repentance.Promise 2 every thing God does is rightPsalm 145:17 (The Message)17 Everything God does is actually right- the trademark on all his works is love.Psalm 145:17 (New King James version )17 The LORD is righteous in all His ways, thoughtful in all His works.Everything God does is right. Thats such a profound statement in the middle of a suffering and dyingworld we live upon. Every single thing God will is right. And God abounds in love and His love isactually gracious and we are sometimes so undeserving of that love. Oh if we could only be more like
  2. 2. Jesus and stroll in the grace and whim and compassion of jesus, this world we live upon would be adifferent place. Promise 3 God promises to hear your prayersPsalm 145:eighteen (The Message)18 Gods presently there, listening for all who hope, for all who pray as well as mean it.Psalm 145 :18 (New King james Version)18 The LORD is actually near to all who make use of Him, To all who make use of Him in truth.Ever felt like your prayers are bouncing off the roof of your house and not getting to heaven? I have.Then i started to walk in Truth toward God and started to seek Him out in my life and also to obeyHim. Its encouraging that the LORD would pay attention to all those who pray with faith that He islistening and who pray like they mean it and its not some obligation or a few ritual that they need todo included in an empty religion. I discover the promise in Jeremiah 29 encouraging.Jeremiah 29:12-14 (New King James version )12 Then you will call upon me and go and hope to Me, and I will listen to you. 13 And you will look forMe and find Me, whenever you search for Me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you, says god,the father, and I will bring you back from your captivity;You notice that god, the father said to Israel here that they need to search for Him with all their heart.Again in the Psalms he says He will be close to all that pray to him in truth, with all of their heart.This year I was seeking the LORD for healing as well as restoration in my life and now I have acounsellor that is doing a bit of wonderful work with me, helping me in my spiritual life andunshackling the enemys hold on my life through curses I have spoken over my entire life and cursesmy family have experienced.Its encouraging that the head of the family of heaven and planet will be near to all that look for Himand cry out to Him. Promise 4 hell grant your desires if you delight in HimPsalm 145:19 (The Message)19 He does what is best for those who fear him- hears them call out, as well as saves them.Psalm 145 :19 (New King wayne Version)19 He will fulfil the desire of those who fear him ; He also will hear their own cry and save all of them.The LORD is there for that helpless and will save the ones that are in need. It is their promise for allwho need his help. Its like sometimes when we are in trouble God is leaning down with 1 ear waitingfor us to cry out for assist.He so loves to answer our prayers and move heaven and earth to reply to them and prove to us thatHe loves us and it is still a sovereign preserving God.Few of us concern the LORD like we should. If we all feared the LORD we would cease sinning. Theperson who enjoys the LORD and has a reverent fear of the LORD will have Godly desires and thesewill come true.Psalm 37 shows that the ones that delight in the LORD will have their own promises fulfilled.Psalm thirty seven :4 (New King wayne Version)4 Delight your self also in the LORD, and that he shall give you the desires of the heart.Many people have desires but they want for points of the world not for things of God, but when 1
  3. 3. delights themselves in the lord and treats the LORD similar to their own spouse then the head of thefamily will see that their desires come true as they are His desires.Promise 5 He will preserve you through good and bad timesPsalm 145:20 (The Message)20 God stays by all who adore him, but its all over for individuals who dont.Psalm 145:twenty (New King James edition )20 The LORD preserves all who love Him, however all the wicked He will destroy.Its good to see that God can be on our side when it comes to temptations and trials, and this verseapplies to all of us that love Him and put him or her first in our life. I get the picture of jams and picklesthat get bottled and preserved for years by mothers and grandmothers and how delightful they are totaste in due season. The LORD promises that He will appear out for us and allow us to through thedays and the years of our sojourn on earth. We find tremendous comfort in this verse, and so shouldevery person who has sinned a lot like me personally.Promise 6 He will execute justice on your behalfPsalm 146:7 (The Message)He usually does what he says- he defends the harmed,Psalm 146:7 (brand new King James Version)7 Who executes justice for the oppressed, Who gives food to the hungry. The LORD gives freedom tothe prisoners.The LORD goes to battle for that oppressed and the people that are wronged by others. He givesprisoners of sin a life of freedom through his Son and is able to arranged free people in jail also. Hefeeds the hungry.Who gives meals to the hungry?He rss feeds the hungry. Even in the starving nations He boosts up people in the West in order toplead for money and assets to feed the hungry. So many times I have been out of food and the LORDhas used a buddy to provide for me. So many times has got the LORD fed me through putting it onanothers heart to send me cash or for a person to buy me personally something to eat. So too, imoften used by the LORD in order to feed a person who is down on their luck and this greatly blessesthem.God is actually wonderful and too great for all of us and yet because He is so good to us we need toreach out to others and reveal that love around and bring others to the truth.Promise 7 He will give you light where you are spiritually blindPsalm 146:8 (The Message) he gives sight to the sightless, he lifts up the fallen.Psalm 146:8 (new King James Version)8 The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; The LORD boosts those who are bowed down; god, thefather loves the righteous.What a generous God we have ! Not only does He heal people who are blind, still today these typesof healings are being done in Jesus name, but He is hectic taking the scales of miss teaching andwrong doctrines from the eyes of the church. It is great mercy certainly that the LORD can talk clearly
  4. 4. against a false teaching and dismantle it with a decent teacher and His Holy Spirits anointing. TheLORD does not even need a good teacher as in 1 John the instructor is identified as the Holy Spiritand even through a prayerful reading of the Word of God a blind individuals eyes can still be opened.The Bible is still effective within bringing people to conviction of Sin, repentance and drawing theminto a life of holiness. The Bible lives as well as breathes and will open the actual eyes of thespiritually blind and correct and college student of the Word who wants to end up being corrected andled by the Holy Spirit. The Word associated with God promises it the following !And in most cases the blind are caught in a sin and have fallen short and when the eyes are openedup they can find repentance and start to walk in grace and live in a new life where this hindrance orsin doesnt keep them in bondage any kind of morePromise 8 He will consider the single mothers, the orphans and the widowsPsalm 146:nine (The Message)GOD loves great people, protects strangers, requires the side of orphans as well as widows, butmakes short work of the wicked.Psalm 146:9 (New full James Version)9 god, the father watches over the strangers; he or she relieves the fatherless and widow; But theway of the wicked He turns upside down.A contemporary rendering of this promise might be that the head of the family will look after the singlemother in whose child does not see his/her father. Divorce seems to create a lot of women single andthese women are precious towards the LORD. Single Christian female mothers should take excellentcomfort in this verse and not rush too easily into the arms of another man to supply when the LORDpromises right here to provide.He relieves the fatherless and widow means He is going to be there to become their relief. The LORDknows your struggles and He understands your heart. You only need to seek Him and place yourcase before him or her.Jeremiah 29