Flora and fauna of t&t


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Flora and fauna of t&t

  1. 1. Our National Heritage Flora and Fauna of T&T
  2. 2. Trinidad
  3. 3. Climatic Zones
  4. 4. Climate of T&T• Trinidad and Tobago has a tropical marine climate, that is, a climate influenced by the sea.• There are two main seasons the wet season and the dry season.• The annual rainfall is 1000 to over 1500 mm.• The temperature ranges from 25°C to 35°C.• The trade winds blow all year round.• The trade winds are moist as they have passed over warm seas.
  5. 5. Effect of Climate Environment People • Agriculture - the choice of crops grown and animals• Vegetation raised• Animal life • Clothing• Water resources • Housing • Sports • Tourism
  6. 6. Forests Types of vegetation in T&T Coastalvegetation Savannah (swamp)
  7. 7. Forests• Tropical Rainforests • Tropical Dry Forests
  8. 8. Rainforests
  9. 9. Tropical Rainforests • The tropical rainforests encompass some of the most varied and species-rich places on earth. • The rainforests has frequent rain showers with a minimum 2,000 mm of rainfall a year.
  10. 10. T&T’s Rainforests• Trinidad’s rainforests • Tobago Rain Forest are located in the Reserve higher mountain peaks • The oldest forest of the Northern Range reserve in the western hemisphere is located in the central ranges of Tobago
  11. 11. Trinidad’s Tropical Dry ForestsTropical dry forests are located primarily in western and southern parts of Trinidad.
  12. 12. Tropical Dry Forests• These forests occur in year-round warm climates, where there is a wet and a dry season.• A couple of hundred centimetres of rain per year is not uncommon in the wet or rainy season but there is also a long dry seasons of several months when there is little rain.• The trees shed their leaves to cope with the dry season.
  13. 13. Tropical dry forestThe major areas of tropical dry forest in Trinidad include:1. The Chaguaramas peninsula2. Areas along the south coast of the island, from Cedros to Morne Diablo, and3. Areas along the east coast including parts of Guayaguayare, Mayaro & Manzanilla
  14. 14. Savannah
  15. 15. Coastal Vegetation Mangrove swampCoconut grove
  16. 16. Coastal VegetationMarsh land
  17. 17. Animals in Trinidad’s forests Agouti
  18. 18. Paca/Agouti paca
  19. 19. Armadillo
  20. 20. Opossum (Mongoose)
  21. 21. Deer
  22. 22. Ocelots
  23. 23. Howler Monkey
  24. 24. Iguanas
  25. 25. ButterfliesThere are 617 types of butterflies in T&T.
  26. 26. Endangered Animals
  27. 27. Manatee
  28. 28. Leatherback Turtles
  29. 29. Flora of T&T
  30. 30. Hawaiian Torch
  31. 31. Butterfly Orchid